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Amazon Wild Slot Review

The Amazon jungle is filled with wild creatures and beautiful flowers, and so it has often been used as inspiration for slot machines. As is the case in Amazon Wild as well, the story follows an adventurer that’s trying to locate the treasures left behind by the Aztecs. It’s doing well in several areas, with features being particularly interesting here.

Using 5×4 reels, so a fairly large game area, Amazon Wild manages to cram a total of 100 paylines on them. That’s a lot of chances to form winning combinations, especially with a game that offers expanding wilds, scatters and bonus games. Those wins may deliver up to $1,000 per combo, or up to 2,000x the bet via the Amazon Map Game.


Setting up the bet in a slot like Amazon Wild requires that you have 100 lines active and 100 coins selected for it. The coin value is the one that’s changed, and as it starts from a minimum of $0.01, it can go as high as $1. The betting range within which you work is $1 to $100, with enough options in-between the two extremes that you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that fits your gameplay style and budget.

Amazon Wild Jackpot

The jackpot has a big potential in Amazon Wild, and it’s through the scatter symbol’s main feature that this is possible. It’s not giving you the reward directly, but its bonus feature can pay 2,000x the bet, or up to $200,000 if we go by the betting range that’s available. Regular winning combinations pay at most 1,000 coins, but obviously they’re going to be easier to get than the bonus game’s highest payout.

As for the RTP, this figure tells you something about the long-term profitability of a slot machine for a casino. Since the Return to Player is at 94.5% for Amazon Wild, we know that the house edge will be 5.5%, slightly higher than average right now, at least online.

Special Features

The aim of the game seems to be on keeping the player entertained, and they don’t do this just with the high number of lines and possible combinations. You also have several impressive features to trigger along the way, as you will discover below.

Wild Symbols

The Aztec Idol is going to be among the feature symbols that you will be most looking forward to. Normally, you have these as regular substitutes, which appear in one position and then contribute to any new wins being formed through the spots they occupy.

Should two Aztec Idols appear on the same reel, they will expand and will cover all other positions with similar wilds. They contribute to all 100 lines, and the odds of getting a lot of good wins increase significantly.

Amazon Map Game

This is the slot’s bonus game, activated via the usual scatter symbol. A map of the Amazon is shown in that symbol, which you just need appearing at least three times, while the exact location isn’t particularly important. The number of times it appears does make a difference here, as it will influence the number of picks you get to make in the bonus game.

You are taken to a map of the Amazon, where you have to make 3, 4 or 5 picks from the ruins that are found on it. Each ruin gets you a random prize within a certain range.

If you triggered the bonus game with 3 Amazon Map scatters, the rewards can vary between 4x and 22x the bet. If there were 4 scatters, the rewards can be 25x to 60x the bet. The jackpot is when you land 5 Amazon Maps, as the 5 picks you get to make will reveal wins between 500x and 2,000x the bet.


Theme wise, we’ve gone over the story that the slot is telling us already. As the inspiration is coming from the Amazon jungle, the slot’s reels are going to be filled with gorgeous flowers and wild creatures from the region. It’s less about the temples and treasures that were left behind by the Aztecs, and more about the beauty of this jungle. Some of the symbols are Aztec related, with the feature triggers showing Maps and Idols. The others are split in two categories, Birds and Flowers. There are four of each on the reels.


Amazon Wild’s beautiful and 100% themed symbols contribute a lot to the enjoyment of this slot machine, with features also adding to this mix. It’s a game with big rewards, which is just what I want from a slot machine.

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