Zitro Expands Spanish Footprint Through New Deal With Codere Online

Zitro Digital, the company’s online division, stated recently that it is expanding its position in virtual casinos by partnering with Spanish operator Codere Online.

By collaborating with Codere Online, another major operator in Spain, Zitro Digital will be able to increase its position in the Spanish online casino market. Both companies are dedicated to expanding their product ranges and market share, as evidenced by their recent decision to collaborate and continued attempts to expand into new markets.

The firm also recently announced that its multi-game Wheel of Legends is now available at the Casino Zürich in Switzerland. This indicates that Zitro is still expanding. According to the company, venue management has stated that the game’s great graphics, performance, and unique mechanics have already captivated gamers.

André Zünd, the director of games at the Swiss Casino Zürich, commented, “The new Zito game is a wonderful addition to our product lineup. Together with the stunning Altius Glare cabinet, we are convinced that it will appeal to our committed clientele. We are thrilled to continue collaborating with such a significant casino supplier as Zitro.”

According to Zitro, the Wheel of Legends game on the Altius Glare stands out on any casino floor because of its huge screens and unique game themes. The Altius Glare’s 55-inch 4K top display, 27-inch Full HD base game display, and ingenious LED Halo give the perfect shape for an immersive player experience.

The New Deal

After successful integration, users throughout the country can now access Zitro’s land-based games via the Codere.es platform and play them online. Some slot game titles include Link King and Link Me.

José Javier Mart, the chief operating officer of Zitro Digital, stated, “We are confident that these new games will enhance Codere’s online slot selection while ensuring profitability and revenue growth.”

“This new relationship significantly expands access to our content in Spain, and we couldn’t be pleased to provide our tried-and-true games on the online platform of one of the most recognizable casino brands.”

The head of Codere Online in Spain, Juan Heredero, stated that his organization was thrilled about the opportunity to provide more material and provide players with more original and engaging content. In light of this, the company was ecstatic to collaborate with Zitro Digital and add more memorable alternatives to its existing products for local customers.

The Zitro Digital products are exciting and simple, allowing local gamers to explore them fully and experience immersive gameplay and rewards.

With this new deal, the company demonstrates its commitment to the Spanish gaming industry and its desire to expand in regulated markets.

Cabinets from Zitro were first sold in the country where they were manufactured, giving the company a strong local presence. The company’s long-term goal is to remain in business; thus, it is investing heavily in digital gaming.

The Company’s Profile

In 2007, Zitro launched, ushering in a new era in the international gaming industry. Today, it is a multinational corporation that has conquered numerous markets and established itself as the unchallenged global leader in technology, innovation, and profit-making.

Their cutting-edge technology demonstrates their innovative nature, but what matters most is that they employ the most talented individuals who generate the best ideas.

The Codere Group is a multinational entertainment and leisure corporation. It is a key player in the private gaming sector, with over four decades of experience with offices in seven European and Latin American nations.

Codere Online is under Codere Online Luxembourg, S.A., and all its subsidiaries. Codere Online was founded in 2014 as a subsidiary of the well-known casino operator Codere Group. Also, through its cutting-edge website and mobile application, Codere Online offers online sports betting and online casino services.

In addition to Codere Online’s online operations, Codere Group maintains facilities throughout Latin America. This makes Codere Group the region’s preeminent omnichannel gaming and casino operator.

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