Monster Slots

Monster Slots

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Monster Slots Demo by KAJOT

Monster Slots is a fun and cute slot title from KAJOT Games. This slot title features a 5×3 grid with up to 243 winning lines. Along with its adorable monster symbols, Monster Slots also features a wild and scatter symbol, as well as some other special options involving these symbols. If you’re looking for a monster of a slot game, read on to see if Monster Slots is for you.

Betting Stakes

Monster Slots boasts a wide betting range, perfect for any kind of slot player. It has a unique betting system, with three different options: the bet level, coin value, and the level feature that has to do with more than just the bet.

The minimum bet in Monster slots is 10 cents. This is perfect for anyone looking to play on a budget or give the game a try before betting big. The maximum stake is $500, perfect for anyone with a higher range budget.

Monster Slots Jackpot Prizes

Not only are there many symbols to look out for in Monster Slots, but each monster hosts an evolution to make the winnings even higher. The symbols that don’t evolve are the elemental icons, which pay 100x for 5 on a pay line. Getting five of these symbols also does something special.

As for the evolutions and monsters themselves, each evolution pays differently. For example, the fire monster’s first evolution pays 100x for 5 on a pay line, while the second evolution pays 2000x and the third evolution pays 10000x, both for 5 on a pay line.

The lightning monster pays, in order of evolution from first until last, 100x, 1500x, and 7500x for 5 on a pay line. The water monster pays 100x, 1000x, then 5000x for 5 on a pay line. Lastly, the grass monster pays 100x, 500x, and 2500x for 5 on a pay line.

Special Features and Free Spins

There are many special features in Monster Slots, with the more common features being the wild symbol and scatter symbol. The wild icon will substitute for any symbol except for the scatter to help the player reach winning reels.

The scatter symbol will help the player access the free spins feature. Landing three or more scatters, players gain access to the free spins. During this feature, all monsters evolve fully, and elemental symbols turn into a fully evolved monster of that element.

Evolution is a key feature in Monster Slots. It is essential to the player to possibly earn larger winnings. There are many ways to evolve the monsters. By landing 5 or more of the same elemental symbols, the monster that corresponds to that symbol will evolve, and the player is given one re-spin for free.

The level option for betting also affects the monsters. The higher the level, corresponding monsters go to the second level. In order, the monsters that grow with each level are the grass monster, water monster, electric monster, then fire monster. Keep in mind that this also raises your bet amount.

Slot Design

The art in Monster Slots is perfect for the theme. The monsters are cute and grow into incredible creatures that seem powerful even from a glance. There are also animations for everything involving the game, even increasing the level for monster evolutions.

For the symbols themselves, all symbols part of a winning reel shine, and have a small animation such as wings flapping. The developer did a great job with the animations and graphics to meet the theme and keep players interested in reel spinning.

Game Summary

Monster Slots is a fun game full of features. This game has a 5×3 grid and a wide betting range, starting at 10 cents and ending at $500, perfect for any slot player. Monster Slots also hosts the wild symbol, free spins feature, and its

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