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Mobile slots are available to serious gamblers who want to play on a variety of devices. This is a revolutionary new development in the world of online gambling. Online casinos have been around for over a decade, but being able to play these casino games on your mobile device is a dramatic change in the delivery system for these games.

This page looks at the various options available to mobile slot machine gamers and the factors affecting those choices.

Not all online casinos who offer Flash games have upgraded their delivery to be compatible with all mobile devices. You can click on any of the recommended casinos on this page to find a casino that works smoothly and without difficulty with your mobile device.

Mobile Devices on Which You Can Play Slot Machines

You can play slot machines on a staggering array of different mobile devices. These include Android phones and tablets, Blackberry devices, iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch, and Nokia phones.

Android devices have had the pluck and grit to win on almost every front in the mobile device wars. Most slot machine players looking for an option for where to play on their mobile device will be using an Android-powered machine. Examples of mobile devices powered by Android include HTC, Motorola, and Samsung phones.

The iPad might be the best option for players looking for a robust slot machine experience. The big screen and stunning graphics offered by that interface are superior to anything you’ll find on any other device. iPhones and iPod Touch are nice, too, and they offer some of the same obstacles to finding a compatible casino, but they lack the large screen, high resolution, and high fidelity sound effects of the iPad.

Downloading Software

Some online casinos require a download, even for their mobile customers. This usually takes the form of an app, which should be familiar to anyone who uses a mobile device these days. Some casinos offer a staggering array of slot machine games on their apps, but others have a more minimalist selection.

I tend to prefer casinos with downloadable software, and that’s true of both desktop and laptop computers as well as mobile devices. The sound effects and visual details for such games are more robust and pleasing to my senses. No download options played via your browser window are okay, but the top-notch experience is reserved for players who commit to making the download of the app.

Browser Based Options

One of the best options available to mobile gamblers is to play slot machine games that are browser-based, especially HTML 5 games. These games require no software download. You play them from your phone’s Internet browser.

Some people prefer to have as few apps as possible on their mobile devices. That’s fine, but if you want the richest gaming experience to satisfy your lust for slots, then downloading the software is the better option. But many casinos offer perfectly acceptable games you can play in your browser window. Some of these are powered by Flash, while others are powered by HTML 5.

I have friends who exclusively play Flash or HTML 5 slot machine games, and they seem to get their shameless need for slot machine thrills sated just fine.

It boils down to personal preference.

Free Mobile Slots

I posted recently about free slots in general—about how one of the best options for someone who loves to play but doesn’t want to risk any money is to take advantage of the free “try-it-before-you-buy-it” games available from online casinos.

That advice holds true for mobile players, too. Any reputable casino online is going to offer you the chance to try their games for free without any deposit or requirement to risk money. They want to earn your trust and your business by providing you with an excellent gaming experience.

Of course, online casinos aren’t the only providers of free mobile slots. Spend even a small amount of time in the app store, and you’ll find dozens (if not hundreds) of options to choose from. Some of them cost a lot of money, while others are relatively inexpensive.

One thing is certain, though—if you want to play free slots on your mobile device, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Slots are more fun when you have the option to win money, though, so if you can afford it, and if it’s legal where you live, give the real money games a try. You can start with a low bankroll of just $10 and move up in stakes when and if you feel comfortable.


Internet gambling is nothing new, but gambling via your mobile device is relatively new. It’s a fresh experience for the player, but you have fewer choices of casinos. The casinos we recommend on this page all provide an excellent experience on compatible devices.