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But the readers of this page are interested in IGT slots, and that’s no surprise because that’s what made IGT famous.IGT (International Game Technology) is the largest designer and manufacturer of slot machines in the world. Of course, they’ve recently made headlines by merging with GTECH, the biggest lottery company in the world. Now IGT and GTECH are a single company providing end-to-end gaming products.

IGT offers just about every kind of slot machine game you could imagine. That includes huge wide-area progressive jackpots like MegaJackpots and smaller wide-area and standalone progressives, too. They also create games with spinning reels (slots) and video poker games. They even offer a bingo product.

Progressive Jackpot Games

An example of their new multi-level progressive jackpot game offerings is Gong Xi Fa Cai™ Video Slots. The game has 5 reels and 50 paylines with an optional side bet. Players can wager as many as 75 credits per spin. Like many modern slots games, it features bonus games, free spin bonuses, and a “pick” bonus. It has a unique Asian theme—most high roller players will love it.

Their wide-area progressive games will sound familiar to anyone who hasn’t been hiding in a cave for the last 3 or 4 decades. That’s because IGT specializes in creating slot machine games based on existing intellectual properties.

Examples of their wide-area progressive games include Ghostbusters: Who You Gonna Call?, The Hangover: Pretty Awesome, I Dream of Jeannie: You Wish, James Cameron’s Avatar: Center Stage, Jeopardy!, Jurassic Park, and Wheel of Fortune. The last name on the list is probably familiar to anyone who’s ever visited a casino—Wheel of Fortune isn’t just most popular game show in history; it’s also the most popular slot machine game in history.

Bonusing Concepts

One of IGT’s newer selling points for players and casinos is their line of “bonusing concepts” games. These feature flexible and customizable game configurations in a wide variety of themes. One example of these games is Vivaldi’s Seasons game, which has 5 reels and 40 lines.

The Animal Adventure bonus games feature playful jungle creatures. Other examples include Bollywood Dreams, which features progressive jackpots inspired by India’s thriving film industry, and Carnaval Riches, which has a fiesta theme. Other themes include Enchanted Lands, FC Cash, and Fort Knox.

Enhanced Game Content

Another selling point that IGT offers its casinos is enhanced game content, where they provide new game experiences that require no changes or updates to the cabinet itself. Examples of games in this line include True Blood, which is based on the popular vampire-themed HBO television series, and Sex in the City, which is also based on an HBO series.

Video Reel Games

Not all of the games from IGT capitalize on someone else’s intellectual property. They design their own intellectual property, too. Examples from this line include Farmer’s Daughter, Game of the Gods, Goddess of Valhall, Golden Eagle, Hot Roll, Red Hot Spins, Sakura Tree, and Zillion Gators. Since these are video reels games, they all feature 5 reels and lots of paylines

Spinning Reels

IGT also offers spinning reels games which emulate classic 3 reel slot machine action. These often offer better payout percentages overall. They’re also ideal for players with smaller bankrolls or players who get confused by the staggering number of options available on the video reels games.

Examples of games in this line are also indicative of IGT’s ability to design clever intellectual properties in addition to their licensed games. These include games like Jalapeno Pays, Triple Butterfly, and Triple Cash Slots.

Video Poker Games

IGT is also the leading manufacturer of video poker games, too. They’re not exactly slots games, as they don’t feature spinning reels, but they have a remarkable similarity to them. Not only do they manufacture stalwarts like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Bonus Poker, they also roll out new video poker concepts almost constantly.

Some of the newer video poker games available from IGT include Lucky Quads, Extreme Poker, Dual Action Poker, Super Look Ahead Poker, Stud Choice, and Flush Fever.

Table Games

IGT has even managed to make a foray into the table games side of things recently, but they’re not just designers of new table games. They’ve added electronic and technological advances to table games like baccarat, blackjack, and roulette to create high quality, exciting, attractive gaming options that delight players.

Enchanted Blackjack is one example of these. It works like traditional blackjack in some ways, but players select their chips and control all their decisions via the computer screen in front of them. Enchanted Blackjack is perfect for new players who are eager to learn blackjack in a non-threatening setting.

Golden Baccarat is a lower-stakes, electronically enhanced version of the classic card game made famous in the James Bond movies. All the action is controlled via touchscreen technology, and the experience is enhanced with onscreen “trends” buttons which show the history of winning bets.

Roulette Evolution offers the same touchscreen controls as Enchanted Blackjack and Golden Baccarat, only for roulette players. Like the Golden Baccarat game, it displays the “trends”, which offers superstitious players data to use when making their betting decisions.


IGT is a force to be reckoned with in the slot machine design industry. Their recent merger with GTECH only strengthens their marketplace position. It’s almost unthinkable that you’d be able to visit a Las Vegas casino without experiencing and/or recognizing some of their licensed slots properties like Wheel of Fortune, Ghostbusters, or True Blood

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