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Gem Splash

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Gem Splash Slot Review

Find your riches at the end of the rainbow in Gem Splash, Rare Stone’s 5 x 4 Irish themed slot title. This game features a wide betting range, jackpot prizes, and many features. If you’re looking for an Irish themed slot game, read on to see if Gem Splash is for you.


Gem Splash has a vast betting range, allowing all sorts of players to enjoy the game. However, the amount given from winnings changes depending on the bet, giving larger prizes with higher bets. The minimum bet is 10 cents, perfect for anyone on a budget or those looking to give the game a quick test run before going all-in. The maximum stake is $500, excellent for those looking to spend a little more.

Gem Splash Jackpot Prizes

Gem Splash has three jackpots: the grand jackpot, the major jackpot, and the minor jackpot. Jackpots are won via the jackpot game, a feature that can be triggered on any spin and has a higher chance of triggering with higher bets. However, entering the jackpot game does not guarantee you will win one of the three jackpots. The jackpot game may award any of the 3 jackpots, as well as 10x, 15x, 20x, 30x, 50x, or 100x of the total bet. More than one jackpot game can be triggered within a spin.

Of course, players can also win with traditional symbols in the game. Find three, four, or five of a kind to land a payout. The amount of the prize will be determined based on your set bet.

Special Features

There is a plethora of features in Gem Splash waiting to be uncovered. The gem drop and gem splash symbols work together to award the player a multiplier of their bet. The gem drop symbol moves down one row every spin to eventually land on top of the gem splash symbol. Once it lands on top of it, it awards the player with 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 8x, 10x, 12x, 15x, 20x, 30x, 60x, or 100x their bet. The next time a gem drop symbol lands on a gem splash symbol, it will award a higher value prize.

The golden cauldron symbol is the scatter symbol. The scatter icon not only has its own prizes if you land enough on a payline, but by landing 3 or more of them in any position on the reels will trigger the free games feature. The player is instantly awarded with 8 free spins, and all gem drop symbols are removed from the reels. However, new and possibly larger gem drop symbols may appear throughout the free games feature. The reels themselves also grow every 2 spins, capping out at 7 rows. If 3 or more scatter symbols land during the free games feature, 3 more free spins will be added.


Gem Splash is a very simplistic game, with little to no animation or flashy additions. Rather than bringing the game down, however, it instead makes Gem Splash have a more classic feel to it. The art is well drawn, and any animations that are actually used, such as highlighted reels or the subtle movement of symbols when part of winning combinations, look great. The transparency of the gem drop symbol can be a bit difficult to look at, but otherwise Gem Splash is a great looking slot title with nothing too flashy.


Gem Splash is Rare Stone’s 5 x 4 Irish themed slot title. This game has a wide betting range, starting at 10 cents and capping out at $500. Gem Splash is also full of features, such as the jackpot games, free games, gem drop and gem splash, and the scatter symbol. If you’re looking for an Irish themed slot title full of features, then Gem Splash might be the classic feeling game for you.

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