Fishing God

Fishing God

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Fishing God Slot Demo

This unique online slot game by Spadegaming brings players into the depths of the oceans, to the home of the Dragon King. The special king has amassed wealth within his underwater kingdom, but his mansion has been taken over by fish. Help the Dragon King reclaim his home and he will be willing to share the wealth with you. This arcade style game has a fun theme and offers an interactive experience not found within other slot games. Enjoy the hunt for fish as well as high multipliers and bonuses rounds!


To play Fishing God, you must first select your bet level. The options are Junior with bets from $0.01-$1, Expert with betting options from $0.10-$5 and Godlike, with wagers from $1-$10. Once you select the level, the game begins, and you can change your bet by clicking on the plus and minus section next to the gun at the bottom of the game controls.

Fishing God Jackpot Payouts

The payouts you can earn in this game are based on the level you choose. If you select the lower level, the payouts will be smaller, while the highest level offers more prize potential. Each fish on the reels offers a certain prize potential. In the highest level, the sharks and whales offer payouts of 50x to 200x depending on how many hits you get. The golden dragon will pay 60x to 888x the bet. Check the pay table in your selected round to see your win potential.

Special Features

Instead of select special features, the game offers special sea creatures. Take the laser crab for example. You can earn up to 120x the bet with this symbol and the electro-magnetic cannon is activated. The cannon can shoot a wide range on the game grid and help capture fish that are all the way across the pool.
In case you haven’t noticed, in this game, you are not spinning reels. Instead, you are shooting at fish in order to earn prizes. It’s an interactive slot game that offers a nice break from the traditional reel spinning action.

The Drill Crab is another creature to watch for. This one gives you up to 120x the bet and a drilling cannon. The cannon will capture fish on the launch trail until it explores. The Bomb Crab is another option, also offering up to 120x the bet. However, this symbol will explore and capture the fish in the area around the explosion.

The game also includes the Wheel Crab. This creature offers payouts of up to 300x! The Flash Jelly Fish is another one to watch out for. When it is caught, it releases an electric shock that will strike fish in the pool.

Firestorm is yet another option you can trigger, offering 60 to 100 bullets for capturing fish. The special mode ends once all of the bullets have been used. If you locate the Golden Fortune Bag on the reels, it will give you the grand prize of the game worth up to 200x the bet. In the round, choose a treasure chest to see what rewards it brings.

Lastly, the slot includes the Dragon King’s Treasure. Receive the grand award of the game from 10x to 300x from the Dragon King. When he appears, players will work together to grab the treasure and win the bonus prize! Because the slot is a community style game, you will see other players from time to time getting in on the action too!

Fishing God Design

The overall design of this game is stellar. Spadegaming did a great job in creating a realistic underwater environment. Once the game loads, you find yourself underwater surrounded by unique and mysterious sea creatures. Shoot the weapon you have and watch as coins are collected, and the fish disappear from the ocean floor. The experience is quite unique and much like a video game where you are in control the movements, hopefully hitting the right fish to claim big prizes while you play!

Game Summary

Fishing God has an RTP of 97% and offers a medium volatility experience. The unique immersive format is enjoyable for new and experienced slot fans as the environment is completely different from a traditional 5×3 slot grid. Grab your weapon and start shooting the fish to see if you can trigger big wins or special weapons to increase your win chances!

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