Sneaky Santa Slot Game Review

Sneaky Santa Slot Game Review

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  • Greatly animated Christmas-inspired design
  • Highly engaging and fun in-game mechanics
  • Great pay table
  • Buy Feature and Bonus Bet Feature requires you to have a sizable bankroll to properly utilize

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In this Sneaky Santa online casino game review, you will the following information:

  1. Main Features
  2. Special Features
  3. Betting Range
  4. Payment Options
  5. Summary

Do you have the urge to play a fun Christmas-themed online slot game? Then give Sneaky Santa a go! This Yuletide season-inspired slot game from RealTime Gaming has you accompany Good Old Saint Nick as he sneaks around homes and sets presents under the Christmas Tree.

But apart from the holiday-themed fun, does Sneaky Santa deliver on the gameplay and winnings per spin? From its main and special features, as well as its pay table and in-game symbols and multipliers, let us take a look whether or not Sneak Santa is worth playing.

Here is the Sneaky Santa game review:

What are the Main Features of Sneaky Santa?

Sneaky Santa main features

Number of Reels: 5
Number of Rows: 3
Jackpot: N/A 
Paylines: Fixed 25
Min-Max Bet: $0.25 to $25.00 per line
Free Games: Activated when at least three or more Wild Scatter symbols appear on a spin.
Theme: During Christmas time where Santa is busy placing presents under Christmas Trees in homes.
Maximum Payout: 50,000 times bet per line per paid spin.
Release Date: November 22, 2023
Banking Options:
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Sneaky Santa is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot featuring Morphing symbols, Free Games, Bonus Bet and Buy Feature. This game has a fixed number of 25 paylines that cannot be changed or altered. When identical matching symbols appear consecutively on an active payline from leftmost to right, the player wins.

Only the highest win on an active payline will be paid. If the player has more than one win on a single spin, the total amount of their winnings is displayed in the winnings field and will be added to their balance, and the total bet equals the bet per line multiplied by the number of lines.

Sneaky Santa also has an Autoplay feature. As its name suggests, this feature lets you make the game spin the reels automatically. To activate this feature, you have to place your bet, then choose how many spins you want the game to perform. Once you’ve done these, the Autoplay feature will activate. During the Autoplay feature, you cannot change your initial bet. However, you can stop the feature at any time by pressing the “STOP” button.

From a design perspective, Sneaky Santa has the Christmas theme apparent in all its gameplay features. Each action such as spinning the reels, the interaction between aligned symbols are well-animated, and the overall Christmas vibe makes for a truly immersive experience.

The game’s main features are standard ones you would see in modern online slot games. This equates to intuitive controls, with a good theme that is showcased in all of the game’s interactive elements.

What are the Sneaky Santa Symbols?

Sneaky Santa symbols

Wild Scatter Symbol
5 = 50
4 = 10
3 = 1
5 = 2000
4 = 800
3 = 100
2 = 10
Toy Elf
5 = 1500
4 = 500
3 = 50
2 = 5
Gingerbread Man
5 = 800
4 = 300
3 = 40
2 = 5
Golden Angel
5 = 700
4 = 150
3 = 30
2 = 5
Letter A
5 = 200
4 = 80
3 = 10
Letter K
5 = 150
4 = 50
3 = 5
Letter Q
5 = 130
4 = 40
3 = 5
Letter J
5 = 120
4 = 25
3 = 5
Number 10
5 = 100
4 = 15
3 = 5
Sneaky Santa has a great pay table. Its Wild Scatter symbol has its respective multiplier: this is a good addition to the gameplay, as most Wild or Scatter symbols generally do not have a multiplier.

As for the regular symbols, the Nutcracker offers the highest multipliers, followed by the Toy Elf, Gingerbread Man, and the Golden Angel. The next symbols include the Letters A, K, Q, J, and the Number 10: all these symbols have decent multipliers as well, and this rounds up a great pay table.

Landing the Nutcracker in a winning payline is the main goal for anyone playing Sneaky Santa. This is due to the fact that this symbol has the highest multipliers. However, the other symbols are still viable, since the game’s symbols have decent multipliers to give players decent payouts.

What are Sneaky Santa’s Special Symbols?

Wild Scatter symbol

This symbol is both a Wild and Scatter and substitutes for all symbols. When 3 or more Wild Scatter symbols appear on a spin, this will trigger the Free Games special feature.

