Vibra Games is forming a new partnership with Latamwin

This time, Vibra Games is forming a new alliance with Latamwin, a Latin American company specializing in services and technology advancements for the online gaming and sports betting industries.

Vibra Gaming, formerly known as Spieldev, is the first company to receive authorization from the Lottery of the City of Buenos Aires to sell its games to Latin American online operators.

Vibra Gaming is also a prominent manufacturer of online platforms and slot machines. The significance of their announcement of a strategic alliance with Latamwin; a Latin American firm specializing in services and technology for the online gaming and sports betting industries, cannot be overstated.

As a result of the partnership, Vibra Gaming intends to expand its operations in several “major nations” in Latin America.

This partnership enables the addition of Vibra Gaming’s games to prominent online casinos such as Punto Bet, Casino Maverick, and Divergana.

Thus, the sites will soon be able to offer their players a variety of the best original games and licensed games, such as Popeye the Sailor and The Phantom, as well as the long-awaited Condorito slot, which features a well-known local figure.

Vibra Gaming continues to expand with new alliances amid a year full of positive news, including a return to most major business fairs and the receipt of new industry certifications and prizes.

The addition of a new roulette game to the company’s range of table games demonstrates their dedication to producing only high-quality products.

Vibra Launched its Roulette Game

As part of its dedication to producing high-quality games and software, a company that has received honors for both has released its version of a classic game that consistently entertains and rewards lucky players; the Roulette European game.

The game also features a “Racetrack mode” that allows players to choose from several betting locations. On the list are Zero, Orphans, Thirds, and Zero Neighbors. You can also select two “neighbors” and five distinct integers simultaneously.

The table in the new game displays the winning numbers from the previous fourteen rounds and the eight numbers that have been drawn the most and least frequently. Hot Numbers are the eight numbers that have been drawn the most, while Cold Numbers are the eight numbers that have been drawn the least.

Vibra gaming with Latamwin

The CEO of Vibra Gaming, Ramiro Atucha, stated;

“Based on this strategic collaboration, we can continue to develop ourselves throughout Latin America, which will unquestionably open the door to new markets.” We believe Latamwin would benefit from adding our products because it will be an excellent opportunity for its business to expand.”

Vibra Gaming is a provider of online slots, bingo, table, and lottery games for online casinos. The company’s titles, including “major licenses” such as Popeye and The Phantom, will launch simultaneously.

Latamwin is the most recent Latin American gaming startup to join the Argentine developer. Betcris, which signed a distribution agreement with the developer earlier this year, was the first Latin American gaming company to join the developer.

Latamwin has expanded throughout Latin America (LatAm) because its value proposition satisfies global standards for game quality and security. Its platform contains more than 2,000 online titles.

Wilfred Adelsdorfer, the chief executive officer of Latamwin, stated;

“We are constantly seeking to enhance our value proposition by adding suppliers and technology that helps us maintain our market leadership.”

“With the assistance of Vibra Gaming, we will be able to continue developing new games that are very relevant to our audience while adhering to our quality and safety standards, which are essential to both of our businesses.”

Latamwin is one of the market leaders in Latin America for services and technology solutions for online casino platforms and regulated market businesses. This is due to its apparent value offer and adherence to worldwide game quality and safety standards.

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