Reign of Fire is the latest online slot game title from High Limit Studio. This slot game draws its inspiration from Greek mythology, with its main character being Hestia, the goddess of the hearth.

What are the Main Features of Reign of Fire?

On the graphics side of things, Reign of Fire is heavily inspired by Greek mythology. This is evident from its use of Greek imagery from its symbols, game board, and other design elements. This way, the developers want to instill in their players a sense of immersion where they are actually experiencing one of the many Greek stories where Hestia is part of.

Gameplay-wise, Reign of Fire utilizes a 5-reel, 3-row slot system that has a fixed number of 20 paylines. The game has a Wheel Bonus feature which can be triggered at any time during a player’s spin. Once this is activated, players can spin the wheel for a number of multipliers ranging from 10x, 20x, 50x, 500x, or a maximum of 2,500x the bet. Landing any of these bonus multipliers will significantly increase the winnings for players. The Wheel Bonus also has Free Spins which players can also land, which amplifies the chances of landing winning paylines.

The Wild Rewards feature can be triggered when a Wild Rewards symbol lands on either reel 1 or 2, and any Wild symbol lands on reels 2-5. Once this happens,the Wild Rewards reveals prize symbols on the Wild symbols for a chance at additional rewards.

Another in-game feature Reign of Fire has is the Roaming Wilds feature. As its name implies, the game’s Wild symbols can roam around the game board during spins. This gives more dynamic results and exciting results per spin.

Speaking of Free Spins, Reign of Fire’s core game mechanics revolve around filling up the Roaming Wilds Trail. Given that having Wild symbols that can freely move in the game board greatly bolsters the players’ chances for landing winning combinations.

What are Great Online Slot Game Alternatives to Reign of Fire?

For players who are looking for online slot games that play similar to Reign of Fire or have familiar in-game elements, here are some exciting options:

Buffalo Mania Deluxe

Buffalo Mania Deluxe featured image

Buffalo Mania Deluxe is a Western-themed online slot game that has players experience the various majestic creatures of the Western frontier. This latest title from RealTime Gaming uses a 6-reel, 4-row video slot system that runs 4,096 Ways that can expand up to 46,656 Ways in terms of paylines and winning combinations.

For its features, Buffalo Mania Deluxe has thrilling in-game mechanics that includes the Major Mania, Bursting Wilds, and Bonus Wheel.

Major Mania, specifically, is an exciting special feature. When this activates, the game selects a major symbol at random and replaces all other major symbols on the gameboard. The gameboard may also increase in size to either 6×5 or 6×6 with 15,625 or 46,656 Ways, respectively. When the feature ends, the gameboard returns to its original size.

Buffalo Mania Deluxe is definitely one of the latest online casino games you should be experiencing right now.

Fortunes of Olympus

Fortunes of Olympus online slot game

Fortunes of Olympus is a Greek-themed online slot game that features a myriad of Greek Gods and Goddesses that can appear in every reel. Popular Greek Gods like Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, and Athena have the chance to grace the game board, and their presence is truly felt by players.

Fortunes of Olympus’ special features revolve around Free Games. When 3 or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the gameboard, the Pick Bonus Feature is triggered. Once activated, the player can choose one of three options:

Free Games with Shifting Reels

Free Games with Extra Wilds

Free Games with Win Multiplier

It is notable that every Free Game has an additional in-game mechanic. Players who are looking for particular gameplay tweaks will have a blast when playing Fortunes of Olympus, since the Shifting Reels, Extra Wilds, and Win Multiplier add-ons give each of their spins more variety.

Icy Hot Multi-Game

Icy Hot Multi-Game featured image

For those who are looking for fire-themed slot games, Icy Hot Multi-Game is a perfect title they should try. Sporting a classic 3×3 game board, Icy Hot Multi-Game puts a clever spin on the classic slot game system by having two game boards instead of one. This equates to dynamic spins where players monitor both the left and right game boards that have fire and ice themes, respectively.

Having fixed 10 paylines makes each spin result easy to understand: winning combinations are identical symbols that match from the leftmost side of the right for both game boards. Players can experience winning combinations with either one or both game boards, and these will add up to their winnings field.

For its special features, Icy Hot Multi-Game has Transferring Wilds, Bonus Wheel, and Free Games. Transferring Wilds adds more dynamic reel results, Bonus Wheel grants players various multipliers once it’s activated, and Free Games gives them free spins.

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