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So Much Sushi is one of three games that Microgaming has released, as part of a series that changes only the graphics from one title to the next, but it’s using the same underlying mechanics otherwise. The other two games available in the series are So Much Candy and So Many Monsters. It’s an innovative series, which has its main feature as the star.

For the 5 reels which are in use here, So Much Sushi will deliver as many as 25 winning combinations each spin. You can expect to run across wild symbols, scatters, free spins and the unique Much More Sushi feature, that last one giving you a chance at rewards as high as $320,000 per line.


Your bets are possible for all 25 lines, there is no option to reduce that number. On the other hand, you can change both the number of coins and how much they’re worth, and the resulting betting range is fairly generous, between $0.25 and $500. You may has as many as 20 coins with values of up to $1 for each line.

So Much Sushi Jackpot

The jackpot is another part of the game which feels incredibly generous. Involving the high symbols and the Much More Sushi feature, the game can create winning combinations with 25 symbols in them, which will result in a jackpot of up to $320,000 from a single active line. If you’re looking only at the regular combinations, with up to 5 symbols in them, the wild will also pay very well, up to $150,000.

The games of this series share the same RTP, of 96.22%, which is obvious since they’re identical in the way they work.

Special Features

While the Sushi theme might have its own appeal for some players, ultimately the features are the ones that make the game special. You will find out why below.

Much More Sushi

This game defining feature is going to give the player as many as 25 symbols in a single combination, which ends up occupying only 5 positions on a line. It will involve only high symbols, the ones showing Sushi in different variants. Get those symbols to form a combo, and the Much More Sushi feature can split the symbols into several pieces. Up to 5 pieces shown in a symbol will count just as many times in a winning combination. The best rewards of the game will come via combinations of up to 25 Sushi pieces, forming in 5 regular symbols.

Wild Symbols

One of the regular features of the slot, the wild symbol relies on the logo of the game to represent it inside. You form combinations either entirely with wilds, in which case you get paid up to $150,000 (7,500x), or you use these symbols next to regulars, helping them get their own wins. There is no substitution for the scattered Soy Sauce though.

Free Spins

A Soy Sauce Bottle is going to be the scatter symbol, a typical one which appears at random on the reels a minimum of three times before you can get your feature. The scatter’s own rewards will give you up to $37,500.

The free spins will actually have five different options for you to choose from. Depending on your option, you will get one of the high symbols to appear on the reels, taking the place of the other four types. You get between 8 and 16 free spins this way, but the top reward varies between $160,000 and $320,000 as well.


A sushi restaurant is the inspiration for this game, and its various types of sushi will be the high symbols. You have the obligatory Soy Sauce as a scatter, a logo for the wild, while the rest of the symbols feature very simple playing cards. It’s a pretty good design overall, but don’t expect it to stand out.


I liked the graphics and the theme of So Much Sushi, but ultimately the game will be played for its huge potential payouts and for its Much More Sushi feature.

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