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Gorilla appears to be a slot machine that’s using the jungle’s wildlife for its main source of inspiration. Not necessarily a unique choice, but one that can still result in some impressive gameplay and slot graphics, as evident in this Novomatic release.

Moving on to the area in which you’re going to play, there are 5 by 4 reels there, with up to 50 active paylines used each round. The highest potential of the game is to deliver a win of up to $100,000 in a single round. You can expect for wild symbols, scatter symbols and free spins to be your go to features as you play it.


Gorilla will give you full control over the way the bets are set up, even though it might not seem like it at first. The game’s active lines are selected via the Lines button, while the Total Bet setting will allow you to vary the stake, with values of $0.01 to $2 going to each active line. The presence of 50 active lines will require bets in a range of $0.50 to $100.

Gorilla Jackpot

Looking at the jackpot that the game can deliver, I think that most players will be satisfied with the slot’s potential, of up to $100,000 in a single round. It’s going to come via symbols with the Gorilla, regular ones but stacked, so the odds of having a screen filled with them are somewhat better. If you look at the individual win for a combo of that type, it’s only 1,000x the line bet, so there is certainly room for improvement.

RTP wise, Novomatic announced that Gorilla has a return of 95.09%. This is a figure which is quoted for the slot machine’s entire life, it doesn’t tell us anything about how a game session will go for any of us.

Special Features

For its special features, Gorilla relies on a mix of options that are not that uncommon, and in fact you’re going to find most of them in 90% of the slots available right now. The features aren’t the ones that will make the game especially attractive, but they contribute in their own way and they certainly don’t take away from the experience.

Wild Symbols

The Tribal Mask is your go to symbol when you’re looking to form a new combo, and you’re not getting all the required symbols for it. As a wild feature, the Mask can mix with regular symbols and will form combinations together with them. It is going to be a replacement for most symbols, regular ones at least, but you can only get it on the last four reels. As such, there are no direct rewards offered by the wild.

Free Spins

The other big symbol of Gorilla is going to be the scatter, another very popular feature for a slot machine. It’s showing us a beautiful outline of Africa, with an image from the savanna inside of it, and it’s going to appear on three reels (1, 2 and 3). All three must have it at the same time, in order for the 10 free spins to be triggered. You may retrigger the feature, but you get only 5 additional free spins this way.

The part that makes the free spins special is the extra wild symbols which will be added to the reels. You get one extra wild each round, for the last four reels. Obviously, the resulting wins will make the free spins a lot more profitable than the base game rounds.


The African connection is one that’s been used by many developers in the past, and the savanna or jungle creatures have been main characters plenty of times. This time, it’s the gorilla that gets the honor, though there are elements related to the tribes of the region, as well as the beautiful flowers or birds of the jungle. It’s a nice enough design, I certainly have no problems with it, but it’s not at the level of a modern release from NetEnt, Play’n GO or some of the others that do especially well graphics wise.


You can expect Gorilla to be a solid slot machine, the way many are these days, without any huge downsides to it. It’s not going to be one of the top slots you’re going to have access to though.

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