Kong Fu Online Slot Game Review

Kong Fu Online Slot Game Review

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  • Excellent Gameplay
  • Eye-catching Martial Arts theme
  • Multiple Paylines
  • Fun In-Game Features (Master Takeover, Bursting Wilds, and Bonus Wheel)
  • Bonus Wheel instances could be more frequent

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In this Kong Fu Slot Game review, you will find the following information:

      1. Main Features
      2. Theme and Motif
      3. Special Features
      4. Betting Range
      5. Payment Options
      6. Summary

Online Casino Games has recently released a new online slot game, Kong Fu. This title gives an exciting take on the martial arts theme, with fun and animated anthropomorphic animals who have mastered their respective martial arts style gracing the reels and making every spin a pulse-pounding and exciting experience for players.

But does Kong Fu deliver the goods and bring as much excitement, as far an online slot game is concerned? From its unique features, clever in-game mechanics, and everything in between, here is a quick review about Kong Fu.

What are the main features of Kong Fu?

Kong Fu winning payline

Number of Reels: 6

Number of Rows: 4

Jackpot: $2500, but players will have to land on the Jackpot on the Bonus Wheel
Paylines: 4096 (Up to 15625 Ways or 46656 Ways)
Min-Max Bet: $0.25 to $12.50 per line
RTP: (information to follow)
Bonus Round: That is triggered by landing three or more BONUS scatter symbols on the reels.
Theme: Oriental Martial Arts with cartoon animals that depict corresponding fighting styles.
Min-Max Payout: The maximum win per paid spin is 2,000 times the base bet
Release Date: February 14, 2024
Banking Options:

Convenient and secure banking options at top online casinos, offering a range of choices including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. Enjoy hassle-free transactions and start playing your favorite slot games with ease.

Kong Fu is the latest online slot game from Realtime Gaming, one of the reputable online casino game developers in the industry. The game has a 4-row, 6-reel gameboard, which equates to 4096 ways players can win per spin. However, Kong Fu has some in-game mechanics that can alter the gameboard from 4×6 to 5×6 or even 6×6, which increases the paylines to 15,625 and 46,656, respectively.

What is the Theme and Motif of Kong Fu?

Kong Fu martial arts theme and motif

Various martial arts master symbols await to be aligned for epic payouts

The game’s motif takes inspiration from martial arts and cleverly mixes cool-looking cartoon animals that are also masters of their respective fighting style. While it is not overtly stated, the characters seem to master the fighting style based on what kind of animal they are: Tiger, Turtle, Red Panda, and Rodent. As for the Kong, this character is the Wild symbol for the game. They are a band of martial artists who revel at showcasing their prowess.

Kong and the other Martial Arts masters’ symbols are highly animated, and can be seen moving after they are revealed after spins. When players trigger specific in-game features, they get to witness fully drawn images of Kong and his martial arts friends strike a pose and transform the gameboard into a 6-reel by 5-row play area. During this phase, players can expect to have more chances of landing winning combinations.

Become a Martial Arts Master in Kong Fu Here

What are the special features of Kong Fu?

What separates Kong Fu from other online slot games is in its special features. The game has three special features: Master Takeover, Bursting Wilds, and Bonus Wheel. These function as in-game perks that activate either at random spins, or when players manage to fulfill specific requirements.

Master Takeover

Kong Fu Master Takeover feature

Once in a few spins, one random Master will be chosen to assist the player with more chances of matching symbols.

The Master Takeover is Kong Fu’s standout feature. Whenever this is triggered, one of the major symbols is chosen at random. It then replaces other major symbols in the reels after they spin. Once a master is chosen, the gameboard extends from 4×6 to 6×5 or 6×6. This leads to players having more chances of matching symbols and earning more wins during their spins. Once their spin ends, the board reverts back to 4×6: during free spins, however, Master Takeover can last until the free spins are fully spent.

That said, the only downside Master Takeover has is its reliability. This feature triggers at random intervals during a player’s spins. Given that it greatly aids players’ chances of winning more during spins, it’s logical that Master Takeovers are harder to pull off, but is an amazing event to experience.

Bursting Wilds

Kong Fu Bursting Wilds feature

Kong as the Wild symbol helps players get paylines and win on their spins.

Bursting Wilds is a fun in-game feature that sees the titular Kong replace all other major symbols, except for Scatter, with himself. This is a strong mechanic, since Kong is the game’s Wild symbol, and replacing the rest of the major symbols during a spin enhances the chances of more wins for players.

