Raiders of the Hidden Realm

Raiders of the Hidden Realm

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In what amounts to one of the best looking slots I’ve seen Playtech release lately, Raiders of the Hidden Realm is fantasy inspired and has three heroes as its main characters and stacked symbols, travelers in a land of ice and cold.

Gorgeous design aside, Raiders of the Hidden Realm will be a 5×4 reels slot, and it will offer 40 fixed paylines for each round. Some of its major symbols could bring you wins even as high as $250,000, but the slot will also rely on things like stacked symbols, on wilds or on features like the Raiders Shuffle or the three types of free spins.


It can be a cheap game to play, or it can be expensive, it’s up to the player. The betting options allow for all 40 lines to be played at the same time, so the minimum value is $0.40. The maximum bet gets to $500, where the line bets would reach $12.50. The Total Bet is the only option you have to work with.

Raiders of the Hidden Realm Jackpot

Raiders of the Hidden Realm relies heavily on its stacked symbols, when it comes to paying big. The right stacked icons, perhaps in combination with wilds, are capable of forming wins on all 40 lines in a single round. A single combo which would usually pay up to $6,250, could turn into a top jackpot of $250,000. When you take into account the multipliers which are also available at times, you will see how the game can be an incredible opportunity for the luckiest players.

Special Features

A big part of the game will be about its high-paying stacked symbols. Only the three top-paying symbols are coming in stacked, with wilds and lower symbols being regular-sized. Stacked symbols bring along big opportunities, of forming multiple wins at the same time.

Wild Symbol

The most common feature in a modern slot machine is going to be the wild symbol, or the substitute. For this particular game, Playtech went with an all powerful wild, this being the only feature icon they used. It can be a replacement for all other symbols, as long as you need a winning combination to be formed with it inside. You could even get combinations formed out of wilds alone, and they will pay the highest amount available in this game, of 500x the line bet.

Raiders Shuffle

The way stacked symbols appear in this game can be very important, especially for its features. Raiders Shuffle is an example, where you need a stacked character covering the entire 1st reel, while being only partially visible on reel 5. If that happens, you get the symbols in question to transform into regular wilds, and then a shuffling of these new icons will occur. They are moved around on the reels and they could bring in extra wins.

Free Spins

The free spins can be triggered via stacked character symbols, when you have them occupying both reels 1 and 5, in a single round. Each character is going to trigger a different version of the free spins.

Morgana: her 8 free spins will benefit from the presence of additional Morgana symbols, so the odds of having a combo that pays well increase.

Strider: 7 free spins come via this character, and the extra feature available will revolve around sticky wilds, the symbols being frozen in place when they appear. They remain there until the free spins are over.

Sparks: with 6 free spins to give you, the feature will turn stacked Sparks symbols into individual wilds that have random multipliers of up to 5x each.


Playtech proves with Raiders of the Hidden Realm that they can deliver a high-end game. It’s not like they don’t have other great games in their portfolio, they just don’t invest this much time in a slot’s graphics usually. The fantasy story that they’re telling here, taking place in a world of ice and snow, will feature three heroes (Morgana, Strider and Sparks). The rest of the symbols are either orbs that correspond to the colors of the three heroes, or the four card suits and the wild logo.


Raiders of the Hidden Realm has some of the prettiest graphics I’ve seen from Playtech, a decent mix of features and big winning potential, so it’s going to be a slot that’s worth trying.

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