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Bonanza Slot is one of more popular online slot games that players have been playing for a good amount of time since its release. This title from Big Time Gaming continues to utilize the developer’s Megaways mechanic which resulted in amazing wins for players who manage to land those paylines on their way to the gold. Such is its Wild Western, gold-mining theme that lends itself perfectly to its dynamic gameplay and winnings.

As one of the first online slot games that was present during the dawn of online casino games streaming, a lot of modern slot titles owe their success and latest features to Bonanza Slot. Let’s take a quick look at what made this game such a trailblazer for current online slot games.

What Are the Main Features of Bonanza Slot?

Bonanza Slot is an online slot game that utilizes a 6-reel, 5-row game board and the iconic Megaways payline system. This payline system is a reel mechanic that offers 243 to 117,649 ways to win each spin. 

The Megaways system is calibrated in such a way that makes every spin unique, and the number of pay lines changes on every round of the game. For instance, during one spin, reels 1, 4, and 6 might have 5 symbols, while reels 2, 3, and 5 might have 2. On the next spin, the number of symbols that can appear on the reels will change. This gives players plenty of chances to win big.

Another innovative slot game mechanic Bonanza Slot is known for is the Duelreation cascading reel system. This system allows reels to cascade in both directions. Both the Megaways and Duelreation features make for highly dynamic results during spins, which add to the gameplay experience most players take note of as enjoyable mechanics.

Paytable and Multipliers

For its paytable, Bonanza Slot also did not skimp on potential winnings. Players only need to land at least 3 similar symbols on adjacent reels to make them count as a winning payline. 

Landing a winning combination for a single line can award players with over 50x their bet, the cascading reels and multipliers offer up even better-winning potential. The maximum win that players could potentially land is worth 12,000x their wager.

Special Features

As for its special features, Bonanza Slot has the following: Bonanza Slot Free Spins and Unlimited Win Multiplier. Bonanza Slot Free Spins are activated whenever players manage to land four symbols that spell out “GOLD” on their spin. Doing this will reward players with 12 free spins, and this can trigger up to 5 times whenever another Scatter symbol lands on the game board while the free spins are active.

Meanwhile, the Unlimited Win Multiplier is triggered whenever players manage to get a winning payline. Each successful spin will increase the multiplier. Players greatly approve of this feature as the multiplier does not have a limit.

Lastly, Bonanza Slot also has Free Spins which are triggered by landing 3 or 4 Scatters. Players are rewarded with 5 or 10 more free spins, respectively.

What Are Online Slot Game Alternatives to Bonanza Slot?

Bonanza Slot truly is one of the best online slot games players should experience. Many online casino games developers have made their own version of the Megaways system along with other in-game mechanics to further improve upon the fun gameplay experience for their players.

One such online casino game developer is RealTime Gaming, one of the well-known studios responsible for exciting online slot titles. Here are some of the games from their extensive library that are influenced by Bonanza Slot:

Pyramid Pets

Pyramid Pets online slot game

Pyramid Pets is an Egypt-themed slot game that runs a 5-reel, 3-row game board, on top of a fixed 25-payline system. However, Pyramid Pets utilizes the Cascading Wins mechanic for winning paylines.

Pyramid Pets’ pay table provides a good, consistent spread for players. Players who wish to win huge payouts have to target the titular pet symbols which offer the highest multipliers. However, the other symbols still offer sizable rewards.

For its special slot machine features, Pyramid Pets uses Cascading Wins to help players ramp up their winnings by giving them additional wins per spin. Working hand-in-hand with this is the Pharaoh Multiplier Feature. Following a successful spin, the Pharaoh Multiplier increases with each new Cascade. During the base game, players can trigger up to 5x the winnings, and during Free Games, it can balloon up to x15. The Pharaoh Multiplier continues until no winning combination occurs. 

Players can also trigger Free Games in Pyramid Pets. As with modern slot games, this is triggered when 3 or more Scatter symbols appear and land on an winning payline. One this happens, players are rewarded with 10 Free Games.

The combination of Cascading Wins and the Pharaoh Multiplier makes Pyramid Pets’ gameplay similar to Tetris, where players wait for winning combinations, and raking up high Pharaoh Multipliers on their way to huge payouts.

Masks of Atlantis

Masks of Atlantis featured image

Masks of Atlantis is an underwater-themed, 5-reel, 3-row slot game that features its own version of Cascading Wins and Cascading Wins Multiplier, on top of Free Games. This slot game uses the mythical Atlantis theme to the fullest, with detailed symbols that depict different underwater creatures as well as mythological facades.

For its paylines, Masks of Atlantis uses a fixed 25-payline system which allows players to easily monitor how many lines they have won during spins. Speaking of wins, its pay table gives its symbols good multipliers for players whenever they land winning combinations.

Gameplay-wise, Masks of Atlantis utilizes its version of Cascading Wins with the Seaquake Cascading Wins feature. This goes well thematically with Masks of Atlantis, since according to legend, Atlantis unfortunately was swallowed by the ocean, thus the sea-related gameplay element.

Going hand-in-hand with the Seaquake Cascading Wins is the Seaquake Multiplier feature. Each time players land a winning combination during their spin, winning symbols are removed, and the winning multiplier of the game board activates. This multiplier can reach up to 5 times the winnings, and will revert back to zero once the symbols do not trigger winning paylines.

As with modern slot games, Masks of Atlantis also grants players Free Games whenever 3 or more Scatter symbols appear on an active payline. Moreover, Wild symbols can also substitute for Scatters, which ramps up the chances of activating Free Games.

Underwater-themed slot games from RealTime Gaming like Masks of Atlantis pay homage to Bonanza Slot and its groundbreaking mechanics, using them in unique scenarios and settings for players to enjoy.

Buffalo Mania Deluxe

Buffalo Mania Deluxe featured image

Lastly, there is Buffalo Mania Deluxe. This Western-themed slot game takes big inspiration from Bonanza Slot while also adding some fun gameplay elements to keep each spin exciting, and winning paylines highly satisfying to land.

Buffalo Mania Deluxe utilizes a 6-reel, 4-row game board that employs a 4,096 Ways payline system that equates to multiple potential winning payline combinations for players to land.

For its special features. Buffalo Mania Deluxe has the Major Mania Feature, Bursting Wilds, and Bonus Wheel features to make each spin a truly dynamic and exhilarating experience.

Major Mania is a randomly-triggered feature that picks a major symbol and replaces all other major symbols on the game board. Apart from this, the game board can transform to either 6×5 or 6×6, which equates to the paylines increasing to 15,625 or 46,656 Ways, respectively. This feature remains until players do not win any spin.

Bursting Wilds is another staple feature for modern slot games, and triggers at random during spins. Bursting Wild symbols substitute for all other symbols except Scatters, which increases the chances of winning payline combinations.

Finally, the game’s Bonus Wheel is triggered whenever 3 or more Scatter symbols land on the game board. The Bonus Wheel has a number of rewards that revolve around different Free Games with additions aimed to help players get the best option.

All RealTime Gaming titles provide excellent slot gaming experiences. But these can be improved upon even further by using online casino bonus codes. This includes daily free spins to give players more chances to land winning combinations as they play their favorite online slot games. 


Bonanza Slot is one of the truly influential online slot games that paved the way for more innovative gameplay elements. Since its development, other slot titles have improved upon the gameplay features and implemented them into new and exciting settings.

While slot games are designed to give players the opportunity to wager and win big, adding fun and unique gameplay features keep them spinning those reels.

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