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Mythology from different parts of the world is always intriguing. It can help you get an idea or a snapshot of what each region and its people believe in as part of their heritage. Whether this includes larger than life entities such as gods, goddesses, or unbelievable animals, such characters can make for great muses for games.

This has led to casino game developers such as RealTime Gaming look into the various mythology from across the world as inspiration for their online slot games.

With that in mind, here are some of the best mythological slot titles that you can play on Online Casino Games:

Fortunes of Olympus

Greek-themed Slot Games

Fortunes of Olympus is a Greek-themed slot game where you encounter the popular Greek gods such as Zeus, Poseidon, and Ares, as well as some goddesses like Athena and Medusa each time you spin the reels.

Unlike conventional online slot games, Fortunes of Olympus goes for a 5-reel, 4-row slot system which lets a number of its symbols appear on the game board. Speaking of symbols, the gods and goddesses make up most of the game’s symbols with great multipliers. 

On top of this, whenever god or goddess symbols land on a spin, they have a chance to cover a large portion of the reels where they appear. This can lead to having great payline combinations, especially if they manage to align with Wild symbols.

Fortunes of Olympus also has a good number of special features to keep each spin engaging and exciting. This includes the Pick Bonus, which you can activate when 3 or more Scatter symbols land on the game board. When this happens, you are rewarded with Free Games and a chance to pick one more special feature: Shifting Reels, Extra Wilds, or Win Multiplier.

Each of the added special features will tweak the game board, the reels, or increase the winning multipliers. These make for a truly dynamic experience: it is up to you to choose which one suits your playstyle.

Play the Real Version of Fortunes of Olympus Here

Asgard Deluxe

Asgard Deluxe gameplay

If you’re into Norse mythology, Asgard Deluxe is the game for you. In this online slot game, you get to meet the iconic Norse gods and goddesses such as Odin, Thor, Loki, and Freya as you explore the titular realm and witness its splendor.

Asgard Deluxe’s gameplay features offers a bevy of options to ensure you’re making the most of your bets per spin. This includes two different Wild symbols where one doubles your winning paylines, while the other can transform other symbols except for Multiplying Wilds.

Landing 3 or more Scatters will give you Free Games with additional options like x3 Win Multiplier, Bursting Wilds, Multiplying Wilds, and Cascading Multiplying Wins. You get to pick one of these to add more chances of landing winning paylines on your way to great payouts.

Adding to the game’s already robust special features is the Progressive Jackpot that you can win at any time whenever you complete a spin. Thankfully, the game has a decent betting range that won’t drain your bank roll.

Whether you’re landing tons of winning payline combinations thanks to Multiplying Wilds, or Cascading Multiplying Wins, or hitting it big by chancing upon the Progressive Jackpot, as far as sheer number of features, Asgard Deluxe ensures that you are thoroughly enjoying each time you spin its reels. 

Play the Real Version of Asgard Deluxe Here

Ancient Gods

Ancient Gods gameplay

Ancient Gods is a Chinese-mythology themed online slot game where you are whisked into a mystical world where you encounter the iconic four Ancient Chinese Gods. These are the Green Dragon of the East, the Orange Phoenix of the South, the White Tiger of the West, and the Black Tortoise of the North. 

Each of these majestic God symbols offer the highest multipliers, while their respective scales, feathers, and fur are not too far off as far as giving you amplified earnings whenever you land them on winning paylines.

Speaking of symbols, Ancient Gods’ Wild symbol is represented by a Red Dragon. As its name suggests, the Wild symbol can substitute for all other symbols in the game, except for Scatters. Moreover, the Wild symbol also has its own corresponding multipliers which increase depending on how many of them appear on the game board.

As for its Scatter symbol, it takes the form of the Dragon Medallion. Getting at least 3 of them on the game board after a spin rewards you with Free Games. The number of Free Games increases depending on how many Scatters manage to appear on the triggering spin. Scatters also have multipliers, which can add up especially when you manage to land 3 or more of them after a spin.

Ancient Gods is a nice slot game that introduces you to Chinese mythology, which is apt, since the Four Ancient Gods depicted in this game represent a number of beliefs that span centuries.

Play the Real Version of Ancient Gods Here

Doragon’s Gems

Doragon's Gems gameplay

When talking about mythological entities, specifically beasts, one of the first things that comes to people’s minds is the mighty dragon. These mythical winged creatures are often synonymous with power, might, and wealth, which is apt, since dragons are notorious for being hoarders of vast riches.

This is the theme of Doragon’s Gems: you encounter four mighty dragons that are vying for the titular Doragon’s numerous gems. Part of Doragon’s Gems’ gameplay elements utilizes the conventional 3-row, 5-reel slot system, but with a few tweaks. While the game has 25 paylines, players can only bet up to 20 paylines. This equates to a more affordable betting range.

Each of the four dragons are part of the game’s symbols: the Red Dragon, Doragon, grants the highest multipliers among all the flying beasts. The rest of the regular symbols are depicted as Doragon’s gems.

Doragon’s Gems provides you with a great number of special features. Whenever you win a spin, you activate the Cascading Wins with Added Wild. This goes on indefinitely until your spin doesn’t land on a winning combination. On top of this, Doragon’s Gems also has the Multiplier Trail feature which increases the multiplier of your winnings, so long as the Cascading Wins are still being triggered.

For a price, you can also buy Free Games. You can also press the Bonus Bet feature to increase the multiplier of your winnings whenever you land Free Games. There is also the Free Games with Gamble option, which appears and wagers you for your Free Games for the chance to win more Free Games.

All these gameplay features add to an entertaining slot game experience, where you stand the chance of winning a great payout.

Play the Real Version of Doragon’s Gems Here


Online Casino Games provides the best online slot games that possess fun and exciting themes. Enjoy these amazing Mythology-themed slots and win great prizes with each spin of those reels!

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