Joker Strike

Joker Strike

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For a classic Joker style online slot game, nothing is quite like Joker Strike by Quickspin. The prankster can be found on the reels, ready to provide unique features for big wins including the outer wheel element. All the classic symbols are seen on the reels including the hearts, diamonds, clovers, and spades, as well as the star, 7s, and bells. Choose to play in Hi Roller mode to gain access to even more features on the reels!


A classic 5×3 grid is used in Joker Strike with a total of 10 paylines. The paylines are fixed, so when you bet, you are playing on all 10. Choose to wager on the low end with just $0.10 per spin or go for the highest bet in the game, a $100 wager. You must place the maximum wager if you want a chance at winning the biggest jackpot prizes in the game.

Joker Strike Jackpot

There are a lot of large jackpot prizes you can win in this game. With the max bet placed, the Joker pays the most with a $100 wager. Earn a $10,000 prize for a five of a kind match! Place the same bet and earn a $3,000 prize if you win five Wild symbols. Five 7s will pay $2,000 and five stars will pay $1,500 on a max bet win.

Special Features

As you play Joker Strike, there are plenty of ways to activate special features. First, we have the Joker Strike option. This feature will start with any symbol line win. The feature adds symbols to the reels if the outer wheel marker stops on the symbol from the starting line win.

You will find six to 10 extra symbols added to the game. This helps to create even more wins. A three of a kind win will provide six symbols. A four of a kind win will provide eight extra symbols while a five of a kind win offers 10 additional symbols.

On the game controls, you will find a button named Hi Roller. You can click this button and the experience is enriched with extra features, more than what is found in the main game. There are three modes you can play, each offering five spins. Every mode shows you what features are offered in the mode, which is helpful to choose which option you wish to play.

In this round, a guaranteed wild will show you. Each spin has a wild added to the reels and it will move clockwise until the reels stop. You also have two wild symbols added to the outer wheel. If a marker stops on the Wild, the Joker Strike feature adds wilds to the reels.

On top of all this, the game round includes a double chance. An extra marker spins on the outer wheel doubles you opportunity to hit the Joker Strike feature.

There is also a traditional wild found on the reels in the normal mode. This symbol substitutes for all icons on the reels to help create winning combinations.


The design of the Joker Strike game is a little off-putting. The grid is encased in diamonds, which just simply looks a little out of place. The soundtrack is horrible, so if you play this game, I suggest you spin the reels on mute. It’s almost like elevator music and hard to listen to. Despite the lack of design features, the game includes a ton of play features that can produce amazing wins, including $10,000 and $3,000 top prizes!


Overall, this online slot game is recommended due to the winning potential. While the design is a bit poor and the sounds needing a mute button, the win opportunity is worth a few spins. With the special features in the game, wilds are added on a regular basis to help you earn more winning combinations. Even if you place a bet on the lower end, you have a high chance of activating a prize due to the RTP of over 96%.

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