Who Spun It

Who Spun It

Who Spun It by Betsoft – Slot Machine Review

Ever wanted to solve a murder mystery, the likes of which you’ve been reading about in Sherlock Holmes stories? Who Spun It offers you that chance, virtually at least, as a Betsoft slot machine with awesome graphics and a Detective Mode that’s sure to boost your winnings considerably.

As you enjoy Who Spun It, you will do so on 5×3 reels filled with the right symbols and with up to 30 active lines. It’s a multi-level game, with clues to collect and with murder weapons, locations and culprits to uncover. You will play and try to reach the Second Screen Bonus, you will get free spins with about five different extra features to choose from, and there are wilds as well. A big win in this game could mean up to $10,000 for a combination, before multipliers have a chance to kick in.


The interface might be different, compared with other Slots3 titles, but you get the same options. You have the line selection, with 1 to 30 available to you. Next, you can change how many of the 5 coins you want for each line. Finally, you select the value of your coins, and you will do this from a range of $0.01 to $1. You will find that there is a good range of options for you to use, between $0.01 and $150.

Who Spun It Jackpot

The best outcome you can hope for, via a single winning combination, will come during the free spins and will give you a win of $10,000. Even better, certain types of free spins have big multipliers, boosting the wins by up to 6x, so the potential for more is certainly there.

If the Return to Player is a figure that you take into account when you choose your next slot machine, and you should, then Who Spun It is one of the better games you can choose right now. It’s going to pay back 97.6% to the players, which is quite high for a slot machine in general, and the second best game RTP wise, from Betsoft.

Special Features

This is the area that seems to be contributing the most to that big RTP. There are a lot of different things to keep track of, but we’ll talk about them all below.

Clue Collection

Clue coins will be collected from the reels, during regular gameplay. Each time this happens, you earn one scatter payout and one free spin for the collecting mode. After 5 minutes of gameplay, you get the Clue Collection reels, a different game mode which has other symbols.

There are three levels for the clue collection reels, and you get different symbols at each one (Murder Weapon, Location and Culprit Clues). The winning combinations will give you points to help you figure out what murder weapon was used, where did the crime happen and who did it. You need 5 clue points from any symbol, to solve a level.

Second Screen Bonus Round

Accessing this part of the game is possible once you’ve solved the three levels from the Clue Collection. To actually trigger the feature, you need an Evidence Symbol on the middle position of reel 3. What makes this special is that the spins you go through, between the moment you solve Clue Collection’s third level, to the time you trigger the bonus, will all be free. With 2 to 5 Evidence icons scattered, you also get rewards of up to 3,000 coins.

Free Spins Mode

The free spins are favorites of mine, in this game more than in others, as there are five types of extra features to unlock for them. Triggering them is done when all five characters are on the reels simultaneously, during base game rounds. Each reel needs to have a different character.

In exchange, the game will give you 10 free spins. You pick one of the suspects, and the free spins will have an extra feature as a result. The maid gives you 20 free spins instead of 10. The professor adds 1 to 5 random wilds to the reels. The detective will make the combinations form both ways. The lady will add a 6x multiplier to the wins. The final character will give you one random wild reel each round.

During all this, five wild symbols will be capable of paying up to $10,000 when forming a combination.


The theme in use here is that of a murder mystery, which you’re asked to solve. Thanks to the game’s multiple levels, you have the opportunity to look at different locations, weapons and suspects, and you have to uncover who did it. It’s a game that will keep you busy, that’s for sure, and it should be quite enjoyable. The features offer you more of the same, and you keep advancing in your quest to locate the criminal, while winning prizes.

The symbols include the five characters that are involved, images of the victim’s feet, of clues, a safe or fingerprints. Reach additional levels, to unlock murder weapons and locations.


I think that you will agree that Who Spun It is an excellent game to be playing. It’s complex, very well designed, it’s telling you a story and it pays above the industry average. You have every reason to try the game out.

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