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Cosmic Crusade main features

Outer space is one the places that is mysterious as it is alluring to explore. While we have yet to develop the technology necessary to effortlessly traverse the vast expanse of the cosmos and witness its magnificence, that does not mean you can’t explore it and revel in all its splendor. You can do that and so much more thanks to these amazing online slot games developed by RealTime Gaming!

What should you expect when you start playing these slot games that are truly out of this world? Here is a quick rundown of each of the best space-themed online slot games that you can play on Online Casino Games:

Cosmic Crusade

Cosmic Crusade gameplay

If the thought of traveling across distant planets piques your interest, you should give Cosmic Crusade a go. This 5-reel, 3-row slot game sees you become a member of the Cosmic Crusade team, and you’re tasked to jump from planet to planet and galaxy to galaxy while searching for precious space crystals.

Part of  Cosmic Crusade’s gameplay elements has you encounter an assortment of dangers and rewards that will be revealed as you spin the reels. One spin might see you dodging meteors left and right, discover new planets and gas giants, as well as the much coveted space crystals and other treasures.

As for its special features, whenever you encounter 3 of the game’s Scatter symbols, you activate the Pick Feature option. 6 planets will appear on the screen, and each of them has varying numbers of Free Games as well as the number of multipliers during the Free Games mode. You will need to choose one, and after picking a planet, you will then activate the Free Games mode, where you will always have a minimum of 5 Free Spins.

Cosmic Crusade also has Progressive Jackpots that you can win after the conclusion of a spin. The game has a minor jackpot and a major jackpot: you stand the chance of winning either one or both of them, so each spin might be the one that grants you a huge payout.

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Pulsar gameplay

Pulsar is a truly unique space-themed online slot game. You are whisked into deep space where you see a bevy of different celestial bodies that populate the game’s reels. The objective of the game is to match the said celestial bodies by spinning the reels, and you are rewarded by how many of them match the corresponding paylines.

Each time you land a successful payline, the game will remove the winning planets, and the reels will fill up by cascading a new set of planets. Moreover, the game’s Wild symbols take the form of Neutron Stars that each have a corresponding timer. When their timer reaches zero, they explode, destroying adjacent planets and replacing them with new ones. There can also be more than one neutron star that can appear on the game board, and they can start a chain reaction to completely change the available planets, which equates to you potentially landing a good number of matching stars that land on winning paylines.

From an aesthetic standpoint, Pulsar bucks the typical box-shaped slot game board by going with a honeycomb design for each reel. This design immediately makes Pulsar standout from the other slot games. On top of this, the game has great techno music that blasts pulse-pounding beats during gameplay.

If you like seeing planets blow up as you land winning paylines, Pulsar is just the game for you.

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Aliens Wins

Alien Wins gameplay

When talking about space, the chances of encountering alien lifeforms is always going to be part of the conversation. Alien Wins is RealTime Gaming’s take on what extraterrestrial entities might look like.

The gameplay of Alien Wins has you go on an intergalactic adventure where you meet different aliens that help you land paylines and get great payouts. Each of the friendly aliens have unique and quirky physical features: some of them have one eye, a number of ear-like appendages, and different-colored skins. They might look derpy, but they deliver when it comes to multiplying your wins when they land on winning paylines.

The game uses a  5-reel, 3-row game board with a 10-payline paytable to keep things simple as far as how much you should be betting per spin. This might look peculiar at first glance, but the game’s special features enable you to make the most of the game board and paylines.

Wild symbols take the form of UFOs, and when they appear on reels 2, 3, or 4, they will morph to fill the reel, lock in place, and give you a Re-Spin. The feature retriggers with every new Wild on these reels and at the end of the round, multipliers of up to 8x are applied for each one!

If you feel like the UFOs aren’t appearing as often as you want, the Cosmic Spins is there for you. Cosmic Spins grants you guaranteed Wilds on your next spin, but you will need to pay a certain amount. Given that having UFOs on the game board is highly advantageous for your winnings, you will have to decide whether the price for activating the Cosmic Spins is worth it.

Alien Wins is a zany slot game that you shouldn’t miss out on if you’re looking for a fun ride and want to make new extraterrestrial friends!

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Hyper Wins

Hyper Wins gameplay

Hyper Wins is a great space themed game for those who are looking for a simpler online slot game that harkens back to classic slot machines.

Set in a cosmic highway, the game board has its symbols zoom down the intergalactic road whenever you place your bet and begin the spin. The game goes for the traditional 3-reel by 3-row slot machine setup, and this equates to an All Lines Pay system for its paylines.

Hyper Wins still has a Wild symbol and a Scatter symbol in the form of the Moon for the former, and the Star for the latter. When Moons appear on the game board, they substitute for all other symbols, except for the Star symbol. Meanwhile, Stars symbols reward players with Free Games whenever three of them appear on the game board.

The game also has a Hyper Prize Feature which is activated whenever four or more Star Scatters land on the game board. Players get to pick a prize from the 9-reel locations to reveal instant prizes that include up to 1,000x Bet Free games.

Hyper Wins is a throwback online slot game that also has modern quality-of-life features that make it a great casino game for those who are looking for classic slots with a few pleasant tweaks.

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Online Casino Games provides the best online slot games that possess fun and exciting themes. Enjoy these amazing space-themed slots and win great prizes with each spin of those reels!

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