Star Clusters MegaClusters

Star Clusters MegaClusters

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Star Clusters MegaClusters by Big Time Gaming – Online Slot Review

Featuring the exciting MegaClusters mechanic, this slot game provides plenty of fun on the reels via cluster and reaction style gaming. Star Clusters MegaClusters offers new ways to win with 4×4 and 8×8 symbols as well as 16×16 ways to win in the free spins round. Symbols go from small to large, with gold wild multipliers in the mix for larger wins. Learn more about what this Big Time Gaming slot offers below!


To wager real money on the reels of Star Clusters MegaClusters, you will need to use the left and right arrows under the STAKE section of the game controls. Betting starts at just $0.20 per spin and goes as high as $20. This provides a low range of betting options so that players of all bankrolls have a shot at winning nice prizes. The bet dictates how much you can win with symbol combinations, so keep that in mind when choosing your wager.

Star Clusters MegaClusters Jackpot Prizes

The biggest symbol wins in this game are earned via the gem clusters. If you can land a 25 symbol cluster or larger, then you will earn 50x the bet! This prize can be won via the purple, red, or blue gem. If you land 20 to 24 of the purple gem, you can also win 50x the bet!

Special Features & Free Spins

In this online slot game, the MegaClusters mechanic is offered. This is a symbol matching game where you need clusters of symbols to win and these clusters will create a reaction which can lead to more wins. Star Clusters begins with four rows and four columns in the base game. In the free spins round, the rows and columns are doubled to eight.

Once a win takes place, each winning symbol will be replaced with four smaller symbols. When a win takes place with the smaller symbols, then symbols of the same size above will move down and new symbols drop into place, which can lead to more wins. The reactions will continue until no more wins take place.

This slot also includes a standard wild and the gold wild. The regular wild will substitute for all icons in the game except the gold wild. The gold wild has the ability to substitute for all symbols. There is also a gold wild multiplier on the reels. This multiplier starts at one and will increase by one when the symbol is used to substitute for other icons and create a win.

If you manage to score five reactions or more in the base game, you earn two free spins plus one for every additional reaction you earn after the fifth. If you are able to see the gold wild multiplier reach 10x, then you earn two more spins while you play.


If you are a fan of gem style games, then you are sure to like this Star Cluster title. The game has a simple design with a large gold background and colorful gems on the reels. Each symbol can appear in varying sizes, which changes up the look of the game. The soundtrack has a techno beat and can add to the action depending on if you land a win or earn free spins. Overall, the design is simple but works well given the gem theme.


Whether you are a fan of gem games or you like unique features like MegaClusters, then this slot is perfect for you. The special mechanic helps to create win after win on the reels, which can equal major prize money depending on the size of your bet. Spin the reels of this title today to see if the gems will cluster up and give you a good reaction sections so that you can earn a little prize money!

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