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Dragon Watch

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Dragon Watch Slot Review

Fight your way to the Dragon’s tower in Nucleus Gaming’s Dragon Watch. This 4 x 4 slot is full of features awaiting a knight to claim them. A fun adventure awaits on the reels of this title complete with a dragon fire and gaze feature! If you’re looking for a feature filled fantasy slot title, read on to see if Dragon Watch is for you.

Betting Stakes

The betting range in Dragon Watch is incredibly large. The bet also affects payouts, however, meaning the higher the bet the higher the winnings. The minimum bet that can be placed is 10 cents, great for anyone on a budget or looking to give the game a test run before betting big.

The maximum stake is $150, perfect for those looking to spend and earn a little more.

Dragon Watch Jackpot Prizes

There are many high paying symbols in Dragon Watch, but as the bet directly affects payouts all winnings will be written as if the maximum bet of $150 has been placed. The wild symbol, if 4 land on a pay line, pays $3750. The knight symbol pays the same for 4 on a pay line.

The sword symbol pays $3000 for 4 in a row. The other unique symbols, the blue crystal, green potion, and claw, pay $750, $600, and $450 on a pay line respectively. Dragon Watch’s common symbols are represented by card suits, such as the heart, diamond, spade, and clover. There are 20 pay lines in total on the reels.

Special Features and Free Spins

The Dragon in Dragon Watch is very helpful to the player, being the source of many features within the game. The Dragon’s Breath feature has the dragon breathe fire onto random positions on the reels, making them reveal identical symbols. The Dragon’s Gaze feature sees the Dragon’s eyes glow, causing up to 8 randomly selected symbols on the reels will turn into a stack that is worth 3x that symbol’s value.

If it is a wild symbol selected, it will pay as much as the highest value symbol. There is also the Dragon’s Call, in which the Dragon roars and shifts the reels up or down for a potential win.

Dragon Watch also hosts wild symbols, represented by a golden egg. This wild symbol has many features attached to it, however. For example, if 3 or more of this symbol land anywhere on the reels, 5 free spins are awarded.

Players can choose locations on the reels equal to however many wilds triggered the free spins, thus beginning the free spins mode. The eggs also host special effects if they are cracked, such as a multiplier for free spins mode, even more free spins, an instant cash payout once free spins are over, and/or making an entire reel wild for the duration of free spins.

Game Design

Dragon Watch has a very fun and unique take on its reels, having all symbols flip during “spins” to reveal a shield, and then flip again to reveal the symbols spun. There are also many animations in Dragon Watch, particularly around the Dragon.

If the Dragon activates any of its features, such as its breath, roar, or gaze, a stunning animation plays to show the Dragon doing each of these features. The art is also phenomenal, being very intricate and truly bringing the setting to life.

Slot Summary

Dragon Watch is feature filled fantasy slot title with much to offer. This game has a 4 x 4 grid, large betting range, wilds, free spins, instant wins, stacked wilds, stacked symbols, and many fun randomly activated features focused around the Dragon. If you’re looking for a fantasy slot game, Dragon Watch may be the perfect game for you.

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