So Many Monsters

So Many Monsters

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So Many Monsters takes on the fairly popular cute monster theme, but at the same time it implements some very rare features in its gameplay. Together with games like So Much Sushi and So Much Candy, it belongs to a series of slot machines from Microgaming which have similar action and RTP, but with different themes so that they appeal to as many players as possible.

Before we get to the big features, let’s see what kind of layout awaits us inside. The game delivers the usual 5×3 reels and the 25 lines present inside are quite common as well. You have the Many More Monsters feature as the star of the show, but there will also be scatter symbols which trigger free spins and wilds as substitutes. The maximum paying potential of the game is $320,000.


Quite a few coins will be available for you to use in So Many Monsters, while the coin denomination will only go from $0.01 to $1. You may use up to 20 coins per line though, and with the 25 lines which are fixed this gets you a betting range of $0.25 to $500. Your maximum line bet is going to be set to $20.

So Many Monsters Jackpot

Due to the nature of the game, winning combinations with 25 symbols in them are possible, even though only one active line would be used. A jackpot of $320,000 is mentioned, with several others of close value also being available via other symbols. Even regular combinations of five symbols will pay as much as $150,000 (the wild). It’s a game with big potential, that much is clear, with 6,400x the stake being awarded at its highest level.

The 96.22% RTP seems to be identical for all games in the series, so go with any of the three to see how they’re like.

Special Features

Some features are unique, others not so much, but together they manage to make So Many Monsters a must-try slot machine.

Many More Monsters

The game’s main feature is this one, and it involves only the high symbols, the ones showing you the colorful monsters. These are symbols that will form regular combinations, but which can have the monster split into multiple smaller ones, as many as five appearing in a single symbol. The game takes into account the number of visible monsters, not the symbol positions which are occupied. That’s how you can have up to 25 monsters in a 5-symbol combo, and the payouts can be incredible. It’s rare, winning combinations with these high symbols don’t come very often, but the potential is there.

Wild Symbols

These are going to be the symbols that are using the So Many Monsters logo. Appearing anywhere in the game, they are substitutes and may be used in combination with all types of symbols, the Scattered Eye being the exception. Five wild symbols on the same line pay 7,500x the line bet.

Free Spins Feature

The scattered Eye is a friend of yours, a symbol that you will be able to use to trigger free spins, along with interesting prizes which reach 75x the bet. 3 to 5 Eye icons will give you a choice, of free spins which will use the monster of your choice as the only high paying symbol. This gives you better odds of forming combinations and taking advantage of the Many More Monsters feature.

The options include 8 free spins with Red Monsters as high symbols (up to $320,000 per line), 10 spins with Yellow Monsters ($280,000), 12 spins with Green Monsters ($240,000), 14 spins with Purple Monsters ($200,000) or 16 free spins with Blue Monsters ($160,000 per line).


The “So Many” series includes this slot machine with a monster theme, one which shows us cute creatures that look alien. From horned devil-like red creatures, to yellow multi-eyed toot-shaped monsters, green single-eyed snails, purple horned bats or blue rats with unusual haircuts, the mix of monsters you see on the reels is fairly well thought out and implemented. It’s a shame that we still get Royals for the low symbols, it doesn’t add anything to the look of the game.


So Many Monsters is a good game, one of several released in a series which relies on a feature that has as many as 25 symbols part of combinations formed on 5 reels.

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