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Are you a cat lover? Do you have four-legged furry friends that you call your best friend? If so, you are going to love cat-themed online casino games. Find new furry friends of all shapes and sizes on the reels of popular casino games from RealTime Gaming. Apart from the cute feline design and motifs, playing these cat-themed online casino games are fun and rewarding since they offer different exciting features and big jackpot prizes.

With that in mind, here are some of the best cat-themed online casino games for feline lovers offered by Check them out and we hope you have a MEOW-some time!

Purrfect Pets

Purrfect Cats online casino game

Purrfect Pets is a 5×3 online casino game that has not only cute kittens, but also puppies that are scattered around the reels. Their designs ramp up the cuteness: there are some cats and puppies that fit in teacups, pet bags, and even within hearts. Given that they are kittens and puppies, they need to be fed and entertained, this is why the other symbols are various dog and cat food and milk, and other toys to keep them engaged.

In terms of gameplay, Purrfect Cats has 25 paylines, and the Scatter and Wild symbols ramp up the chance of winning good payouts per spin. A cute white and orange kitten is the game’s Wild symbol, and when it appears on the reel, it counts as any other symbol apart from the Scatter. Speaking of which, the Scatter symbol is an adorable puppy: when this appears during a spin, it amplifies the total winning bet, depending on how many of them are on the reels.

Purrfect Cats also offer free spins, which are acquired by having at least three Wild cat symbols appear on the reels after a spin. When this happens, players can get a minimum of 10 free spins. During Free Spins, all Scatters count as Wilds, and new Scatters or Wilds can add to the free spins. Having at least three or more Scatters also triggers free spins.

Play the Real Version of Purrfect Pets Here

Copy Cat Fortune

Copy Cat Fortune online casino game

For those who grew up with the Hanna-Barbera cartoons, Copy Cat Fortune would hit all the nostalgia vibes in all the right places. As its name suggests, Copy Cat Fortune has its feline design heavily inspired by Top Cat. The game has smooth jazz music playing throughout the session, and the screen background is a city skyline at night that is lit with neon.

Copy Cat Fortune’s Wild symbol is an alley cat, which is designed to look like it would fit right in with Top Cat’s posse. These can be used to link other symbols and have one or more of the game’s 25 available paylines.

One of Copy Cat Fortune’s unique features is its Mystery Stacks mechanic. Each reel has a consecutive stack of mystery locations that, when triggered, are replaced with a Symbol each spin. This allows players additional chances to win paylines.

There is also a Reel Copy feature, which can happen when a reel is stacked with the same symbol during a spin. This reel can be copied to a random number of the remaining reels, and its winnings will be multiplied accordingly.

Play the Real Version of Big Copy Cat Fortune Here

Big Cat Links

Big Cat Links online casino game

If big cats like lions are more of your thing, Big Cat Links is a great cat-themed online casino game you should check out. Big Cat Links sports an African safari theme, complete with ambient music that plays in the background while you spin for awesome payouts.

The main symbols you want to get are the three different lions: the alpha male, the lioness, and their cub. These symbols offer the highest payout when you manage to get one of the winning paylines. Scatter and Wild symbols affect the paylines, similar to most 3×5 online casino games. Wild symbols can be used to link other symbols for winning combinations, except for Scatters, while Scatter symbols grant you free spins if three or more of them appear on the reels following a spin.

But one of the most unique game mechanics Big Cat Links has is its Oversized Symbols. Given that lions are considered as the kings and queens of the jungle, Big Cat Links follows up on this notion by having the male lion and lioness have larger symbols. They can either cover 2×2 of reels, or 3×3, and they appear at random during a player’s spins. These do not modify the symbol payouts, but they increase the chances of winning paylines.

Play the Real Version of Big Cat Links Here

Tiger Treasures

Tiger Treasures online casino game

For fans of tigers, offers a couple of online slot games that have elements of the orange and black striped feline. One of those titles is Tiger Treasures. This game is set in a bamboo forest somewhere in China, and players can encounter a myriad of symbols like a flower, a butterfly, a panda, and a big red gem. These symbols have corresponding prizes that players can win whenever they manage to align the correct payline and, and their payouts will depend on how much players have wagered before their spins.

The game’s Wild symbol is the eponymous Tiger, and much like its real counterpart, it only appears in the 2nd and 4th reel since it is highly elusive. Once it appears, however, it substitutes for all other symbols except for Scatters. Moreover, the prize is tripled when two tigers appear on the winning spin.

When it comes to the jackpot, Tiger Treasures has a progressive jackpot that can be won after the conclusion of any one spin. This is triggered at random, and when you manage to land this, the progressive jackpot will add to the other paylines you would win during your initial spin.

Play the Real Version of Tiger Treasures Here

Play These Cat-Themed Games Today!

If you are a fan of cats, these online casino games are a must-try. Each game was created by an experienced developer in RTG which offers quality graphics, animations, sound effects, and features. All the titles are different, so you will want to try each to figure out which game is your favorite. If you are curious about other amazing online casino games, you can check out RTG’s wide selection of titles available on Start spinning today and enjoy the exciting feline fun these slot titles can provide.

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