Jackpot Saloon Game Review

Jackpot Saloon Game Review

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  • Decent betting floor
  • Highly enjoyable special features
  • Bonus Pick is harder to land than other special features

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In this Jackpot Saloon online casino game review, you will the following information:

  1. Main Features
  2. Special Features
  3. Betting Range
  4. Payment Options
  5. Summary

Jackpot Saloon is a western-themed online slot game from developers RealTime Gaming. Set in the Wild West, players are welcomed into a town where cowboys and saloon ladies frequent the eponymous space.

Amid the western motif that includes the iconic cowboy hat, steam engines, bags of gold, and the various card suits players can encounter during their spins, what else does Jackpot Saloon offer to players? Does it give players satisfying spins and payouts?

With some entertaining special features, and a unique in-game collection mechanic to keep players hooked on betting for one more spin, here is the game review of Jackpot Saloon:

What are the Main Features of Jackpot Saloon?

Jackpot Saloon symbol and paylines

Number of Reels: 5

Number of Rows: 3

Jackpot: up to 10,000. But Jackpot is locked on the Free Games with Star Collect special feature.
Paylines: 20 Min-Max Bet: $0.20 to $10.00 per line
RTP: TBD Free Games: That is triggered by landing three or more Scatter symbols on the reels.
Theme: a bustling town in the Wild West where players encounter all manner of townsfolk such as cowboys, saloon ladies, and even horses. Maximum Payout: 100,000 times bet per line per paid spin.
Release Date: N/A Banking Options:

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Jackpot Saloon is a 5-reel, 3-row video online slot game that has a fixed number of 20 paylines. Players cannot change the number of active paylines, and when identical matching symbols appear consecutively on an active payline from leftmost to right, the player wins the corresponding payout. 

Only the highest win on an active payline will be paid. However, the total bet equals the bet per line multiplied by the number of lines. Line wins are multiplied by the bet per line, and the maximum win per paid spin is 100,000 times the bet per line. 

What sets Jackpot Saloon apart from other online slot games is that this game doesn’t have a conventional Wild symbol. Replacing it is a Bonus Scatter symbol: getting three or more of these on a spin will reward players with the Pick Bonus which we’ll discuss later.

Jackpot Saloon’s conventional Scatter symbol is available in the game’s reels. Just like other online slot games, landing three or more of these will give players Free Games. But this also has a unique mechanic which we’ll discuss in the special features section.

It also has an Autoplay feature which allows players to set their bets and number of spins before activating the reels. They will spin as many times as the players have inputted, but they can also stop it at any time.

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What are the Jackpot Saloon Symbols?

Jackpot Saloon cowboy hat symbol payline

Here are the Jackpot Saloon symbols and their corresponding multipliers when players land them on winning paylines:

Symbol Multiplier
Bonus Scatter 3 = Feature

4 = 50 and Feature

5 = 500 and Feature

Scatter 3 = Feature

4 = 50 and Feature

5 = 500 and Feature

Cowboy 3 = 70

4 = 250

5 = 4000

Saloon Lady 3 = 60

4 = 225

5 = 2000

Horse 3 = 50

4 = 200

5 = 1000

Cowboy Hat 3 = 40

4 = 175

5 = 750

Spade 3 = 25

4 = 75

5 = 200

Heart 3 = 25

4 = 70

5 = 175

Diamond 3 = 20

4 = 60

5 = 150

Clover 3 = 20

4 = 50

5 = 125

Jackpot Saloon’s special symbols have multipliers when they land on winning paylines, which is nice to have. However, players will need to have at least three of them and their multipliers are decent at best. In most cases, the special symbols are there to trigger their corresponding special feature.

For the normal symbols, the Cowboy gets the highest multipliers, followed by the Saloon Lady. Then there is the Horse and Cowboy Hat which give good multipliers whenever they land on winning paylines. The symbols that give low multipliers are the card symbols: among the four symbols, the Spade gives the highest multipliers, while the Clover offers the lowest multipliers.

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What are the Special Features of Jackpot Saloon?

Jackpot Saloon has a slew of special features that make each spin fun and engaging once they are triggered. These are the Star Collect, Pick Bonus, and Free Games with Badge Features.

Star Collect Feature

Jackpot Saloon Star Collect special feature

Whenever a player starts a game, each reel has a Star Collector at the top that collects a specific type of Star symbol. When the player lands any of the various Star symbols, they are added to the corresponding Star Collector. When 5 Stars are collected on any reel, 10 Free Games are awarded. Free Games are played normally, but play begins with 1 Star symbol positioned on the corresponding reel.

