Best Gold-Themed Slot Games

Khrysos Gold Morphing Wilds feature

If there is one popular theme online slot games often utilize, it would be the accumulation of gold. Whether the setting is in historical or mythological Ancient Greece, the unforgiving deserts of Egypt, or even in the unknown frontier of the wild west, there will always be a slot game that will cover the allure of searching and reaping massive amounts of gold.

As one of the best developers of online slot games, RealTime Gaming has also created some of the most entertaining and engaging slot games that have gold as part of their setting or gameplay.

Here are some of the best gold-themed slot games that you can enjoy:

What are the Top Gold-Themed Slot Games?

Egyptian Gold

Egyptian Gold Super Expanding Wild special feature

When it comes to ancient settings that are synonymous with extravagance and people in power who are showcasing their wealth, Ancient Egypt is always going to be in the forefront. One of the online slot games that illustrates this is Egyptian Gold.

Players are whisked into an Egyptian temple where they stand the chance to acquire the Pharaoh’s vast riches. Each spin from the game’s reels lets players encounter the Pharaoh, his Queen, and his various treasures.

If they are really lucky, their spins will land on winning paylines and reward them with huge payouts. This is usually the case, since this slot game utilizes 234 Ways for its paylines which equates to more chances of landing winning combinations on the game’s vibrant symbols.

Speaking of symbols, Egyptian Gold has a fun special symbol in the form of the Scarab. Whenever this special symbol appears on the game board, it can randomly transform the play area to give players even more chances to win multiple paylines.

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Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe

Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold Deluxe Free Games special feature

If there is one name that is associated with Ancient Egypt, it would have to be Cleopatra. She is one of the most revered symbols of femininity, grace, and power. In online slot games, this translates to her being the main character, and Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe is one such example.

In this slot game, players are given the chance to win all of Cleopatra’s legendary vast wealth in gold. Players will encounter a bevy of popular Egyptian imagery that serve as the game’s symbols. They will have to land winning payline combinations and rack up much earnings per spin.

The eponymous Cleorpatra graces the game board, serving as the game’s Wild symbol. When she appears on the game board, she can help players land multiple winning payline combinations.

Given her iconic status, Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe also has a Grand Jackpot prize that players can win, if the gods are on their side. The game’s jackpot can be won at any time, but players need to have Cleopatra appear at all five reels at one time.

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Khrysos Gold

Khrysos Gold Morphing Wilds feature

Greek mythology isn’t short on gold-themed narratives. Take Khrysos Gold, for instance. This online slot game is based on the titular Khrysos who is known as the personification of gold.

Players engage in an extraordinary adventure with Khrysos, who is depicted here as a stunning blonde woman. During spins, players will encounter all manner of mythical creatures, from the menacing cyclops to gigantic serpentine beasts. These symbols are deadly, but when they land on winning paylines, they reward players with generous payouts.

Aside from dangerous creatures, players also encounter humans such as a Greek warrior and an Elder ruler. Both also give decent payouts whenever they are part of winning combinations. Speaking of combinations, Khrysos is the game’s Wild symbol. Whenever she appears, she can substitute for any other symbols, except for Scatters.

Moreover, Khrysos has a unique gameplay mechanic in the form of Slippery Wilds: All Khrysos symbols will slide one slot once they appear on the game board. They do this until they completely slide off the game board, but during this time, they can assist players in nailing even more winning paylines.

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Paydirt! Gold Rush special feature

The Wild West is known for its cowboys and saloons. But one of the most timely settings most slot games utilize in this timeline is the Frontier age. This is the time when people headed to the Wild West in the hopes of finding gold, as part of the Gold Rush.

Paydirt is one of the Western-themed slot games that also pays homage to the Gold Rush setting. Players help the prospector as he delves into the mines in search of gold. The game’s symbols are filled with equipment that prospectors utilized back in the day to dig up and collect gold from potential gold veins. This includes pickaxes, sticks of dynamite, straining dishes, lanterns, as well as mules and dogs for companionship.

Some notable special features of Paydirt are the Gold Rush!, Gold Fever!, and Strike It Lucky mechanics. When triggered, these special features reward players with Free Games that allow them extra turns to land winning paylines that add up to their earnings.

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Online Casino Games provides the best online slot games that possess fun and exciting themes. Enjoy these amazing gold-themed slots and win great prizes with each spin of those reels!

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