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Titanic by Bally – Slot Machine Review

One of the most iconic movies of the 90s has been transformed into a slot machine at last, and it’s Bally that has managed to achieve this. They’ve turned the game into a slot, while giving the player a chance to buy tickets (wagers) of different values and feeling like they’re onboard the ship in a small way. Plenty of other elements have been incorporated, to match the theme, so keep reading to find out which those are.

Featuring images of all the major characters from the movie, Titanic has 25 lines over 5 reels and relies on Jackpot features to deliver its top payout of $250,000. If we’re looking at the game’s features, things are even more exciting, as inside you will discover various wilds, with or without multipliers, plus scattered jackpot symbols, Mystery Double Wilds, Mystery Wild Reels and a Jack’s Drawing Mystery Feature. Add the Wheel bonus as well, and one might start feeling overwhelmed with all the information about special icons and features.


Titanic doesn’t have just an overly complicated mix of features, it also does the same thing with its betting system. They call these wagers per line tickets, which are bought for 1st class, 2nd class or 3rd class.

The 3rd class is the smallest one, it uses $0.01 per line and it has 35 coins in use to cover 25 lines (plus 10 extra coins). It doesn’t give you access to Top Jackpot or Mystery Jackpots.

The 2nd class ticket will have a stake of 80, 120 or 160 coins, where a bonus bet of 15 lines (coins) is added to the total. You wager $0.02 to $0.04 per coin/line. With it, you can win the previous features, plus the Mini or Maxi Jackpots, but not the Top Jackpot.

The 1st class ticket has a value of $0.05 to $2.50 per line, and it includes 40 lines in it (15 extra lines wagered for the bonus feature activation). It gives you access to all features and even the Top Jackpot (100,000 coins).

Titanic Jackpot

The Top Jackpot, which is what the game calls this reward, will have a value of up to $250,000, and will be the equivalent of 100,000 coins. You can only win it in rounds where the 1st Class Ticket was used, so a wager of at least $0.05 per line. To win this jackpot, you need the Jackrose Scatter in five positions and the 1st class ticket. If you have a smaller wager, you win 500x the stake instead.

One sign that the game has been designed with online casinos in mind is that the RTP is considerably higher as well. It’s set to 96.05% for players using 1st Class Tickets, at 96.01% for 2nd Class and 95.95% for 3rd Class. Either way, it’s a good Return to Player, fit for a modern slot machine.

Special Features

This is where things start getting complicated, as Titanic incorporates a lot of different possible features. You will learn all about them in our review.

Wild Symbols

The wild symbol can come in different variants here, but they all have in common the fact that they participate in winning combinations as substitutes. They never replace other types of wilds or jackpot symbols. The variants are for the regular wild, Jackrose wild and Ship Wild, and each of these has a 2x multiplier version as well.

Jackpot Scatters

The scatters will be used to trigger various prizes, depending on the number of times they show up and the kind of wager you’ve placed that round. As I’ve mentioned above, the big prize comes via Jackrose Scatters, five of them and obtained at a 1st class ticket wager. As few as two scatters of this type will trigger a reward of some kind.

Mystery Double Wilds

As each round begins, with the reels still spinning, you might find that you get a Mystery Double Wilds bonus triggered. It will add between 2 and 5 Double Wilds to the last four reels. Have these Double Wilds land on Ship icons, to turn them into Ship Double Wilds. The transformation from Jackrose to Jackrose Double Wild occurs as well, if the wild lands on the former. All these Double symbols act as wilds with 2x multipliers.

Mystery Wild Reels

Another feature that may start at random, it will give you 2 wild reels. Wilds landing on Ship or Jackrose icons will turn them into Ship Wilds or Jackrose Wilds.

Jack’s Drawing Mystery Feature

As long as you didn’t get the Wheel feature that round, there is a chance that you will trigger Jack’s Drawing instead. You pick one of the questions listed among the 10 tiles placed in front of you. Finding 3 matching drawings will get you the associated reward. Up to 2,950 coins may be won.

Mystery Jackpots Feature

Mystery Jackpots is yet another random feature that you may get at the conclusion of a spin. You choose one out of three shown tiles, to get a cash prize or one of the Mini/Maxi Jackpots.

Wheel Feature

This is a feature that you will trigger via scatter symbols, the ones showing you the Ship in some way (Ship, Ship Wild and Ship Double Wild). You just need three of those on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels, to get the Wheel.

It’s going to spin as many as 9 times, or for as long as you get cash prizes from it. If you trigger one of the free spins features, it stops spinning and takes you to the next stage.

Make It Count: 10 free spins with bonus awards and extra wilds will be triggered for this option.

Heart of the Ocean: You choose to play 6 to 30 free spins, while multipliers are between 5x and 1x, depending on your pick.

Pick Up: you make several choices, to reveal prizes of up to 100 coins per pick, and then up to 10x multipliers for them.

The Safe: choose 1 out of 10 shown safes, to win a prize. The second choice is for an item found inside, and this will reveal a multiplier. Up to 800 coins can be won.


The 1996 film, Titanic, is the basis for the slot’s entire story. The symbols are inspired by the movie’s actors, shown in vintage style coloring, to make them appropriate for the times. Some of the symbols will show you Jack, Rose or some of the other major characters, while quite a few others show luggage, supplies, white gloves, pocket watches and so on. I enjoyed that they really made an effort to make the design appropriate for this theme.


If you enjoyed Titanic, the film, or if you simply love playing overly complicated slot machines, you might just like this slot machine as well. It’s got the high RTP, which is not typical for Bally, but if you want to understand what’s going on you will need to invest some time into reading the paytable.

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