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Luck and Fortune

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Luck and Fortune Slot Game

Test your luck in Mobilot’s Luck and Fortune, a Chinese themed slot title sure to bring fortune your way. This 5 x 5 cluster slot title is full of fun features and prizes. If you’re looking for a fun themed slot game with a focus on fortune and a favor for cats, read on to see if Luck and Fortune is for you.

Slot Betting Stakes

Though Luck and Fortune’s betting range is rather small, the payouts of symbols rely entirely on the bet. The minimum bet in Luck and Fortune is 10 cents, perfect for anyone on a budget or looking to give the game a try.

The maximum stake is $5, perfect for low rollers to afford the higher end bet. The low range might not be appealing to high rollers though, and other Mobilot titles might be a better choice.

Luck and Fortune Jackpot Prizes

As Luck and Fortune is a cluster slot, it has many symbols so that many combinations may be made. However, the payouts of these symbols vary depending on the bet. All winnings listed will be written as if the maximum bet of $5 has been placed. Winning clusters must have 4 symbols at the minimum touching, and 14 at the maximum.

The highest paying symbol is the old man symbol, paying $125 for 4 touching symbols and a whopping $50,000 for 14 symbols. The second highest paying symbol is the boy icon, paying $25 for 4 and $25,000 for 14. The third highest paying symbol is the girl, paying $5 for 4 symbols and $5,000 for 14. There is also a jackpot symbol, which must have a winning combination in order to add to a jackpot meter.

Special Features and Free Spins

While there aren’t many features in Luck and Fortune, the ones within are often sought out in games by players. Luck and Fortune boasts the wild feature, hosting a wild symbol that substitutes for all other symbols to lead to some unexpected wins.

The wild symbol can not only grant a win by giving a symbol 4 symbols touching, but it can also increase win amounts by being adjacent to already winning combinations. Luck and Fortune also features a jackpot system. By landing 4 or more of the jackpot symbols, a meter on the left side of the screen gradually builds up, eventually leading up to an instant jackpot prize.

Luck and Fortune is also a cluster drop-down slot title, meaning that once a winning cluster is revealed, it will pop, letting the symbols above it fall and possibly lead to more winning combinations.

Game Design

Luck and Fortune is an incredibly cute slot title. While it doesn’t have many animations, its subtlety is a breath of fresh air. Most symbols, when part of a winning combination, will explode into colorful fireworks when allowing the symbols above it to fall.

Non-lettered symbols, such as the jackpot symbol and the child symbols, have small animations to bring them to life when part of winning combinations. The jackpot cat on top of the meter is also consistently moving, making it feel alive. There is also a helpful scroll on the right, showcasing how much is won by each combination per spin.

Slot Summary

Luck and Fortune is a fun and simple Chinese themed slot title. This game features wilds, jackpot symbols as well as a jackpot prize, cluster symbols, and falling symbols. The betting range is small, ranging from 10 cents to $5, but the symbol payouts rely directly upon the bet. If you’re looking for a simple Chinese themed cluster slot, then Luck and Fortune might be the game for you.

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