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Mobilots, just as the name suggests, is a mobile-first kind of developer, which offers mobile-ready games to the market, designed in HTML5 and accessible on all platforms and operating systems as a result. They have offices in three countries and they’ve released 39 casino games already, ranging from video slots to video poker and arcade slots. They mention that the experience of their team’s members has more than 75 years worth of knowledge combined, and that it’s all used to create awesome games for Mobilots.

As of right now, there are only a couple of casinos which are offering Mobilots games, most of them being bingo halls which also give video slots to their players. I’d predict a great future to this developer though, as I found the quality of the graphics in their slots to be one of the best around.

The developer has been working on its collection of casino games since early 2015. They’ve been using only HTML5, they’re making them mobile friendly, translated into multiple languages and playable in more than just the main currencies. Overall, they have plenty to offer players, particularly since they don’t have any dated content.

History of Mobilots

The history of Mobilots is a bit of a mystery right now. They offer closer to 40 casino games, and they’ve all been created in the last 4-5 years. They’ve crafted an API that’s considered Plug & Play, so it’s very easy to integrate their content into existing casinos.


Somewhere around 40 casino games have been created by the developers from Mobilots so far. They’re proud of the fact that they use HTML5 to build them, and they are first and foremost optimizing them for use on mobile devices. Incidentally, this makes them just as easy to play on desktop PCs. Windows, iOS and Android platforms are all capable of running HTML5 games.

Three major categories are available, for the games which Mobilots has released so far. The Video Slots are the ones which seem most popular, with Arcade Slots and Video Poker being the two others.

Often enough, I’ve found that Mobilots will go for the cute angle in their slot machines. They have some amazing designers in that company, and I love the look of the slots they’ve released so far. They have covered common and unique themes, and they look just as good. From Monster Clone, to Lion Explorer, Legendary Mulan, Dragon’s Revenge or Honey Money, there is a long list of cool looking games.

If features are the ones that interest you most, expect to find enough diversity, but not things that you wouldn’t get from other developers. There will be cascading symbols, win multipliers, wilds, free spins, re-spins, sticky wilds which can expand, combinations forming both ways and bonus games. Play them enough times though, and you will start seeing the same mix of features used in multiple slot machines, so they definitely have cloned games with only the graphics changed.

With about 20 slot machines checked out, I haven’t found a single one to offer High volatility. Their games are described as having Low, Low-Medium or Medium volatility. If you’re a fan of that type of high risk/high reward gameplay, you’re not going to find it at Mobilots.

Popular Titles

With only a couple of bingo sites offering their slot machines, Mobilots doesn’t have any obvious popular games from what I can tell. I would recommend sticking with the ones promising higher RTP, and I mention a couple of them below.

Highest RTP Games

I haven’t found any information on the RTP of the Mobilots video slots so far, which is unfortunate. The developer does mention for some of their games that a high RTP is present, so I’d guess those titles should be explored first.

Lion Explorer is one of the slots for which they mention the high RTP, but the same goes for World Cup, Sanxing Fortunes, Prince Charming and Dragon’s Revenge. Whether they consider 95% to be a high RTP, or 97%, that’s impossible to tell right now.

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