Wild Scatters are always a welcome sight whenever you spin in Sneaky Santa, since if 3 or more of them appear, you are rewarded with Free Games.

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What are the Special Features of Sneaky Santa?

Sneaky Santa has three special features: Free Games with Morphing Symbol, Buy Feature, and Bonus Bet. Here is a quick rundown of each special feature:

Free Games with Morphing Symbol Feature

Sneaky Santa Free Games with Morphing Symbol special feature

When 3 or more Wild Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the gameboard, 12 Free Games are awarded. Before Free Games begin, the player chooses a symbol to act as the Morphing symbol.

During Free Games, after regular symbols are paid out, the Morphing symbol can expand vertically to cover all 3 positions on the reel. Expansion is triggered only if enough symbols are present for a win. The Morphing symbol pays on all reels according to its paytable value, including non-adjacent positions.

12 Free Games are retriggered whenever 3 Wild Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the gameboard. Free Games are played at the initial bet amount of the triggering spin, and the bet cannot be changed. Lastly, the Free Games feature ends once there are no more Free Games remaining or when the maximum payout is achieved.

This is Sneaky Santa’s signature special feature. Apart from the Free Games, the ability to choose a symbol and to have them transform the other symbols when this feature is active greatly increases the chances of large payouts.

Buy Feature

Sneaky Santa Buy Feature

The Buy feature allows the player to purchase a Free Games triggering spin at any time. This feature costs the equivalent of 100x the current total bet, and after this feature is purchased, the triggering spin will be played automatically.

However, during the Buy feature, the Bonus Bet feature is disabled, and all Free Games rules apply when the player buys the triggering spin through the Buy Feature.

The Buy Feature allows you to get a sure Free Games spin, but at a hefty cost. Utilizing this feature is better when your bankroll is already sizable.

Bonus Bet Feature

Sneaky Santa Bonus Bet feature

During the Base Game, the player can toggle this feature on to increase the current total bet by 10x for every spin. When the Bonus Bet is on each spin is played like a Free Game with Morphing Symbol Feature spin.

The player preselects a Morphing symbol, and during all spins while Bonus Bet is on, that symbol will expand and pay anywhere, just like during Free Games. When playing with the Bonus Bet feature on, wins are calculated according to the base bet, which does not include the extra 10x paid for the feature.

During the Bonus Bet feature, the buy feature is disabled, and Bonus Bet remains active until the player manually deactivates it.

The Bonus Bet greatly amplifies the potential wins you can get whenever you activate this feature. However, since it requires a relatively large bet amount, utilizing this feature is similar to the Buy Feature: only activate this when your bankroll can shoulder its cost.

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What is the Betting Range of Sneaky Santa?

Sneaky Santa has a betting range that starts at floor of $0.25, and has a ceiling of $25.00. This enables more conservative players to start small bets and get small wins until eventually they can wager bigger amounts.

That said, since Sneaky Santa has fixed paylines, players who want more control on how many lines they want to bet on will have to adjust their slot betting strategies if they want to enjoy playing this game.

What are the Available Payment Options for Sneaky Santa? payment methods

Sneaky Santa offers various payment options available for players. These are only available for the Real Version of the game, and players need to sign up and register to start betting and earn good payouts.

Once players have deposited on their accounts, they can avail of the various bonuses and promotions that provide more spins and free games to help them get the most out of their bets.


Sneaky Santa is a great online slot game that you should be playing right now. It possesses a great pay table, along with fun special features, specifically the Free Games with Morphing Symbol. Having the a Wild symbol that also acts as a Scatter is a great in-game mechanic that lends well to landing multiple winning paylines. With a good betting floor, Sneaky Santa provides its players an early Christmas present in the form of great payouts.

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Sneaky Santa online casino game FAQs

Can you play a free version of Sneaky Santa?

Yes, you can play a free version of Sneaky Santa. Press the Load Free Play on the top of this screen. Once it has finished loading, you can play a free play version of Sneaky Santa.

Can you win real money when playing Sneaky Santa?

You can win real money in Sneaky Santa, but you will need to create and register an Online Casino Games account. After you've created an OCG account and have made your initial deposit, you'll have access to the Real Casino platform. Search for Sneaky Santa, and once you've located it, you can now bet, spin, and win real money.

Can you combine the Buy Feature and Bonus Bet feature in one spin?

No, you can only activate either Buy Feature or Bonus Bet alone during a spin.

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