Monster Clone

Monster Clone

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Monster Clone Online Slot Game

Cute monsters await on the reels of Monster Clone by Mobilots. This online slot game has a spooky feel, offering a 5×3 game grid with 30 fixed pay lines paying both ways. As you spin the reels, watch as lab potions explode, providing wins in all directions!

Combine multiple potions to boost the explosions and create even more winning combos as you play! Check out more details on this fun slot game below.

Betting Stakes

Because the betting pay lines are fixed, your wager is always multiplied by 30. With a range of $0.05 to $5 per spin, you will be able to play from $1.50 to $150. The amount of your wager will dictate how much you can win as you play, so keep that in mind when making your selection.

Monster Clone Jackpot Prize

As you play Monster Clone, you will find the game offers payouts for a three, four, and five of a kind combination. Each symbol provides a payout based on your wager. The A, K, Q, and J are the lower paying icons. With the $150 wager, these symbols pay $100, $150, $150, and $175 respectively, for a five of a kind.

The monsters pay out more with a green, orange, red, and blue cuddly creature found on the reels. The green monster pays $175 for the $150 bet with a five of a kind. The orange monster pays $500 while the red pays $1,500 for the same settings. The blue monster pays the most at $2,000.

Special Features and Free Spins

As you play Monster Clone, you will find the game does not offer many special features. Mobilots is known for its wilds and free spins, but these features are not provided in this game. Instead, there are potion bottles that explode on the reels.

Potions come in pink, yellow, red, and green. The symbols can appear anywhere on the reels and will explode once they land. The symbol will have a number at its center, and this indicates how many spins will take place before the explosion.

Once the symbols blow up, the adjacent symbols will follow the explosion ray paths, with random icons replacing the exploded symbols. If more potions land, it can lead to even more explosions which only increases your potential to win!

It would be nice if Mobilots added more features to this title. It does seem to be missing something without any free spins or multipliers. The design is great, so it is a shame that the title feels like it is lacking.

Slot Design

Mobilots has provided a fun atmosphere on the reels of Monster Clone. The game is set in a dark laboratory where the monsters run amuck. The royal icons are bright colored as well as the four monster characters. They are so cute and cuddly that it adds extra charm to the reels. The soundtrack is excellent and add in the special effects and exploding potions and you have a winning combination.

If you enjoy monster style slots with a wide betting range and quality win potential, then give Monster Clone a try. The game provides an excellent reel spinning experience from the animations to the sound effects. You won’t be disappointed as you play along with these cuddly creatures!

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