Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk

Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk

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Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk Slot Review

Reach new heights and discover new adventures in Nucleus Gaming’s Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk. Climb along the massive beanstalk with Jack in this 3 x 3 slot game, where losing could possibly increase your winnings. If you’re looking for a classic fantasy slot, read on to see if Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk is for you.

Betting Stakes

Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk does not have the widest betting range, making it a bit more budget friendly title, but not as kind to those looking to spend more.

However, the bet directly affects payouts, so placing higher bets means winning more money. The minimum stake is 3 cents, excellent for anyone looking to play on a budget or looking to give the game a try, but not the best in terms of how much can be won.

The highest bet is $30, great for anyone looking to spend a little more and perfect for those on a less strict budget looking for max winnings.

Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk Jackpot Prizes

The unique symbols in Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk are all worth looking out for considering the high payouts. Since the symbol payout is directly affected by the bet, the more you wager, the more you can win. The golden harp symbol pays 300x for 3 on a pay line, and it is the highest paying symbol in the game.

The Jack symbol pays 120x for 3 in a row. The last 3 unique symbols are the seed symbols, the hatchet symbol, and the goose symbol. These symbols pay 100x, 50x, and 20x, respectively.

Special Features and Free Spins

There are many fun and helpful features in Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk, such as the free spins round. By landing 3 or more of the giant’s castle symbol, 10 free spins are awarded to the player. These symbols may land anywhere on the grid, they do not need to be in a pay line.

Additional free spins are also able to be won during the feature. The wild is also present in Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk, represented by a golden egg. The wild symbol substitutes for any symbol except for the giant’s castle symbol, and only appears on the middle reel.

The most unique feature is the “Climbing the Beanstalk” round. For every spin that does not result in a win, the player will climb the beanstalk by 1 level and increase the multiplier held by Jack by 1. Once players eventually have a winning spin, the multiplier at the time will be applied to it before resetting to 1x at the beginning of the climb.

Game Design

Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk is incredibly charming, with simple animations and a fun take on slot spinning. The art and ever-changing background are gorgeous, with Jack sitting on a vine with the current multiplier as well as seeing Jack’s house slowly become lower than us as we climb the beanstalk row by row.

While the animations for winning and climbing are simple, with nothing more than pulsating symbols and a blurred climb as well as drop on the beanstalk itself, it is still incredibly fun to watch and participate in.

Slot Summary

Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk is a fun and unique take on slot games in the best way. This game features wilds, multipliers that increase from losses, free spins, and a 3 x 3 grid.

If you’re looking for a fun fantasy themed slot title with a unique take on its mechanics, then Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk might be the game for you. The betting range is quite affordable, perfect for low rollers or budgeted players. Give this game a try today to see what the beanstalk will offer you!

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