Similar to Master Takeover, Bursting Wilds also randomly happens during a players’ spins. This makes it unreliable when trying to place higher bets, since players cannot be sure whether Bursting Wilds will trigger. However, when Bursting Wilds happens, the fun factor exponentially rises: this is especially true during free spins, since the excitement of seeing how many major symbols will be transformed into Kong Wilds will tip the scales of big earnings towards the player.

Bonus Wheel

Kong Fu Bonus Wheel feature

Bonus Wheel contains various perks in the form of Free Games, and Gameboard upgrades, and the Jackpot.

As far as fun factor is concerned, Kong Fu’s Bonus Wheel has to be one of its best features. Players can trigger this Bonus Wheel event whenever they manage to land three or more Scatter symbols in their spin. Once they achieve this, a bonus wheel will emerge. Players will then spin the wheel, and receive one of eight perks which includes the following:

  • 10x multiplier
  • 6 Free Spins with Bursting Wilds
  • 15 Free Spins
  • 10 Free Spins
  • 8 Free Spins
  • 7 Free Spins with Bursting Wilds
  • Jackpot

The Bonus Wheel also transforms the gameboard into a 6×4, 6×5, or 6×6 alongside the aforementioned perks. These two combine to make the succeeding spins for players more advantageous for them, as it increases their chances of winning more per spin. If players land on the jackpot, this will be added to the player’s line winnings.

Moreover, compared to the other features, the Bonus Wheel is easier to get, since players can try to lock in as many Scatter symbols during their spins and have it trigger.


Kong Fu also offers tournaments for players who are eyeing to win big while competing against other players by getting the highest score. Rankings are available for players to monitor which ones are leading the pack and earning the most winning bets during the course of the tournament.

Players can win prizes ranging from free spins to real money that they can use whenever they want after the tournament concludes.

Experience Kong Fu’s Special Features Here

What is the betting range in Kong Fu?

Kong Fu has a decent betting range that starts at $0.25, and reaches up to $12.50. The paylines provide decent coverage, and the emergence of major symbols, wilds, and scatter per reel is nicely spaced. 

This gives both new and experienced players some allowance to test out the spins and to strategize how much they will bet per spin without much risk. Just like most online slot games, the higher the players wager, the bigger the chance of wins. Players can adjust their bets after each spin, allowing them to strategize how much they want to bet and maximize it at the next spin.

For players who wish to see if their slot game mastery is on par with this game’s martial arts masters, Kong Fu is just the slot game for them to try. Online Casino Games has a free version of Kong Fu where players can practice their betting strategy and experience the game’s many exciting and enjoyable features. 

Once they have gotten familiar with Kong Fu’s initial gameplay and mechanics, the real version is available for them to start raking in winning spins and real money.

What are the available payment options on Kong Fu?

Players who have earned sizable payoff from playing the real version of Kong Fu can cash out via Online Casino Games’ numerous banking and payment options. The online casino offers traditional payment methods such as credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard, as well as cryptocurrency options. Players who opt for cryptocurrency can get up to $10,000 worth of Casino Welcome Bonus for their first transaction.

When it comes to safety and security, Online Casino Games have corresponding protocols for handling player transactions.


Kong Fu another winning payline with Wild Symbol

Kong and Master Turtle working together to get a good payline

Kong Fu is an excellent martial arts themed online slot game that players can enjoy for hours on in with every spin of the reels. The game has an immersive theme, dynamic background music that both soothes and excites, depending on the phase of the game, and amazing in-game features that keeps players engaged and looking forward to what symbols would grace the reels:

  • Reel symbols depict cartoonish animals that are masters of various martial arts.
  • In-game features offer dynamic moment-to-moment gameplay.
  • Free play and real play options available for players to practice and win big prizes.
  • Exciting payouts and in-game bonuses that open up for even more earnings per spin.
  • Tournament Mode available in real version for competitive players

Do you have what it takes to take on Kong and his crew of martial arts masters? Play Kong Fu on Online Casino Games and test your might to see if you can come out on top!

Play the Real Version of Kong Fu and Win Big Prizes Here

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Kong Fu Online Slot Game FAQ

Where can you play Kong Fu?

You can play Kong Fu on OnlineCasinoGames.com. Click on the Casino Games in the home page, then look for Kong Fu under "New Games" and "Slot Games".

Is Kong Fu free to play?

Kong Fu has a Free and Live version. The Free version can be played on CasinoOnlineGames.com for players to get the feel of the game, but they can't win real money. Its live version is also available, but players need to sign up. After signing up, they can play the live version of Kong Fu by betting money for a chance to win.

Can you play Kong Fu offline?

Players need to have an internet connection in order to access OnlineCasinoGames.com and play Kong Fu.

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