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Gremlins by WMS – Slot Machine Review

The title of Gremlins should be familiar, as it’s based on the Gremlins movie that was released in 1984, and which has been hugely popular at the time. WMS chose to acquire the rights for the Gremlins brand and to turn it into a slot machine which is filled with good features and interesting gremlin-related action.

They came up with a 5-reels setup, which sports 40 active lines and which uses two different modes, Gremlins or Gizmo, each one with its pros and cons. Progressive jackpots could be yours in Gremlins mode, along with certain features, while Gizmo will offer free spins and wilds with up to 20x multipliers.


Based on the version of the game that you’re activating, Gremlins or Gizmo, you’re going to use a different bet as well. The minimum bet for Gizmo mode is $0.35, while for Gremlins mode you have to spend at least $1.50 per spin. Either way, you will get 40 active lines in exchange.

Gremlins Jackpot

If a progressive jackpot is your ultimate target, then I would recommend you check out the Gremlins mode, since that’s where the bigger wins are located. The higher pay will come in that mode, but the Gizmo mode has its own share of things to offer, including here its own fixed jackpots and multiplying wilds which can give your wins a serious boost.

Special Features

Some games may be slightly on the simple side, and many will not be offering anything unique inside, but Gremlins is quite different.

Two Game Modes

First of all, as the game begins you will have a choice of a game mode that you can play in. The Gremlins mode and the Gizmo mode are the two choices.

Gremlins Mode: this mode will offer the higher payback, including several progressive jackpots in its offers, along with different mystery features. It’s going to have a minimum cost of 150 credits.

Gizmo Mode: you pick this mode if you want more regular features and exciting multipliers while wagering only 35 credits per spin. You get free spins here, as well as multiplying wilds which boost wins by as much as 10x.

Wild Features

There will be several ways in which you can see wild symbols added to the reels, via the Gremlins characters which can appear at any point. For example, there is the Multiplier feature, where you have them offering re-spins and adding up to 10x multipliers. You could also have them swing down while dropping wilds in random locations on the reels. Finally, you could have gremlins blowing kisses with wild symbols and adding them to the game area this way.

Gremlins SAP Bonus

A feature which is activated via 3+ scattered SAP icons appearing on the reels, the SAP Bonus will have the triggering icons move to the top screen and then flipping to show either a progressive symbol or a cash prize. With more progressive symbols collected, you get access to a larger progressive jackpot.

Free Spins

For the free spins of Gremlins, you have to collect clocks as you spin the reels, activating pods at the top in the process. As the clock gets to midnight, you will find that the pods will hatch, adding wild reels to the game area.


With inspiration coming from the original 1984 Gremlins movie, a huge success at the box office, the look is going to borrow quite a bit from it. You have images of actors from the film, of the evil gremlins or of various objects that were popular in the 80s. You also get Royals in some cases though, and even with their decorations, they look a bit out of place for the 80s style of design.


Gremlins can be a lot of fun, particularly since you’re basically getting two games in one, thanks to the two modes you choose from. You can play Gremlins slots for real money at any online casino with WMS games.

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