Epic Ape Game Review

Epic Ape Game Review

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At first, you might get the impression that it’s a King Kong like main character that appears in Epic Ape, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s your regular jungle-themed slot machine, featuring an impressive gorilla in one of its main symbols. This is also a slot machine that’s available via Playtech, a developer that has proven many times in the past that it can deliver something great.

The most unusual thing about Epic Ape is going to be the layout of the game area. Involving 6 reels, 4 symbols on each one, it manages to offer a total of 4096 ways to win. If that’s not enough to impress you, know that it also offers stacked symbols, scatters and it can give you up to 100 free spins, where wild wins can multiply payouts by as much as 5x. Each of those 4096 ways to win can bring you a reward as high as $3,000, so there is a fair bit of potential in this game.

What are the betting lines for Epic Ape?

Despite the huge number of ways to win employed, the game only requires 40 coins each round, in its bets. The way to vary the bet value is through the coin denomination, which is the only part that the player gets to pick. The range is $0.01 to $2, and this naturally determines the total bet, between $0.40 and $80.

What is the Jackpot in Epic Ape?

A stacked symbol, featuring the Epic Ape in the main role, is the one that can pay the most. There are 300x wins coming through it, and thanks to up to 5x wild multipliers from the free spins, a prize can be valued at up to $3,000. The huge number of the ways to win and the presence of these Epic Apes in stacked form, allows for potentially a lot of these wins being delivered at the same time.

What are the special features of Epic Ape?

Though not exactly a feature, the Stacked Epic Ape should be mentioned in this category, as the only symbol that appears in this form. It is capable of covering the entire reel that it lands on, and the game uses it on all reels. Due to this, and the ways to win system which has been used in this game, you tend to get a lot of wins at the same time, not just one, if you get anything at all.

Wild Symbol

The Blue Diamond is one of the symbols that will prove their usefulness on a regular basis. As the wild feature, this symbol lands everywhere on the reels and it contributes to the formation of new combinations. The ways to win system makes this quite easy. This wild is shown only on the last 5 reels, so you shouldn’t expect to be capable of forming combinations just with wilds in them. The wild is also not capable of taking the place of a scatter.

There is no multiplier available for the wild during the regular spins, but the free spins are another matter. There, the wild will randomly multiply wins by 2x, 3x or 5x.

Free Games

When you’re in the base game, you need at least 3 scatter symbols (Free Games logo), to get access to the free spins. Once you’re inside though, you can retrigger the feature with as few as two scatters. The presence of 3 to 6 scatters in the base game gets you 8 to 100 free spins. You can retrigger the feature an infinite number of times, the developer didn’t place any limitations there.

The extra feature of the free spins is the wild multiplier, which I mentioned above as well, used to boost payouts by up to 5x.

What is are the themes and design elements of Epic Ape?

At its core, Epic Ape is a jungle themed game, one of quite a few available these days. The focus on a gorilla for its main character makes it different though, just as the 6 reels of the layout give it a unique look. For the symbols of such a game, you have images of a gorilla, a panther, a leopard, blue diamonds, logos, frogs and chameleons. Playtech also made room for some rather basic Royals as well though, which is a shame, since the rest of the design is quite good.


Playing a game that can trigger and retrigger 100 free spins at a time, with up to 5x multipliers in them, it’s clear where the most value comes from. Playtech is well known in the industry, and they created a game with big potential here.

What’s an alternative online casino game to Epic Ape?

If you’re looking for another exciting jungle-themed online slot game, give Secret Jungle a shot. Set in an Aztec jungle, you are tasked to venture into the thicket to get into the secret temple where treasures await, but only the bravest explorers.

Secret Jungle is a 3-row, 5-reel online slot game that has over 50 paylines. This number seems daunting, but the game provides you with in-game features and mechanics to help you land those winning spins. This includes Wild and Scatter symbols that give you more chances to hit those winning paylines and get Free Games.

Do you have that explorer gene in you? Are you looking to discover and win vast riches with each spin? The Secret Jungle awaits!

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