Cash Bandits Museum Heist Slot Game Review

Cash Bandits Museum Heist Slot Game Review

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  • Fun and dynamic Special Features
  • Decent pay table
  • Progressive Jackpots
  • Progressive jackpots is RNG

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In this Cash Bandits Museum Heist online casino game review, you will the following information:

  1. Main Features
  2. Special Features
  3. Betting Range
  4. Payment Options
  5. Summary

Sneaky thieves are scheming to get their hands on the world’s most valuable masterpieces in RealTime Gaming’s Cash Bandit Museum Heist online slot game. 

Based on the successful Cash Bandits slot games, this latest installment sees the scrappy band of thieves hatching a heist to procure precious pieces located in a museum. This includes eluding the crafty security personnel and museum clerks on their way to the valuable items.

But does this latest online slot game deliver the goods? From its main and special features, pay table, and overall gameplay experience, here is the Cash Bandits Museum Heist game review:

What are the Main Features of Cash Bandits Museum Heist?

Cash Bandits Museum Heist main features
Number of Reels: 5
Number of Rows: 3
Jackpot: Minor and Major Jackpots can be triggered at random after a successful spin.
Paylines: Fixed 25 Paylines
Min-Max Bet: $0.25 to $25.00 per line
Free Games: When 3 or more Scatters appear on a spin, they are rewarded with Free Spins.
Theme: A duo of scrappy bandits are planning to steal a number of masterpieces in a museum.
Maximum Payout: 50,000 times bet per line per paid spin.
Release Date: March 29, 2023
Banking Options:
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Cash Bandits Museum Heist is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot featuring 3 Free Games modes. This game has a fixed number of 25 paylines that the player cannot change or alter. When identical matching symbols appear consecutively on an active payline from leftmost to right, the player wins.

Only the highest win on an active payline will be paid, and if the player has more than one win on a single spin, the total amount of their winnings is displayed in the winnings field and will be added to their balance. Total bet equals the bet per line multiplied by the number of lines, and line wins are multiplied by the bet per line.

Cash Bandits Museum Heist also has an Autoplay feature. To use this, players need to place a bet, then choose how many spins they want the game to perform automatically. After choosing the number of spins, the Autoplay feature will activate.

Once the Autoplay feature is active, players cannot adjust their bets. However, they can stop the Autoplay feature at any time by pressing the “STOP” button.

What are the Cash Bandits Museum Heist Symbols?

Cash Bandits Museum Heist symbols
Security Guard
5 = 400
4 = 200
3 = 50
Museum Clerk
5 = 350
4 = 150
3 = 40
5 = 300
4 = 100
3 = 30
Bejeweled Crown
5 = 250
4 = 75
3 = 24
Priceless Painting
5 = 200
4 = 70
3 = 20
Manly Bust
5 = 165
4 = 60
3 = 8
Jeweled Egg
5 = 125
4 = 45
3 = 8
Precious Necklace
5 =100
4 = 40
3 = 8
Jeweled Earrings
5 = 85
4 = 35
3 = 5
Blue Jeweled Ring
5 = 75
4 = 30
3 = 5
Emerald Jewel
5 = 50
4 = 25
3 = 5

Cash Bandits Museum Heist sports a wide assortment of symbols. The symbol that offers the highest multipliers is the Security Guard, followed by the Museum Clerk, and the Museum. 

As for the museum pieces, the Bejeweled Crown has the distinction of having the highest multipliers, followed by the Priceless Painting, Manly Bust, Jeweled Egg, Precious Necklace, Jeweled Earrings, Blue Jeweled Ring, and finally the Emerald Jewel.

For players who want a big payout, aiming for the Security Guard and Museum Clerk during spins is the key. However, the game’s other symbols also provide good coverage. Having two wild symbols that appear at any reel helps with landing winning combinations during spins.

What are Cash Bandit Museum Heist’s Special Symbols?

Wild Symbol

Cash Bandits Museum Heist Blue Wild symbol
Cash Bandits Museum Heist Purple Wild symbol

Wilds substitute for all other symbols except Scatters. What sets Cash Bandits Museum Heist’s Wild symbols apart from other online slot games is that players can encounter either two of the crafty bandits.

