Best Classic Themed Slot Games

Online slot games have come a long way from their physical counterparts. During the history of slot machines, their design has seen some additions to make the gameplay more engaging and exciting.

That said, some game developers still hold the simple design of earlier slot machines in some of their current titles. This is due to the fact that in terms of gameplay, classic slot games are easier to understand. On top of that, designing online slot games that have classic slot machine elements gives players a rush of nostalgia.

With that in mind here are some of RealTime Gaming’s best classic themed slot games that mixes both classic and modern slot game mechanics and design for players to enjoy:

Icy Hot Multi-Game

Icy Hot Multi-Game featured image

Icy Hot Multi-Game is a unique online slot game that heavily features classic slot machine elements and game design, while also adding some modern twist to its gameplay.

The game utilizes the tried and tested 3-reel, 3-row slot system, along with a fixed 10 payline layout to make each spin easy for players to understand. However, what sets Icy Hot Multi-Game apart from other classic-themed slot machines is that instead of utilizing one game board, this title uses two game boards, and their paylines are separate from each other.

On top of its unique two-game board setup, Icy Hot Multi-Game also has great special features that are easy to understand, and add more excitement whenever they manage to activate during spins.

Such special features include the Transferring Wilds, which lets the game’s Wild symbol have a chance to transfer game boards and cover an entire reel, the Bonus Wheel which boosts the player’s multipliers depending on where the Wheel lands, and the classic Free Games feature that gives players free spins.

Whether you’re on a hot streak with your spins, or keeping it cool with slow but steady wins, Icy Hot Multi-Game is the best classic slot game you should be playing.

Interstellar 7s

Interstellar 7s featured image

Interstellar 7s is an out-of-this-world online slot game that mixes the vintage trappings and mechanics of physical slot machines and the futuristic space theme for a truly galactic slot game experience.

As with most classic-inspired slot games, Interstellar 7s utilizes a 3×3 game board, and its symbols are throwbacks to old school ones, since the game uses the “7s” and golden bars. The game also employs a fixed 5-payline system that grants winning combinations whenever similar symbols align from left to right.

This simple gameplay approach for the symbols and paylines harkens back to vintage slot machines that have easy-to-understand mechanics to ensure players get as many winning combinations as possible, which equate to a heftier bankroll.

Speaking of winnings, Interstellar 7s has a Bonus Wheel feature that is filled with Free Games on top of great multipliers. Landing any of these prizes when the Bonus Wheel is active gives players a significant advantage to land more winning combinations that add up to huge payouts.

With its special features and marriage of classic slot game mechanics and modern design, Interstellar 7s is an excellent slot game that hits all the right nostalgic notes.

Wonder Reels

Wonder Reels featured image

For those who are looking for a classic-themed slot game that lets you feel like you’re on a TV game show, you should give Wonder Reels a try. This slot title captures the glitz and glamor of 70s game shows thanks to its mostly golden aesthetic that lets you feel like you’re inside a golden disco ball with all the sparkly trappings setting the screen alight. 

This golden design choice also goes into the game board, which is gilded all over. The same goes for its symbols, all of which are seemingly polished to let them all shine whenever they appear on the screen.

Wonder Reels adds modern slot game mechanics by sporting a 3×3 game board and a 27 Ways payline system that transforms into 45. The addition of paylines is attributed to the Ways Booster feature: there are 4 extra single reels located at the sides of the game board. When a player lands a winning spin, these extra single reels activate, and they will also join in the next spin, effectively expanding the game board and boosting the Ways from 27 to 45. 

The player is awarded 1 Re-Spin with the game expanded to 45 Ways. Winnings are calculated and paid out, then the extra reels return to an inactive state, and the game returns to 27 Ways.

Wonder Reels also has a Jackpot Re-Spin, where players can get the chance to land the game’s major or grand jackpot by locking in gold diamonds during spins. Such modern game features result in great payouts for players who spin the reels of this amazing slot game.

Hyper Wins

Hyper Wins Featured Image

For players looking for truly classic slot games similar to fruit machines, Hyper Wins should be in their radar. This slot title utilizes the 3×3 game board and the Pays Any bet payline system. This means that any similar symbols that appear on the screen after a spin will result in winning combinations.

Speaking of symbols, Hyper Wins has an assortment of in-game symbols that have great multipliers. Depending on how many of these similar symbols appear during a player’s spin, it usually results in great payouts.

Hyper Wins also has its version of free games in the form of Free Wins. This is triggered when at least 3 Bonus Star symbols appear on the game board. Depending on how many Bonus Stars land, it will reward players with Free Games. All winning spins here are doubled, except for Hyper Prize, along with more extra Wild Moon symbols that appear on the reels.

Hyper Wins also has a Hyper Prize Feature which triggers for every Bonus Star that is part of the winning spin. If 4 or more Bonus Stars occurred. Pick from the 9 reel locations to reveal instant prizes of up to 1,000x Bet.

These special features, along with a calming techno soundtrack makes Hyper Wins a soothing classic slot game option that offers great payouts for those who want to take the ride.

What Are Other Themed Slot Games Available to Play?

Apart from the classic themed slot titles, Online Casino Games offers other amazing slot games that have various motifs and designs. Here is the list of different themed slot games available on the casino platform:

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Every slot game available on the platform has its own unique and fun in-game mechanics and features to ensure you enjoy every spin you bet on, while also granting you the chance to get amazing payouts.

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