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Licky Luck

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Licky Luck Online Slot

Give in to your sweet tooth in Mobilot’s Licky Luck. This 5 x 5 cluster slot is too sweet to miss, with its features being the icing on the cake. If you’re looking for a sweet new slot title, read on to see if Licky Luck is for you.

Betting Stakes

Licky Luck, like many other Mobilot titles, has a small yet important betting range. The higher the bet amount is, the higher the payout for the player. The minimum bet is 10 cents, perfect for anyone on a budget or looking to give the game a quick try.

The top bet is only $5, making it affordable for players who have a low betting threshold, with potential to earn the top prizes in the game.

Licky Luck Jackpot Prizes

Licky Luck has many adorable symbols to be on the lookout for. However, their payouts vary, since the bet amount dictates how much can be won. All winnings will be written as if the maximum bet has been placed.

As this is a cluster slot, if anywhere between 4 and 14 symbols are adjacent with one another. The highest paying symbol is the strawberry smores, paying $125 for 4 adjacent symbols and $50,000 for 14 adjacent symbols.

The second highest paying symbol is the ice cream cone symbol, paying $25 for 4 touching symbols and $25,000 for 14 touching symbols. Rather than having the usual A, K, Q, and J symbols, Licky Luck has cute popsicles of card suits, with the highest paying suit symbol being the spade popsicle.

The space popsicle pays $5 for 4 adjacent symbols and $5,000 for 14 adjacent symbols. There is also a jackpot symbol with its own mechanics but based upon symbol alone it pays $2 for 4 adjacent symbols and $250 for 14.

Special Features and Free Spins

Licky Luck is a cluster slot, meaning it has no pay lines and considers adjacent symbols, with a minimum of 4 symbols, to be winning combinations. It is also a drop-down game; once a cluster has shown its winnings, it pops, letting the symbols above it fall. This can lead to many unexpected and huge wins.

Licky Luck also features the wild symbol, which substitutes for all symbols on the reels to allow winning combinations or larger wins. The jackpot symbol in Licky Luck builds up a meter on the left of the reels gradually with every winning jackpot combination. When this meter is full, an instant cash prize will be awarded to the player.

Slot Design

Licky Luck is incredibly cute in every way. The symbols feel alive, as all of them have cute idle animations while they wait for the player to spin. Winning combinations cause the symbols to explode into fun, blue, sprinkle-filled clouds. The sweets infested background and jackpot meter look delicious, having this game leaving me craving a snack!

Game Summary

Licky Luck is a very cute and fun cluster slot title perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. This game features a 5 x 5 grid, wild symbols, a jackpot symbol with a meter, and bet reliant payouts. The betting range for this game begins at 10 cents and ends at $5. If you have a sweet tooth and feel lucky, Licky Luck could be the perfect slot to snack on.

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