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Best Aztec-themed slot games Great Temple

With thousands of slot games offered online, there are tons of theming options, including the ancient Aztecs. The civilization is mysterious and creates exciting themes for online slot game developers.

There are many Aztec-themed slot games to choose from, no matter which online casino you choose. The Aztec culture saw its empire rise and fall in just a few hundred years as Spanish invaders came into play. Many developers add the ancient battles to the reels of slot games or cover the human sacrificial element known within the culture.

If you are fan of this ancient civilization, we have you covered when it comes to slot titles. Check out the common features of Aztec-themed games below as well as a few examples of the most popular titles that fit into the genre.

The Empire Element

The Aztecs are a tribal group that settled into an area we know as Mexico today. The native people were powerful and took over most of the country before its demise.

The Aztec’s used their power and influence to gain control, introducing their gods and certain symbols that we see in online slot games today. Many online slots focus on the empire element, showcasing just how powerful this tribe really was so many years ago.

Enter the Gods

There are many gods associated with the Aztec culture. Software developers often feature these gods on the reels of slots. Take for example, Quetzalcoatl, the god of civilization and learning, represented by a feathered snake. This god is often featured in online slot games along with others like Montezuma.

Exotic Symbols

The Aztecs were also known for their symbolism. On the reels of slots, you will find tribal symbols and music that add to the overall theme of the game. Stone carvings, ancient artifacts, and skulls are often highlighted on the reels of Aztec titles.

Top Aztec Online Slot Games

Now that you know more about Aztec titles, it’s time to try a few of the most popular slots on offer. Below is a shortlist of online casino games developed by RTG you can play that feature Aztec culture in its design, music, and overall themes.

Great Temple

Best Aztec-themed slot games Great Temple in-game screenshot

RTG’s latest Aztec-themed online casino game has players embark on a journey to discover the eponymous Great Temple. Dangers and treasures await for those brave enough to navigate through its halls. This includes wild animals like vipers and jaguars, to gilded Aztec masks and head ornaments which add to the player’s winnings, provided they land the correct paylines.

The titular Great Temple serves as this online casino game’s Scatter symbol. When players get at least three of these symbols in a spin, they are rewarded with Free Games. Meanwhile, the Great Temple’s Wild symbol features a proud Aztec warrior which can substitute for any other symbols to help players get more winning paylines.

Aztec’s Treasure Feature Guarantee

Best Aztec themed online casino games Aztec's Treasure gameplay

For a more stylized version of the Aztec-themed online casino game, players can check out Aztec’s Treasure Feature Guarantee. This game uses various Aztec imagery that act as symbols on its reels: this includes an Aztec insignia, a golden necklace, an avian headdress, a jaguar, and an Aztec woman donning Aztec regalia.

As for its Scatter and Wild symbols, Aztec’s Treasure features a golden statue for the former, and a stern Aztec King profile for the latter. When a player lands at least three Scatter symbols, players get to have Free Games. When the Aztec King appears on the reel, it substitutes as any of the other symbols, which will affect whether players can get more paylines.

Secret Jungle

best Aztec themed online casino games Secret Jungle gameplay

Secret Jungle ramps up the Aztec temple motif with their in-game screen, reels, symbols, and ambient background music. Each time players spin, the reels rotate and an accompanying sound effect of rumbling boulders make for an immersive experience, like you’re exploring an ancient temple and unwittingly activating some secret doorways or traps.

When it comes to betting range, Secret Jungle is accessible due to its low minimum wager. Players who are looking for smaller bets will enjoy playing Secret Jungle. It also provides Free Games which rewards players with up to 88 free spins, should they land the game’s Scatter symbols.

Secret Symbol

Best Aztec-themed online casino games Secret Symbol gameplay

Another great Aztec-themed online casino game is Secret Symbol. This 3-row, 5-reel online slot game sees players exploring the jungle, and encountering all manner of wild animals that serve as symbols that players need to land winning paylines as part of its amazing features.

Secret Symbol goes for a vibrant approach with its Aztec-themed symbols. From the colorful parrots, slithering snakes and prowling panthers that live within the forest, to the highly ornate Aztec sculptures, weapons and accessories, players will be amazed at how detailed the game is. Landing any of these symbols in paylines will yield different winnings: the highest symbol is the Aztec sorcerer which gives 2000 when landing at 5 of them in a payline, while the lowest symbol are the Aztec necklace and wooden container, which grant 150.

Players can also choose how many paylines they want to bet on, which is ideal for players who want more control over how much they can bet per spin. Given that Secret Symbol has 25 paylines, and its Aztec Chief Wild symbol can appear at any reel, the chances of getting favorable spins are on the side of the player. If you’re the type of player who wants more agency in your online slot game, you should try and play Secret Symbol now!

Play These Awe-Inspiring Aztec-themed Online Casino Games!

RealTime Gaming has created a wide assortment of online casino games, and their expertise is showcased on themed slot games such as the ones mentioned above. So what are you waiting for? Get your best jungle-exploring gear ready, venture out and discover countless treasures when you play the best Aztec-themed online casino games!

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