Artemis Vs Medusa

Artemis Vs Medusa

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Greek mythology consists of a number of gods and goddesses. Have you ever wondered what would happen if certain entities battled each other? Quickspin did with its online slot release, Artemis Vs Medusa, pitting the two against each other to see who would outlast the other. What will happen when the Greek Goddess Artemis takes on the Gorgon Medusa?

The clash on the reel is suspenseful and exciting as you have the opportunity to earn big wins, bounty coins, free spins, and more! If Artemis can slay Medusa, there are big wins to be had. See if you can claim victory over the Gorgon and earn a massive prize, with up to 5288x the win on offer!


When it comes to betting limits in this online slot game, Quickspin stuck to its normal range. On the low end, you can wager $0.20. The limit then increases up to $100, allowing both low and high rollers to get in the action. Set your bet by using the up and down arrows in the Total Bet section of the slot controls.

Artemis Vs Medusa Jackpot Prizes

Since this slot features Artemis and Medusa, it makes sense that these two characters would be the top paying symbol sin the game. Each icon will pay for a three, four, or five of a kind match. With Five Artemis symbols and the max bet of $100 placed, you can earn a prize worth $2,500! The same bet will provide a $1,500 payout for five Medusa symbols.

Special Features

There are several features in Artemis Vs. Medusa that provide you with prizes as well as free spins. Take the Monster Bounty Coin for example. Any medium symbol in the game can have a Monster Bounty Coin attached to it. These special coins can only show up in the base game. You also have the Artemis Golden Frame that can show up in the base game and appear on the last reel. These two features help to provide bounty payouts in the Monster Bounty.

If an Artemis symbol with a golden frame appears on the last reel, then any Monster Bounty Coins that are present will be collected. The Bounty payout is then awarded. Four characters will provide a Bounty Payout, including Medusa, which is worth $1,500.

The slot also includes a Bonus Scatter that helps to trigger the free spins round. This symbol will appear in the base game only. Three of this icon will trigger the Unlimited Battle Free Spins round. The free spins in this round will continue until either Artemis or Medusa wins.

Be on the lookout for the Golden Antler Wild symbol on the reels as it will substitute for symbols in the game to help create winning combinations. The wild will substitute for all symbols in the game except for the Bonus Scatter.


The overall design of this slot game is quite nice. The background is a mountainous region with statues overseeing the reels. The 5×4 grid consists of the character symbols as well as colorful diamonds. As you trigger special features or wins, the symbols come alive on the reels, which adds to the game’s excitement factor. The soundtrack is simple but adds to the overall theme of the slot.


With an RTP of 96.17% and a high variance, you are sure to earn a few wins by spinning the reels of Artemis Vs. Medusa. The theme of this slot game is unique and with so many extras available, you never know what will happen on the reels. The battle free spins round is exciting and adds a unique element to the game. Give this title a spin today to see whether Artemis or Medusa is able to reign supreme!

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