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Starburst Slot is one of the iconic online casino games that takes inspiration from classic casual games like Bejeweled, opting to run a gem-themed motif mixed with an outer space theme. This results in wonderful and extravagant flourishes whenever players land a winning combination during their spins.

Let’s take a closer look at its gameplay elements and figure out why it is a popular choice for players when it comes to playing online slot games.

What are Starburst Slot Game Main Features?


From a graphics standpoint, Starburst Slot mixes the sparkly gems with an out-of-this-world game board. Both the symbols and game board are animated, and in some instances, it looks like the animation makes spins and wins have a 3D-like flourish.

The symbols are mostly gems and precious stones, but the game also uses classic slot machine symbols such as the Number 7, and its version of the golden bar: instead of gold bars, Starburst uses a golden planet that has the word “bar” superimposed on it.

On top of the bright and shimmering visuals, the game also has an engaging soundtrack and its sound effects further immerses players into its moment-to-moment gameplay.


Speaking of gameplay, the game uses a 5-reel, 3-row game board, while harkening back to classic slot game mechanics by utilizing a 10-payline system. However, it adds a clever twist on the paylines by adding the Win both Ways feature. This equates to players having double chances of winning, effectively making each winning spin pay out like a 20 payline game.

As far as winnings are concerned, Starburst  Slot is a low volatility game. This means that the game provides players with frequent wins, but such wins are much lower than the wins they could land from playing on a high volatility slot title.

Special Features

Starburst Slot is not short on special slot machine features. One of its iconic ones is the Wild Bonus Round. As its title suggests, this is activated whenever Wild symbols appear on the middle third reel. The Wild symbols will then fill out the reels where they appear entirely, which amplifies the chances of winning combinations.

While the Wild Bonus is active, a Re-spin is also awarded. If another Wild symbol appears, another Re-Spin is awarded to the player. Up to 5 Re-spins can be claimed in this bonus which further increases the player’s total payout.

What are Excellent Online Slot Title Alternatives to Starburst Slot Game?

Undoubtedly, Starburst Slot is one of the better online casino games. However, nowadays there are tons of modern slot game alternatives from rising and tenured casino game developers that provide the same, and at times, better in-game experience, and more importantly, winnings for players.

One such developer is RealTime Gaming, who has an extensive library of popular and exciting casino games and online slot titles that pays handsomely. Here are some slot games that are similar to Starburst Slot:

Icy Hot Multi-Game

Icy Hot Multi-Game featured image

Icy Hot Multi-Game pays homage to classic slot machines by incorporating the Number 7 and Bar symbols on its game board. Speaking of game boards, Icy Hot Multi-Game mixes classic and modern gameplay designs by utilizing a 3-reel, 3-row grid layout on two game boards on top of a 10-payline system.

Having two active game boards that run a 3×3 grid and utilizes the 10-payline system makes for a truly fun and exciting slot game experience. Whenever players spin in this game, they need to monitor both the fiery side of the board and the icy side of the board for potential winning combinations. Each game board can trigger different wins, which rewards players with amazing payouts.

For its special features, Icy Hot Multi-Game has the Transferring Wilds Feature, Bonus Wheel, and Free Games features.

As its name implies, the Transferring Wilds Feature triggers whenever a stack of Wild symbols appear on any one reel. This will move the stacked Wilds from their original position to the other side of the board, mirror-style. In most cases, this equates to winning paylines on the other side.

Bonus Wheel is activated when 3 Bonus Wheel symbols land on the game board following a spin. A bonus wheel will appear on top of the game boards, and it contains a number bonus multipliers. The wheel will spin, and whatever prize it lands on, it will be applied on the player’s spin. Moreover, this is the only way players can win the Jackpot.

Lastly, Icy Hot Multi-Game offers a Free Games feature. This is triggered when 3 Scatter symbols land on a single game board. Players are rewarded with 12 free spins for 3 Scatters, and 24 free spins for 6 Scatters.

Interstellar 7s

Interstellar 7s featured image

Interstellar 7s is a space-themed online slot game that also pays homage to classic slot machines with its 3-reel, 3-row game board and fixed 5-payline system. 

From a design perspective, Interstellar 7s is a nice throwback to slot machines, but also keeps things modern with its space motif. Its symbols, as its name suggests, are mostly made up of different variants of the Number 7, along with Gold Bars.

For its pay table, Interstellar 7s’ symbols provide a good spread of multipliers. Given that the game utilizes 5 fixed paylines, it might leave players thinking that this game is one of those “win small, win often” kind of slot titles. But this isn’t exactly the case, as the game has a number of special symbols that opens up the opportunity for good payouts.

This includes the Wild Symbol, which substitutes for any regular symbol during spins, Multiplying Wilds, which has the same qualities as the Wild Symbol, but with the added feature that it multiplies winning combinations it is part of by 3, and the Scatter symbol, which activates the Bonus Wheel special feature whenever 3 of them appear on the game board.

Speaking special features, the Bonus Wheel further increases the potential winnings players can get during their spins. When they manage to activate the Bonus Wheel, it will appear on top of the game board with a number of great prizes. This includes Free Games, bet multipliers, and the Jackpot prize. Landing any one of these prizes significantly bolsters the winnings players can attain on their spin, but they need to activate the Bonus Wheel.

Overall, Interstellar 7s combines classic and modern slot game mechanics into a nice package that players should be experiencing right now.

Gem Fruits

Gem Fruits featured image

Last but not the least, RealTime Gaming has Gem Fruits. This online slot game mixes the physical slot machine stylings of fruit machines while incorporating the precious stones and other gameplay elements modern slots currently offer.

Thematically, Gem Fruits uses gem-themed slot game aspects that is evident with its symbols. All the fruit symbols are designed to resemble precious stones that glisten on the game board during spins and when part of winning paylines. This gem motif also trickles into the other regular symbols, as well as its special symbols to make each spin a sparkly affair.

Gameplay-wise, Gem Fruits runs a 5-reel, 3-row game board and a 25-payline system. Its special symbols, namely the Scatters, can appear anywhere on the board, while the Wild symbols can only show up on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5. Encountering these during a spin will improve players’ chances of landing winning combinations.

Gem Fruits only has two special features: the Free Games Feature, and Jackpot Feature. Free Games Feature is triggered when 3 or 5 Scatter symbols appear on the game board. Players are given between 10 to 25 Free Games, and while Free Games is active, the 5th reel is replaced with a stacked 1×3 Wild symbol (which is held). 

When 2 or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the gameboard during Free Games, 5 Extra Free Games are triggered, but it cannot be triggered more than 5 times.

The Jackpot Feature can only be activated when 5 identical regular symbols land on a winning payline. Wild symbols can also be part of the combination, while Scatters do not count. Once the Jackpot Feature is activated, the Jackpot Reel on the rightmost side of the game board will start to spin: when it stops, whatever jackpot slot it lands on will be rewarded to the player.


While Starburst Slot is an amazing slot game, there are tons of other titles that provide the same or even better experience as far as gameplay and winnings are concerned. Online slots available on Online Casino Games offer amazing potential wins, which can be bolstered by utilizing online casino bonus codes.

All you need to do is create an Online Casino Games account, make your initial deposit and explore the countless online casino games available on the platform. Whether it’s slot games or table and card games, once you’ve found your go-to title, the wins will start coming your way.

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