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Egyptian Gold gameplay

Most every slot player knows that one of the most popular categories for gaming is Egyptian slots. Ancient Egypt is intriguing, making it the perfect subject for online casino games. For decades, software developers like RealTime Gaming have taken stories from the ancient times in Egypt and created memorable gaming experiences with unique features and big jackpot prizes.

Be whisked away into the land of the ancient rulers on the reels of Egyptian slot games, complete with pharaohs, scarab beetles, and the mighty gods as game icons.

Riches await within these fun games, with plenty of titles to choose from. Check out common features of Egyptian style slots below including a few examples of games you might enjoy!

Egyptian Themes

Since operators lets you enjoy and play slot games online, they had to create different themed slots to keep you interested. This led them to utilize the Ancient Egyptian theme, since the images are beautiful and intriguing, while animations and sound effects keep players invested in the game.

For online slots, there are multiple ways to utilize Egyptian storytelling and developers do not hold back. Enter pyramids and the ancient desert, going inside tombs that haven’t been opened in centuries in search of treasure.

With this type of slot game, hieroglyphics and ancient gods are often seen on the reels. The images are recognizable and add to the visual appeal of this game type.

Animated Scenes and Movie-Like Quality

As online slot game technology has developed over the years, players have gained access to quality enhancements on the reels including animated scenes and movie-style productions. As you play, short scenes can pop up on the screen, showcasing the pyramids or details of the tale connected to the game.

Audio has also improved, so when the visual animations and sounds come together, it creates an amazing experience that players remember long after the reels stop spinning.

Quality Storylines

Players can also expect an ancient Egyptian slot game to have a quality storyline. Most games are based on real storylines or the ancient gods themselves. Find games based on King Tut, Cleopatra, Isis or Anubis. The options are endless because ancient Egyptian history is filled with myths and legends. The mystery behind such stories is what makes playing this type of slot game so fun and exciting!

Top Egyptian Themed Slot Games

Because there are so many games based on this theme, it can be hard to determine which game you should play first. Below are a few top picks regarding ancient Egyptian slot games. Give any of these games a try and immerse yourself into the land of the pharaohs, with plenty of features and unique themes to explore!

Pyramid Pets

Pyramid Pets gameplay

Ancient Egyptians, namely the ones who are part of royalty, were known to have an assortment of pets within their living areas. Such pets range from conventional ones like cats and dogs, to more exotic ones like lizards and rare birds. Pyramid Pets taps into this quirk Ancient Egyptians had for pets by creating a fun and dynamic online slot game that features pets.

Pyramid Pets has adorable pets for symbols along with classic Egyptian imagery in the form of hieroglyphics such as the Eye of Horus, a Scarab, and an ankh. The game board is also riddled with tons of hieroglyphics, and are designed to look like the rock or wall faces of the mighty and elegant pyramids.

On the gameplay side, Pyramid Pets offers an exciting experience thanks to its Cascading Wins setup: whenever a player lands a winning payline, the corresponding symbols will dissolve, and are replaced with new symbols from the top. The new symbols fall like Tetris blocks, which makes each spin a highly entertaining one to witness and play.

Speaking of paylines, Pyramid Pets has the Pharaoh Multiplier Feature which makes ramps up the possible payouts players can win. Each time they manage to land a winning payline, the Pharaoh Multiplier increases: players can have a winning payline that can be multiplied by 5, which equates to huge earnings.

If you’re looking for a highly enjoyable Egyptian-themed online slot game that lets you win big payouts, Pyramid Pets is the online slot game you have to try!

Play the Real Version of Pyramid Pets Here

Egyptian Gold

Egyptian Gold gameplay

Apart from the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx, Ancient Egypt is well-known for its wealth in gold. This is one of the main elements Egyptian-themed games always like to highlight, and Egyptian Gold is one such game to further showcase the extravagance of the Pharaohs and their royal subjects living within the palatial grounds were. The elusive Egyptian Scarab holds the key to the Pharaoh’s riches, and it is up to you to land those winning combinations to acquire huge payouts.

Egyptian Gold uses 234 ways slot game system which can expand up to 576 ways to give you more winning chances per spin. On the side of special features, Egyptian Gold brings the Super Expanding Wilds to grant players more reels for landing more paylines. If players feel like they’re striking out on their spins, there is a chance they’ll encounter the lucky Scarab. Whenever the lucky Scarab enters the game board, it can help players change their luck tremendously: they can level their game experience up by randomly awarding Wild Reels, Random Wilds and a Magical Respin.

Apart from winning paylines, Egyptian Gold also has Jackpot Bonus and a pick bonus for you to choose among 3 different free games modes. Take a spin on this feature rich game and let the Mystical Egyptian Scarab bestow upon your prosperity & wealth!

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Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe

Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold Deluxe gameplay

Explore the sands of ancient Egypt and seek the sources of Egyptian power: the mighty pyramids and the enigmatic Cleopatra. As one of the iconic Egyptians, Cleopatra set the standard for beauty, grace, and luxury. Her influence is timeless, and this holds true in RTG’s online slot game, Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe.

This is the latest iteration of Cleopatra’s Gold, sporting a modern and cleaner look with an updated game design and symbols but at the same time, maintaining the extraordinary features the original game provided. Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe offers players in-game multipliers, free games with 3x multipliers and a network progressive jackpot.

The eponymous Cleopatra serves as this game’s Wild symbol, and substitutes for all other symbols except scattered Pyramids. Prizes other than the Progressive Jackpot are doubled when one or more Cleopatras appear in a winning combination.

Speaking of jackpots, the game’s Progressive Jackpot has arguably the biggest value in slot games. Players have the chance to win this epic jackpot when 5 Wild symbols occur on a payline.

Play the Real Version of Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe Here


Online Casino Games provides the best online slot games that possess fun and exciting themes. Enjoy these amazing Egypt-themed slots and win great prizes with each spin of those reels!

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