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The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot Review

Created by Crazy Tooth Studios and powered by Microgaming, The Incredible Balloon Machine is an online slot game that offers a unique experience. You are not spinning any reels here but filling up balloons. You must press the spin button to inflate the balloon. Keep going to try and increase your payout, but you run the risk of popping the balloon. The excitement of blowing up the balloon is unique and with added features, plus 3,083x the bet in payouts, it’s a game you should try!


You will need to set your bet in the game before you can start spinning for real money. The bet begins at a low $0.20 and goes as high as $40 per spin. This is a solid range and allows players to bet on the low or high end. With the max bet being $40 instead of the usual $100 for Microgaming, it makes it easy for some bettors to reach the top end for maximum win potential.

The Incredible Balloon Machine Jackpot Prizes

This game is unique in the way you play, so winning prizes is a bit different. You will win based on what shows up in the single balloon. Prizes can vary and you can also earn multipliers up to 10x the bet, which helps to boost your wins. The max win on the game grid is 3,082x the bet which could add up if you placed the $40 per wager.

Special Features and Free Spins

The developer decided to add a few special features to the game grid of The Incredible Balloon Machine. You aren’t just growing balloons to earn wins. One feature you can trigger is the multiplier. The multiplier can only occur when a credit amount is seen on a balloon. This happens at random.

When triggered, you will see rows of light bulbs show up on the side of the balloon. The values available are 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 7x, and 10x. The values will light up and whatever multiplier you earn is the one that the light stops on.

The slot also includes a pick’em bonus round. This game can be triggered at random. A black and golden balloon shows up on the reels behind the balloon you are inflating. Your balloon will match the size of the special balloon or pop. If you manage to reach the full size, then you start the pick round.

A bunch of balloons will appear on the screen. Each balloon can provide a 2x multiplier or cash prize. The multiplier is added to the total winnings from the bonus round. An advance symbol can also appear and let’s you try again in the bonus round for picks. If you land a complete symbol, then the bonus game ends.


Because The Incredible Balloon Machine is a unique slot game, don’t expect to see a traditional reel set. Instead, you will find yourself high in the clouds with a single balloon in the middle. Use the controls to hold the spin button to inflate the balloon as you wish. Hold on as long as you can to increase the potential credit prize, but keep in mind the balloon can pop and you will lose it all! The look and feel of this slot are quite unique and gives slot fans a fun alternative to traditional reel spinning.


The developer really created an odd yet fun slot game with The Incredible Balloon Machine. Greed and fear of missing out are the main elements here, as you can keep going with blowing up the balloon to see what you can get, or you can stop and take a smaller prize. It’s a unique concept that keeps players on their toes, with the option to win a bonus multiplier up to 10x plus a max win of 3,082x!

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