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Prosperity Gods

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Earn good fortune year-round with Spade Gaming’s Prosperity Gods. There are four Prosperity Gods, one for each season, that are here to bring fortune and blessings. Players can pick a god with their own wild symbol features, and change their chosen god at any moment, as they play on this 5 by 3 slot title. If you’re looking for a seasonal Chinese-inspired slot title, read on to see if Prosperity Gods is for you.


Prosperity Gods’ betting range is vast, perfect for anyone on a budget or looking to spend a little more. Its minimum bet is 20 cents whereas its maximum bet is $500. Easily switch your bet by using the controls of the game.

Prosperity Gods Jackpot Prizes

To play Prosperity Gods, you must first select which season you wish to play. While many of the symbols in Prosperity Gods have similar payouts, there are different symbols to represent every season that can be rolled regardless of the season selected. However, if a winning reel involves symbols that represent the player’s selected season, their winnings are doubled. Any wild symbol with a Prosperity God on it awards players with 2000x for 5 on a pay line. Symbols with just the gods themselves give 1000x for 5 on a pay line.

Each season has an object as the higher paying symbol, excluding the lord, and their other symbol is hanzi, also known as a Chinese letter. When in their own season, the hanzi has a slight glow, and pays for 200x for 5 on a pay line. If it is hanzi for a different season, it will pay 100x for 5 on a pay line. The objects, when corresponding to the chosen season, pay for 500x for 5 on a pay line. Any object outside of their season pays 250x for 5 on a pay line. The objects themselves are a fiery ring for spring, a heart shaped jewel for summer, a green rose for autumn, and a blue jewelry box for winter.

Special Features and Triggering Free Spins

Prosperity Gods has many different features, particularly revolving around the seasons. Any winning reels with symbols involving the player’s selected season will award them with double their winnings; this feature is available no matter what. There are also unique features within each season’s wild symbols if their season is chosen. In spring, the wild symbol is an expanding wild, turning any symbols on any two reels into wild symbols. The reels chosen will be random.

For the summer wild, the wild symbol is considered a big wild, making the symbol a 2×2 size symbol, replacing 4 random and adjacent symbols on the reel. Autumn’s wild feature is the extra wild, making the normal autumn symbols have a chance to transform into a wild symbol. Winter’s wild feature is the random wild feature, randomly choosing a symbol on each reel and transforming it into a wild symbol.

Prosperity Gods also has the common free spins feature, referred to as free games, which is activated when 3 scatter symbols appear on the odd reels. Free spins can be re-triggered within free games, and the player is given 15 free spins upon activation.


Prosperity Gods hosts gorgeous artwork and animations. The symbols are all delicately and intricately drawn, and animations are simplistic yet satisfying. Normal symbols involved in winning reels will pulsate and have a flaming border representative of their season based on its color. If a symbol with a Prosperity God is a part of a winning reel, a short animation bringing them to life will occur. There are also fun animations to showcase the changing of seasons. Overall, the design plays into the theme well, creating an exciting online reel spinning experience.


Prosperity Gods is a fun seasonal adventure for players looking for prosperity. This title features unique mechanics involving each season, a 5 by 3 grid, free spins, a unique wild symbol mechanic for each season, and a wide betting range. Anyone looking for a slot title full of features that is more involved with the player should consider giving Prosperity Gods a try.

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