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Novomatic, one of the largest corporations of the international gaming industry and was founded by Australian businessman Johann Graf. Started in 1980, Novomatic now operates in fifty countries and is responsible for exporting high-end gaming equipment to more than eighty nations worldwide.

From casinos to online slot games, Novomatic has more than 1,500 operations running worldwide offering over 2, 32,000 gaming machines. In fact, some of its subsidiaries have performed extremely well in the marketplace. For instance, Admiral Sportwetten, one of Novomatic’s subsidiary has around 200 outlets in Austria and is arguably one of the largest sports betting providers in the country. Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions, another subsidiary owned by the company, is also a leading service provider in the industry and a pioneer in the development of advanced gaming solutions.

Apart from the company headquarter (with a surface area of about 120,000 square meters) situated in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria, Novomatic has research and development centers in many countries including Germany, Poland, Great Britain, and the Czech Republic. According to the company reports, Novomatic currently employs about 3,300 employees in Austria and has a staff strength of about 23,000 employees worldwide. Altogether, the company holds 10 production locations in 7 nations and is running 17 technology centers in 10 countries. The total revenue to the company for the year 2015 was Euro 3.8 billion with an export rate of about 98 percent.

Novomatic and Innovation in Gaming Technology

With over 232,000 gaming terminals operating worldwide, Novomatic holds many innovations and technologies to its name. In fact, their assembly time per gaming device is just about 6.5 hours, which is great in terms of return on investment and serves as an evidence of their high-end game designing technology. Moreover, the company has always looked forward to bringing in new technologies to the world of online slot gaming to enhance the user experience. Some of these innovations include:

  • The System Money Maker – ACP : The System Money Maker is a modular casino management system designed by Octavian, a subsidiary of Novomatic. The basic ACP (Accounting Control Progressive system) modules ideally fulfill the legal requirements of most international jurisdictions and run on a highly protected internet service using a highly secure data protocol. The three basic modules – Accounting, Control, and Progressives offer various features necessary for gaming floor administration, machine performance analysis, and jackpot management respectively. Some additional modules included in the ACP include ACP Cashless – a module for automated collection and payment, ACP TITO – for automated payments using tickets, ACP Player Loyalty – a marketing module for loyal players, ACP Cash Manager – a module to manage cash boxes and customer value points, and ACP Gate Manager – a module for access points and promotions.
  • Novomatic biometric systems: Biometric systems by Novomatic include a modified scanner for fingerprints along with a local server and a central server to link multiple websites. It offers access control to gaming floors or certain gaming premises, ability to transfer credits between machines and access to the betting terminal.
  • Novomatic remote play: Novomatic remote play allows you to control interactive gaming machines remotely via a tablet PC. It also allows playing on two machines simultaneously and all interactions are fully secured by servers.
  • ADMIRAL Absolute Vision: Easily assimilated with existing systems, ADMIRAL Absolute Vision is an all-in-one video content delivery system packed into a single software and hardware solution. It allows you to display all types of content (video, audio, or browser content) on various types of screens effortlessly. With flexible scalability, individual customization options, and automatic updates, ADMIRAL Absolute Vision is one of the best content delivery systems in the casino industry.

Novomatic Games

From video slots to electronic table games and reel tournaments, Novomatic has it all. The developer of some of the best slot games in the history of gambling, Novomatic is one of the most popular names in the industry. Some universally acclaimed games by Novomatic are Book of Ra, Wheelenium, Queen Cleopatra, Magic Joker Jackpot, Disco Inferno and so on. In fact, there are plenty of games to be played on any platform, whether you pick ‘Coolfire’, ‘Novoline’, or ‘Impera Line’.

Novomatic Cabinets

Novomatic has designed a number of video slot cabinets to engage players from every gambling tier. They design slot cabinets for gaming businesses around the world along with providing them with the best technology solutions for their premises. Some video slot cabinets designed by Novomatic include FV 623 Gaminator, FV 880 Novo Star VIP, FV 640 Dominator and FV 610 Novo Line Interactive. Moreover, Novomatic has also designed many multiplayer slot cabinets for players who don’t really like playing with the AI. Some of these multiplayer video slot cabinets are FV 870 Novo-Bar, FV 880-1 Novo Star, and FV 860 Novo Vision Slant Top II.

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