Mancala Gaming, an online casino games developer based in Prague, has recently released their latest online slot game, Code of Fortune. This slot title is the developer’s take on classic-themed slot games that are composed of 3×3 game boards and minimal paylines.

But unlike traditional slot machines, Code of Fortunes uses modern online slot game systems to ensure new and experienced slot game players alike can enjoy spinning its reels on their way to gaining sizable bankrolls.

What are the Main Features of Code of Fortune?

Code of Fortune utilizes a 3-reel, 3-row game board as well as a 5-payline system. Players can achieve a winning spin whenever at least 2 or 3 symbols land on a winning payline. The symbols are depicted as numbers, and each one that is part of a winning spin acts as multipliers to the initial bet.

For its winnings, Code of Fortune gives players a maximum win of x999, which can be acquired by landing three “9” symbols on a winning payline. Meanwhile, the minimum winning payline multiplier is x10. Moreover, the game sports a medium volatility as well as a 95% RTP which equates to a slot title that gives the edge to its players.

Having the winning spins rely on how symbols landing on winning paylines and multiplying the initial bet based on the numbers that land from left to right is a simple in-game mechanic that is easy to understand. Players that manage to land any winning payline are rewarded with handsome payouts. This gameplay mechanic makes for a highly engaging slot game experience.

This simple yet exciting gameplay is at the heart of Mancala Gaming’s titles. This way, it allows players to enjoy their titles and increase their bankrolls.

What are Great Slot Game Alternatives to Code of Fortune?

Online slot games that mix both classic and modern gameplay elements are great titles since they are often designed to be easy to understand and have decent to excellent payout opportunities. Online Casino Games have a nice selection of slot games that have similar themes like Code of Fortune that are worth experiencing. Here are some notable titles:

Interstellar 7s

Interstellar 7s featured image

Interstellar 7s is an online slot game that takes the classic elements of a 3×3 game board and its 7 and gold bar symbols and puts an outer space theme for a truly out-of-this-world slot game experience.

The game uses the same 5-payline system, and its symbols have corresponding multipliers that are triggered when they land on winning paylines. Speaking of symbols, Interstellar 7s have a number of special symbols such as the Wild symbol, Multiplying Wild symbol, and Scatter symbol.

As its name suggests, Wild symbols substitute for all other symbols, except Scatters. While Multiplying Wilds bolster the player’s winnings provided it is part of the winning payline.

But what makes Interstellar 7s’ gameplay a bit more exciting is the inclusion of its special feature, the Bonus Wheel. The Bonus Wheel has a number of prizes, and is activated whenever the player manages to get 3 Scatter symbols on their spin. Once this happens, a Bonus Wheel appears on top of the game board and spins: when it stops, the player is rewarded with the prize that includes Free Games, Bonus Multipliers, and even the Jackpot Prize.

Wonder Reels

Wonder Reels featured image

Wonder Reels is another classic-themed slot game from RealTime Gaming. This slot title utilizes a 3-reel, 3-row game board as well as a 27 Ways Pay payline system that can transform into 45 Pays.

Thematically, Wonder Reels is set in a glitzy showroom, similar to game shows set in the late 60s or early 70s. The game board and its symbols are bedazzled with gold and precious stones, which tie in nicely with the setting.

As for its gameplay, Wonder Reels offers some modern slot game mechanics to keep players engaged. This includes the Ways Booster and Jackpot Re-Spin. Ways Booster is triggered whenever a player lands a winning payline. This activates four extra reels located at the left, right, top and bottom portion of the game board. Having extra reels boosts the Ways from 27 to 45, and the player is awarded 1 Re-Spin with the game expanded to 45 Ways. Winnings are calculated and paid out, then the extra reels return to an inactive state, and the game returns to 27 Ways.

Meanwhile, Jackpot Re-Spin is triggered whenever 5 or more Diamond symbols appear on the gameboard. Each subsequent Diamond will add to the player’s multiplier, depending on how many Diamonds appear during the re-spins, players can reach up to a 500x multiplier. This feature is concluded when no Diamonds appear on the game board.

Icy Hot Multi-Game

Icy Hot Multi-Game featured image

Lastly, Icy Hot Multi-Game is an exciting online slot game that ramps up the classic and modern slot game elements that results in a truly dynamic and entertaining slot title.

Icy Hot Multi-Game utilizes two 3×3 game boards, with each one sporting the titular fire and ice theme. On top of this, the game uses a 10-payline system which is distributed between the two game boards, resulting in each board having 5 paylines each. Winning paylines are independent of each other, and will positively affect the player’s winnings per spin.

Each board has their corresponding symbols: the fire board has fire-themed symbols, from its numerous “7” variants to its Bars. The same goes for the ice board with its ice-themed “7”s and Bars. The game’s special symbols, namely the Wild and Scatters, can appear on either board.

For its special features, Icy Hot Multi-Game has the Transferring Wilds Feature, Bonus Wheel, and Free Games. As its name suggests, Transferring Wilds are activated whenever a stacked reel of Wilds appears on a player’s spin. The stacked Wilds are replicated and transferred into the game board’s opposite side, effectively increasing the chances of winning paylines to trigger on both boards.

Meanwhile, the Bonus Wheel is activated whenever 3 Bonus Wheel symbols appear on one game board. The wheel contains various multiplier bonuses, along with an extra spin and the Jackpot, and players can win any one of these wherever the wheel stops at.

Lastly, Free Games are triggered when 3 Scatter symbols land on any one game board. Landing 3 Scatters rewards players with 6 Free Games, while 12 Scatters give players with 24 Free Games.

Players who have verified Online Casino Games accounts can utilize any one of OCG’s amazing online casino bonus codes when playing these great slot titles to ensure they are maximizing their bets and raking in handsome payouts.

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