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Best Western-themed Online Casino Games Trgger Happy slot game

If you enjoy wild west movies and cowboy action, then western-themed online casino games are a good category for you. Slot games with a western theme include cowboys, guns, saloons, sheriffs, miners, prospectors, and bad guys; everything you expect in an old-fashioned wild west movie!

Developers really get creative with this game type, offering players interactive features including free spins and bonus rounds. Get to know more about this theme in our review below, including details on western slot features and example games.

Bringing the Wild West to Life

Load any online slot game with a western theme and you are transported back in time to when there was a line drawn between good and evil. The good guys wear white cowboy hats and say, “yes ma’am” to every lady they pass by. The bad guys wear black and go around showing off their guns and using a few choice words to those that give them a sideways glance.

The atmosphere of a western slot is always electric, as the good and the bad clash on the reels. Players can always expect a few gun battles between cowboys, and possibly a robbery or two while spinning the reels of such games!

Outlaws and Crooks

What would the wild west be without outlaws and crooks? Some slot games are based on particular outlaws and tell an exciting story as you play. The goal is to catch the outlaw and put him back behind bars. Crooks are also highlighted at times, with train robberies or saloon shootouts. The bad guys may not be good, but they certainly make reel spinning much more interesting!

Sheriffs and Deputies

Along with the bad guys, western games also include the good guys, like sheriffs and deputies. Load an online western theme game and find yourself deputized, ready to take on the bad guys in the local saloon or on a train ride. Being a deputy or sheriff entails that you keep the peace in the town under your jurisdiction, and this means dealing with unscrupulous varmints with your own brand of justice.

In online casino games, the classic sheriffs and deputies often act as the wild or scatter, helping to trigger symbol substitutions or free spin rounds.

Gun-Slinging Animations

Developers like to keep the action going at all times on the reels of western slots, so expect constant animations. If there are gunfights, then bullets will be flying. You may find the good and bad guys going toe to toe on horseback or you might enter a saloon where everyone has their gun out just waiting for someone to pull the trigger.

Western themed games provide ample opportunity for developers to get creative and offer immersive animations and graphics to keep players invested in the storyline.

Top-Rated Western Online Casino Games

We have found a few of the best western slot games available today and listed them below. Take a look at the theme as well as features to give yourself a few fun and exciting games to try as you get into the genre featuring cowboys and outlaws!

Buffalo Mania Deluxe

Buffalo Mania Deluxe gameplay

Experience the wildlife that ran wild during the days of the wild west in Buffalo Mania Deluxe. This online slot game from RealTime Gaming offers a unique take on slot games by using a 6-reel, 4-row system which equates to paying players 4096 Ways.

When you spin the reels on this game, you will encounter a slew of majestic and powerful animals, from the titular buffalo, the immense bear, the cunning cougar, and mighty wolf. landing them on winning paylines make for amazing payouts.

Buffalo Mania Deluxe’s special features also make each spin a dynamic and memorable one. Major Mania can be triggered at any time during a spin, and this mode can transform the game board from 6×4 to 6×5 and even 6×6 one, and this means more symbols that can trigger more winning paylines. Saddle up and witness the majesty of such powerful animals that thrive in the wild west!

Trigger Happy

Best Western-themed online casino games Trigger Happy wild symbol reels

Travel to the 1800’s wild west on the reels of Trigger Happy by RealTime Gaming. This online slot game features blondes and redheads ready for a root tootin’ good time! The sheriff in town is ready to tackle crime with a wild badge for symbol substitutions.

Redheads and Blondes act as the game’s Wild symbols, and each of them have unique traits that will affect the reels and potential earnings players can acquire. Meanwhile, the Scatter symbol is the sheriff badge, and when you get at least three of them on the reels, you are rewarded with Free Spins.

As far as Trigger Happy’s winnings, players can win up to 2,000x of their bets on the 30 fixed payline game with a wide betting range to suit all player types!

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Western-theme online casino games Paydirt in-game spin

The Wild West doesn’t only involve shootouts and gunfights inside saloons and small towns. Some townsfolk make a living by working in the mines to look for precious stones and resources. 

Paydirt! is an online casino game that sees players help an intrepid miner strike it big by discovering gold. Accompanying the miner are his faithful companions: his dog and mule. But the miner needs to be alert: some nefarious robbers who are looking to rob the miner of his hard-earned mineral haul.

The game’s Wild symbol is the gold nugget which appears in specific reels. When gold nuggets appear on a spin, they will substitute for the other symbols, and would increase the chances of winning paylines. Meanwhile, the Paydirt Sign is the game’s Scatter symbol. Getting at least three of these symbols on reels will unlock three Special Features, and players can choose one of those that will affect their game.

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Jackpot Saloon

Western-theme online casino games Jackpot Saloon gameplay

As its title suggests, Jackpot Saloon has players see what it is like living in a developing city during the steam engine era of the Wild West. The game is structured in a classic 3-row, 5-reel online casino game setting, with a few surprises that will come up when the Wild and Scatter symbols appear on the reels following a successful spin.

Speaking of symbols, Jackpot Saloon’s Bonus Scatter symbol is a steam engine. When 3 or more Bonus Scatters symbols land on the screen, they will trigger the Pick Bonus feature. Players can choose one of the three Bonus features:

Multiplier Award: increases the payouts, and the sum will reflect on the player’s bankroll.

Star symbol: When found, Star symbols are transferred to the player’s collection in the base game after the Pick Bonus feature ends.

Dynamite symbol: Picking this symbol will end the Special Feature of the Steam Engine.

Players looking for a big payout should try Jackpot Saloon, since its in-game features increase the chances for a sizable jackpot.

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