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For slot machines, the promise of life changing rewards seems to be the norm, so having an entire game built around the idea of a life of leisure, something you could have yourself if you played it and got its big prize, is not something to be surprised with. The game in question is Ash Gaming’s Life of Leisure, a cartoon-style slot with good rewards and a big number of features that may get triggered.

It’s a game that will be playable with 5×3 reels and 20 fixed lines. You have a top reward of $250,000, and that’s not taking into account the progressive jackpot that it can pay, apparently one that can reach 5,000x the bet ($1,000,000). As I mentioned before, there is quite a bit offered inside, ranging from bonus games, to mini games, a Wheel of Wealth, free spins, scatters and wilds.


Playing Life of Leisure requires that you invest each round into all the lines available. That’s why the minimum bet possible is $0.20, so that each line can receive $0.01. At the other end, we have a line bet of $10 and a total bet of $200. The range is a normal one, and it lets most players find a value that they’d like to use. Only high rollers might want more than this game offers.

Life of Leisure Jackpot

Now, when it comes to the jackpot, Life of Leisure manages to offer exactly what it promises, rewards big enough that you could retire or at least live a much more comfortable life if you won one. It could be a progressive jackpot as big as $1,000,000 (5,000x the bet), or one of the fixed prizes of up to $250,000, and they’re both coming via the same Wheel of Wealth bonus.

If we’re talking about regular combinations only, not bonus features, the big prize is at $100,000 there, which is still excellent.

Special Features

I really enjoyed the list of features, it’s the sort of game that gives you a lot and so all you’re left to do is spin those reels and try to trigger all the extras.

Wild Symbols

These are included, of course, and they are some of the more rewarding symbols you could have on the reels. It’s mainly because their combinations pay as much as 10,000x, which could mean an impressive payout of $100,000. Either way, the same wilds are useful as substitutes in a regular symbol’s combinations as well, and this can happen even if they only appear once.

Path of Plenty

Path of Plenty can be reached via three Bonus symbols when appearing on reels 1, 3 and 5, as scatters. The feature can bring you prizes of up to 800x the bet. It involves a roll of the dice and having you travel on a trail. Depending on the square on which you land, you might get a cash prize, access to a Mini Game, movement on the trail or the Collect message, which will end the feature.

House: is a mini game that lets you renovate a room in exchange for a cash prize.

Golf: you have to hit a golf ball and take it as far as possible.

Skiing: you choose the trick that will be performed by a skier, winning prizes each time he does it successfully. The feature ends when there is a failure.

Shopping: you make picks of packages to get prizes, and the feature ends when the porter loses one.

Beach: here, you choose a child to build a castle out of sand.

Wheel of Wealth

Access to this feature is possible only if you manage to reach the end in Path of Plenty. It’s a wheel of fortune type of bonus game, with spins bringing you huge rewards of up to $250,000, or progressive jackpots worth up to 5,000x the bet ($1,000,000).

Free Spins

Another very popular feature in slot machines, the free spins are fun because they give you free stuff and an opportunity to trigger big prizes. You win 10 of these free spins if you happen to get the Globe icon on the 2nd, 4th and 5th reels, scattered. The odds of triggering the Path of Plenty bonus or re-triggering the free spins are higher here, as the reels get additional scatters of both types. At most, you can have 700 free spins, if you continue to re-trigger the feature.


The game’s story revolves around a character that’s living the high life. You see him sometimes, a blonde man wearing a suit and sipping from a cocktail. As a symbol, you’re getting him in a floral shirt, while other symbols have images of a lady, of a man jumping into a pool, or of another sitting in front of a house. Several star-covered Royals are positioned as low-paying icons.

It’s a cartoon-style design and it’s appealing enough not to be a reason for anyone to skip this game.


Life of Leisure makes good on its promise of paying big enough prizes to change your life, but obviously you have to place a big enough wager first. It’s got several excellent features, and it’s those that will bring you the best results.

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