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Fortress Charge Online Slot Review

Crazy Tooth Studios decided to team up with Microgaming to create a unique online slot titled Fortress Charge. The slot game offers an adventure game complete with a beat’em up round between the good guys and the bad guys. It’s a bit complicated, but once you understand how the game is played, its quite fun.

When a hero lands on the first reel, the individual will move one place to the right. If the symbol next to the hero is an enemy, then they battle. If the enemy is defeated, you earn a reward. You can also come across weapons, artifacts, multipliers, and treasure chests as hero moves across the reels. Get your hero to the fortress on the 6th reel and you earn a large prize! Check out the full details of this unique online slot game below!


The betting range for this game is quite low. The starting wager is just $0.10, and it goes as high as $15. This makes it easy for players of all bankrolls to play the unique title. Prizes in the game are based on the wager and multiplied by the bet once you trigger a jackpot.

Fortress Charge Jackpot Prizes

Prizes are won in several ways while you play Fortress Charge. For the most part, the big wins come when you reach the Fortress as part of the Reel Quest feature. You can win 14x-20x most often, but if you manage to trigger the top jackpot in the game, you will earn 16,000x the bet! The Fortress does pay the most, offering 10x to 1,000x the prizes when captured.

Free Spins and Special Features

Now, let’s get into the heart of the game. Fortress Charge is unique in the fact that there are battles on the reels. This keeps gameplay interesting and players coming back for more. Every time you see a hero on the first reel, you trigger the Reel Quest feature. You can land one, two, or three of the five heroes at one time.

The goal is for the hero to move from the first reel to the sixth. There are traps, obstacles, and foes along the way. As the heroes move across the grid, they pick up weapons and other items that can be used in battle. Each hero has an ability to fight a particular enemy as well as work through an obstacle or trap they come across.

In general, the beast hero can beat the ogre while the dragon hero will beat the ogre enemy and the spikes trap. The elf hero is able to defeat the scorpion while the dwarf is able to take on the boulder obstacle. The knight hero can easily beat the scorpion and snakes. Certain enemies are also more powerful over the heroes, so in some instances, the heroes may have a more difficult time winning a matchup.

As you work your way towards the fortress, certain weapons and items will help. The fire potion will burn spikes up while the spear works to kill the ogre. The wooden shield will block the scorpion’s sting and the shiny shield will defeat the snake and scorpion. If you find the magic wand, it will remove traps, enemies, and obstacles from the reels.

At random, the game also triggers the fireball feature. A giant fireball may hit the reels and when it does, the fire will remove any enemy or obstacle that is in your way.

Because the slot offers a ton of action features, the game does not include free spins. It is not really noticeable though because the extra features as so fun and exciting.


The set up of Fortress Charge is pretty neat. The game grid looks like a castle, and you can see the reels within the walls. It looks like each horizontal reel is a path and the hero must work his way across the reel to reach the fortress. Each fortress will list the prize you win if you get that far and the obstacles show up on the reel in the way, including enemies. Each character was drawn well, and the video game feel creates a unique atmosphere for slot fans.


Overall, if you are looking for something different, this is it. The game provides a totally unique way to spin the reels and the action is continual. You never know what hero will pop up and which obstacle will need to be overcame to reach a fortress for a prize. Fortress Charge is a great break from traditional gaming and offers plenty of action to keep you busy.

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