Mega Monster Online Slot Game Preview: What to Expect

Mega Monster online casino game

Mega Monster, the latest online slot game from RTG, is expected to be available to play during the last week of March 2024 on

 What should players expect when this new online casino game becomes available? Here are some of the game’s features and mechanics that will shape how players will enjoy this latest slot game.

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What is Mega Monster all about?

As the game’s title suggests, Mega Monster is looking to go for a monster-themed online casino game. Specifically, the game’s symbols and overall theme are inspired by the golden age of cinema monsters: images show the Wolfman, Frankenstein’s monster, and a female vampire. They are named Wolfie, Franky, and Vampirella, respectively.

The game’s background features dark, leafless trees, jagged terrain, and a creepy, ominous castle at the far distance further amps the classic monster motif. That said, the symbols do not seem to be designed to be scary: they are rather on the cutesy side, and are animated whenever they appear on players’ screens.

Opting for a cutesy design is an interesting choice, but their animated symbols are great and could lend into the enjoyment of players who will play this online casino game.

What are Mega Monster’s reel size and paylines?

Going into Mega Monster’s in-game mechanics, the slot game is set to utilize the standard 3-row, 5-reel setup most conventional online casino games use. However, additional reels and rows can be added during a player’s session by fulfilling certain in-game requirements.

As far as its paylines, Mega Monster is slated to have the standard 20 paylines, which will increase to 60 when players have activated the additional reels and rows. Having additional reels means more chances to get additional paylines that will reward them with bigger payouts per spin. 

Will Mega Monster have new in-game features?

Mega Monster online casino game Expanding Wilds feature

Apart from the usual 3-row, 5-reel features players expect of online casino games, Mega Monster also possesses, the game also boasts new in-game features to keep the players immersed and entertained. These new in-game features are Sliding Reels, Wild Multipliers, Expanded Reels and Extra Wilds.

Sliding Reels

The Sliding Reels feature revolves around Franky, Frankenstein’s monster symbol. When activated, all Franky symbols change to Wild symbols and winning combinations are paid out. 

During this in-game event, another reel is added. and any new winning combinations are paid out. The Sliding Reels feature repeats in this way until the reels have returned to their original position.

That said, Sliding Reels appear to be triggered at random during the Base Game and Free Games.

Wild Multipliers

Another in-game feature Mega Monsters will have is the Wild Multiplier. This feature is triggered randomly during the Base Game and Free Games. This is done when Wolfie, the Wolfman, shows up on three or more reels during a spin. 

When this happens, all Wolfie symbols change to Wild symbols, and all winnings during this feature will be multiplied by a value between 2x and 5x their payout.

Expanded Reels and Extra Wilds

Finally, Mega Monsters will have Expanded Reels and Extra Wilds features. These are triggered randomly during the Base Game and Free Game versions of Mega Monsters..

When Expanded Reels and Extra Wilds happen, all Vampirella symbols change to Wild symbols, and additional Wild symbols are added to the reels.The gameboard size also increases to 5×4, with 40 paylines. Expanded Reels and Extra Wilds will end after one turn, unless the reels manage to trigger the Free Games mechanic.

Will Mega Monster have the Free Games feature?

Mega Monster online casino game Free Games feature

As with modern online casino games, Mega Monster is set to have the Free Games feature. The Free Games feature can be retriggered with 3 Bonus symbols. Once this happens, the player is asked to select one of the four options:

Random distribution of all features

Only the Sliding Reels feature

Only the Wild Multipliers feature

Only the Expanded Reels and Extra Wilds feature

That said, the Free Games feature is different for the Free Play and Real Versions. The selected feature occurs with higher frequency on the Free Play version of Mega Monster, though they will function the same way as the Real Version. 

When players play the Real Version, 10 Free Games are awarded when 3 Bonus symbols appear on the gameboard. When retriggered, the player continues the additional Free Games with the currently selected feature.

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Expectations for Mega Monster

Mega Monster online casino game Wild Multiplier feature

With its quirky and gothic-inspired theme, on top of its dynamic in-game mechanics and features, Mega Monster is looking to be an exhilarating online casino game. Its in-game features are sure to make players anticipate getting more free spins, hitting multiple paylines, and racking up a sizable payout during their play sessions.

Given RTG’s track record of releasing great online casino games, Mega Monster aims to continue this trend of providing high-quality and fun-filled online slot game experience that will leave players craving for one more spin.


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