Smiley Veggies

Smiley Veggies

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Smiley Veggies Online Slot Game

Eat your greens to earn some green in Mobilot’s Smiley Veggies. These adorable vegetables are here to help you win big in this 5 x 5 cluster slot. The game includes cluster pays and a special jackpot prize as you play. If you’re looking for a healthy fixing of slot spinning, read on to see if Smiley Veggies is for you.

Betting Stakes

Like many of Mobilot’s other titles, Smiley Veggies’ bet amount is detrimental to its symbol payouts. The higher you bet, the more each symbol combination will pay. The betting range is also small, making it a little harder for those that want to spend a lot to find a nice bet in this title.

The minimum bet is 10 cents, perfect for those on a budget. The maximum stake is $5, equally as great for those on a budget as they will be able to earn the maximum prize amount without spending too much cash per spin.

Smiley Veggies Jackpot Prizes

There are many adorable symbols to be on the lookout for in Smiley Veggies. However, each symbol’s payout varies depending on the bet placed. Every payout listed will be written as if the maximum bet has been placed. Smiley Veggies is also a cluster slot, meaning that anywhere between 4 and 14 symbols must be adjacent to win. The highest paying symbol is the tomato symbol, paying $125 for 4 adjacent symbols and $50,000 for 14 adjacent symbols.

The second highest paying symbol is the corn symbol, paying $25 for 4 touching symbols and $25,000 for 14. There are also jackpot and bonus symbols. The bonus symbol only adds to the bonus game percentage when landed; the jackpot symbol, however, not only pays what you have earned from it instantly, but also adds the winnings to a jackpot meter.

Special Features and Free Spins

There are many fun features within Smiley Veggies. This game is a cluster slot, meaning that once a certain amount of symbols touch (in this case, anywhere between 4 and 14), the symbols will pop, allowing the symbols above it to fall down and possibly lead to even more wins.

Smiley Veggies is also home to the wild symbol feature. The wild symbol, represented by a droplet of water, substitutes for all symbols on the reels. This can lead to some unexpected wins, as well as possible larger payouts.

Smiley Veggies also has jackpot and bonus symbols. The jackpot symbol, represented by a pumpkin, will gradually build up as its symbol is a part of winning combinations. The meter will be full once it reaches $50 or greater, instantly awarding the player with however much filled the meter itself.

The bonus symbol works similarly but does not pay cash amounts when its symbol is landed. Instead, each time it is part of a winning combination it adds to the bonus meter’s percentage, gradually building up to a bonus game.

Game Design

Smiley Veggies is incredibly cute, making its veggies come alive by their idle animations alone. All of the vegetables seem so happy to be there, as well as the adorable scarecrow on the left of the reels. When symbols are a part of winning combinations, they explode into dirt as if they have been plucked from their garden. The background, the garden itself, also suits the theme perfectly.

Slot Summary

Smiley Veggies is an adorable slot title perfect for eating and earning your greens. This game features a 5 x 5 grid, cluster symbols, wild symbols, a jackpot, and a bonus game. The bet determines symbol payout, and has a small range starting at 10 cents and ending at $5. Overall, this is a cute and fun slot game that players of all types should enjoy.

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