Scatter Symbol

Cash Bandits Museum Heist Scatter symbol

3 or more Scatter symbols trigger Free Games. This Scatter symbol is a standard one that most modern slot titles have as part of their gameplay. As such, landing Free Games in Cash Bandits Museum Heist is a cinch: aside from getting 3 or more Scatter symbols, players are rewarded with the Museum Heist which will be discussed in the Special Features section.

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What are the Special Features of Cash Bandits Museum Heist?

Cash Bandits Museum Heist has two special features: the Wild Morphing Feature, and the Progressive Jackpot. Here are what players can expect when they trigger these features during their spins:

Wild Morphing Feature

Cash Bandits Museum Heist Wild Morphing feature

When either the Blue or Purple Robber appears during the Base Game, it may randomly morph into an expanded 3×3 version of itself. 

Museum Heist Feature

Cash Bandits Museum Heist Museum Heist Feature

When 3 or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the gameboard, the Museum Heist Feature is activated: Free Games are awarded and the Pick Bonus Feature is triggered.

3 Scatter symbols award 5 Free Games.
4 Scatter symbols award 7 Free Games.
5 Scatter symbols award 9 Free Games.

During the Pick Bonus, the player will have 8 covered masterpieces to choose from. When a masterpiece is selected, either a Free Games Booster or a red X is revealed.

The number of Free Games Boosters is determined by the number of triggering Scatters:

Triggering Scatters
Minimum Free Games Boosters
Maximum Free Games Boosters

Free Games Boosters include:

2x Multiplier
3x Multiplier
4x Multiplier
5X Multiplier
Wild Reel 1
Wild Reel 5
Center 3×3

With each red X the alarm meter increases, and once 3 red Xs have been revealed, the alarm sounds and the Pick Bonus feature ends. The Free Games are played at the bet amount of the triggering spin, and the bet cannot be changed.

The Free Games feature ends once there are no more Free Games remaining or when the maximum payout is achieved. Lastly, the Free Games feature cannot be retriggered.

Progressive Jackpots

Cash Bandits Museum Heist progressive jackpots

Either of the Progressive Jackpots (Major, Minor or both) can be randomly triggered during the base game. If you win either or both jackpots, a banner will display your total jackpots winnings.

Progressive Jackpot wins are added to other wins, and random jackpot contribution is no more than 1.5% of total Return To Player (RTP).

Cash Bandits Museum Heist’s special features make for fun and exciting spins. Wild Morphing Feature gives players added chances of landing winning paylines. Meanwhile the Museum Heist Feature grants more bonuses for players on top of the Free Spins that they get when they land 3 or more Scatters.

Lastly, the progressive jackpots is a good icing on the cake, as it can trigger at random during any completed spin, improving the player’s payout.

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What is the Betting Range of Cash Bandits Museum Heist?

Cash Bandits Museum Heist’s betting range starts at $0.30, and maxes out at $30.00. This betting range is a good entrypoint for players who like to bet small since it allows them to ease into the spins of the game.

However, since the game has a fixed payline system, players who want more agency with their bets per line, might need to adjust their slot betting strategies.

What are the Available Payment Options for Cash Bandits Museum Heist? payment methods

Cash Bandits Museum Heist offers various payment options available for players. These are only available for the Real Version of the game, and players need to sign up and register to start betting and earn good payouts.

Once players have deposited on their accounts, they can avail of the various bonuses and promotions that provide more spins and free games to help them get the most out of their bets.


Overall, Cash Bandits Museum Heist is a clever and exciting online slot game that carries over the fun and exhilarating antics of the tandem bandits in this latest escapade.

With its Wild Morphing and Museum Heist features, each spin is a memorable gameplay experience. For players looking for amazing spins and wonderful prizes, they should play Cash Bandits Museum Heist.

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Cash Bandits Museum Heist online casino game FAQs

Does Cash Bandits Museum Heist have a free version?

Yes, Cash Bandits Museum Heist has a free to play version. Click on the Load Free Play located on the top of this page.

Can you win real money when playing Cash Bandits Museum Heist?

To start winning real money when playing Cash Bandits Museum Heist, you first need to create and register an Online Casino Games account. Once your OCG account has been verified, you can then make your deposit and access the real casino platform. Look for Cash Bandits Museum Heist, start playing, and win real money when you land winning paylines.

How can you win the progressive jackpots in Cash Bandits Museum Heist?

You can only win the progressive jackpots by spinning its reels. This is due to the fact that progressive jackpots rely on RNG, and will randomly trigger after a player's spin.

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