Android Slots for Real Money

Simply put, Android slots are Internet-based games made to look like slot machines, and they’re playable on mobile phones and other devices powered by Android.

The demand for games you can play on your mobile device has never been higher. As a result, Internet casino sites are releasing more tablet and smart-phone compatible games every day.

This kind of tech is constantly improving, too, so these games just keep getting better. And that’s good news for Android users.

How do these Android slot machine games look? How easy (or hard) is it to play gambling games on your Android device?

The rest of this page answers those questions and more.

Are Android Slots Popular?

As of 2014, over 75% of the mobile devices in use are powered by Android. They’re not just #1; they’re #1 with a bullet.

Android’s main competitor is Apple. They sold their 500 millionth iPhone in March of this year. That’s only 20% of the overall mobile market.

How many of these users play slots on their mobile device?

Who knows?

But it’s clear that slot machine players on mobile devices are, for the most part, playing via mobile devices.

Can I Play Slots for Real Money via Android Apps?

The app store for Android devices is called Google Play, and they have a policy regarding so-called controversial apps.

What does Google Play consider controversial?

  • Pornographic apps
  • Criminal apps
  • Real money gambling apps.

But not all Android apps are sold via Google Play. Apps sold via other merchants are called “side-loaded” apps. Getting around Google Play’s ban on real money gambling apps is as simple as downloading these apps from someplace other than Google Play.

Of course, instant play casinos don’t even require an app, to begin with. These games don’t require a download, so they can be played easily via Android devices.

Can I Gamble on My Android Device from the United States?

Casino gambling on your android is easy from the United States–if you’re in the right place at the right time.

The easiest way for an Android user to get started is to open an account with an instant play casino. (You can often find these under the names “no-download” casinos, too.) A lot of sites offer gambling for American customers who want to play on their mobile devices.

But some jurisdictions in the United States have specific laws related to gambling online. It might be illegal to play where you live.

Which Online Casino Is Best for Android Slots Players?

You should put some effort into deciding where to play slots.

You can find such a large number of online casinos, with such a variety of games, perks, and features, that it’s impossible to recommend a single casino that will be perfect for every individual. Salesmen will tell you this, but without some details about your goals, such recommendations are suspect at best.

You should look for the (at a minimum) following features from any mobile casino before doing business with them:

  • Licensed in a safe jurisdiction. Gambling licenses are easier to get in some jurisdictions and harder in others. You want to find a casino licensed in a harder jurisdiction. Here are some detailed opinions about the various jurisdictions from one site.
  • Fun slots games. That’s a no-brainer. Why play games that aren’t fun? Try the free versions of the games, and if you don’t love them, find another site with games you do enjoy.
  • Appropriate for your display. Different phones (and other devices) have different displays. Not every game looks great on every display. Choose a casino with games that look good on YOUR Android device.

How important should each of these criteria be?

That’s up to you.

Licensure is important to me. I don’t want to do business with a site that isn’t safe. If you’re playing for real money, playing at a site with a spurious license wastes money and time.

Are There a Lot of Android Slots Games Available?

No casino game is more popular than the venerable slot machine. Finding apps and instant play sites with these games requires almost no effort on the average user’s part.

In fact, slot machines were the first games to be designed for mobile devices. They translate well, they’re popular, and they’re profitable.

As a result, Android users face an almost bewildering variety and the number of apps and services. Choosing between them all is the only real problem.


Mobile casinos make millions (maybe even billions) of dollars, and that’s expected to grow over time.

70%+ of that money is likely derived from slots games. The tech for these games continues to improve.

So what can you expect?

New and different Android slots are going to continue to be released.

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