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Free Play Casino Games

Though most of the information I write about covers real money games, I enjoy a few free online casino games when I’m looking for a cheap way to blow off a little steam.

I try to avoid playing games that have too much of a house edge for real money, but I really enjoy playing Let It Ride and Pai Gow Poker. So if I get bored or need to take my mind off things for an hour I log into my favorite casino and play free games.

Why Bother With Real Money Sites

Some players don’t realize that you can play most games for free on real money casino web sites.

While the online casino wants you to make a deposit, they let you play their games for free because they know you might decide to try your luck in the future for real money if you like what you see.

In addition to the many online and mobile real money casinos, you can find other options for free games. You can play at popular free games web sites and get free games apps.

But you shouldn’t use free sites and free apps to play casino games.

The real money games places invest more money and time into their games than any other companies. They have to offer the best possible solutions to have a chance to make money. The only way to do this is by offering better options than free games sites and apps.

When you consider playing free slots or free blackjack, it’s easy to just grab the first solution that presents itself. But if you take just a few extra minutes to find a permanent solution now, you can play the best free games available.

Plus if you decide to play for real money and get a bonus in the future you’ll already have an account and know how to play all the games.

Popular Themes

Email Concerns

I’m the first to admit that I always think twice before giving an online business my email. But I don’t know why the online casino industry has such a bad reputation.

You have to give them an email to sign up for a free account, but almost all of the email I get from online casinos are offering me something.

They either offer me a new bonus opportunity or are telling me about new games. I’m interested in both of these things, so I welcome these emails. If I’m busy I simply don’t open them or delete them.

If you’re really concerned about giving a free games site your email set up a second free email account. Yahoo and G-mail both offer free solutions.


The truth is you can find just about any game you can think of to play for free online. I wanted to learn how to play backgammon so I found a few places that let me play online for free. When I want to learn how to play a new casino game like Mississippi Stud I find a free option online.

Here’s a quick overview of free casino games options.

Free blackjack and other table games – I don’t enjoy playing blackjack unless it’s for real money, but I do practice basic strategy online for free from time to time. I already mentioned how much I enjoy playing other table games like Let It Ride, but you can also enjoy baccarat, craps, roulette, and many specialized games like Red Dog, Sic Bo, and others.

Free slots – By far the most popular form of free gameplay at online casinos is slot machines. This isn’t a surprise to me as you can play literally thousands of different slots games for free online. Many slots software packages have over a hundred different machines.

Free video poker – Video poker offers a low house edge if you find the best pay charts and use proper strategy, but many players enjoy it for free when they want to relax. The other great use for free video poker is when you want to practice the best strategy for a particular game.

For example, if you’re getting ready to visit the local casino and play Deuces Wild you might want to brush up on your strategy decisions playing for free online before you go.

Free poker – When you want to play poker, like the game you see on television, you usually have to visit a different web site than you do for the rest of the casino games. Many online casinos offer free poker, but because the software solutions are different you have to access it through a different place.

Software Options

You can play free games on any software that offers real money casino games. You can find online casinos using Rival Gaming, Real Time Gaming, Microgaming, Net Entertainment, and every other main software provider in the casino industry.

I always suggest signing up for at least two or three different casinos using different software so you can compare all of the different slot machines and games.

You can usually play for free even if you can’t play for real money where you live. I’m not allowed to play in any casinos using particular software where I live for real money, but I can play the games for free. This is helpful when I need to write reviews, but it also helps me see if there’s a difference between my favorite games on other platforms and the ones I can’t play for real money.


You should always play the free games before playing for real money, but even if you just want to play free games without considering real money play you should find a real money casino.

The great thing about online casinos is you can play all of their games for free. When’s the last time you walked into your local casino and they let you play their games for free?

And free gameplay isn’t limited to your computer at home. Now you can play most games on your cell phone while you’re running around town or waiting for an appointment or meeting to start.