Star Collect is a nifty special feature that allows players to accumulate points during the course of their session. When they manage to fill up any of the Stars, the Free Games are always a welcome reward. Its only downside is that collecting those Stars means players will need the RNG to be on their side. That said, Star Collect is available even if other Special Features are active.

Pick Bonus Feature

Jackpot Saloon Pick Bonus special feature

When players encounter 3 or more Bonus Scatters symbols during their spin, this triggers the Pick Bonus feature. During the Pick Bonus feature, the player may reveal a Multiplier Award, a Star symbol, or a Dynamite symbol from choosing barrels.

The Multiplier Awards are paid out immediately, and Star symbols found are transferred to the player’s collection in the base game after the Pick Bonus feature ends. Picking the Dynamite symbol immediately ends the Pick Bonus Feature.

This special feature is a fun addition to Jackpot Saloon’s gameplay. It gives players more interaction and agency by letting them pick a bonus. It is up to chance whether a player gets the bonus they want, or if they pick the Dynamite, the Pick Bonus Feature ends. 

Free Games with Badge Collect Feature

Jackpot Saloon Free Games with Badge Collect special feature

Jackpot Saloon still has a Free Games special feature like most online slot games, but players have two ways to activate this. They can either collect 5 Stars of the same type or 3 or more Scatter symbols trigger 10 Free Games.

During Free Games, each reel has a Badge collection with a corresponding Jackpot. If a Badge lands on a reel, it is moved into the respective collection which is located at the topmost part of the reels. After Free Games are complete, all reels with at least 5 Badges collected award the corresponding Jackpot. All pay-line wins during Free Games are multiplied by 3.

Overall, Jackpot Saloon’s special features make it stand apart from the competition. These make the spins exciting, and whenever players encounter any one of these special features, it adds even more fun factor as each spin gives a feeling that players can win in the form of netting a Star or landing a Free Game or Bonus Pick at any time.

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What is the Betting Range of Jackpot Saloon?

Jackpot Saloon has a rather tight betting range. Players can spin for $0.20, and it maxes out at $10.00. The low betting floor is great for players who do not want to bet too much for their spins.

For players who want to practice their slot betting techniques, they can do so in this game to a point. But since the game doesn’t allow per-line betting like other online slot games, players can only bet on the default max lines.

What are the Available Payment Options for Jackpot Saloon?

OnlineCasinoGames.com payment methods

Jackpot Saloon offers various payment options available for players. These are only available for the Real Version of the game, and players need to sign up and register to start betting and earn good payouts.

Conventional Payment Options

Payment Options Minimum – Maximum Deposit
Visa Minimum $20 / Maximum $1000
Mastercard Minimum $20 / Maximum $1000


Payment Options Minimum – Maximum Deposit
Bitcoin Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000
Bitcoin Cash Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000
Ethereum Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000
Tether USDT Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000
USD Coin Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000
Litecoin Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000
MoneyGram Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000

Once players have deposited on their accounts, they can avail of the various bonuses and promotions that provide more spins and free games to help them get the most out of their bets.


Jackpot Saloon tweaks the tried and tested online slot game system and adds its own flavor in the form of its special features. The Star Collection entices players to spin more since the advent of having Free Games is always looming the more they acquire Stars. Pick Bonus is also a great break in the typical slot machine loop as it grants players agency by letting them play a mini-game that has good rewards.

That said, the Pick Bonus is harder to encounter than Free Games, which knocks it a bit, but not too much, since the overall experience playing Jackpot Saloon is still a dynamically fun one. Players looking for an online slot game that offers enjoyable special features, give Jackpot Saloon a shot.

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Jackpot Saloon online casino game FAQs

Can you win real money on Jackpot Saloon?

Yes, you can win real money on Jackpot Saloon. You need to first sign up and register an account, and make a deposit. Once you have deposited on your account, you can then play the real version of Jackpot Saloon and win big payouts.

How do you trigger Jackpot Saloon's special features?

You can activate Jackpot Saloon's special features by betting and spinning the reels. The trigger happens whenever the spin results in the requirements special symbols need (for example, Free Games need at least three Free Game Scatters to appear on the game board).

Does betting the max amount help get big payouts?

No, betting the maximum amount does not help you get the biggest payouts. You can get the most of your bankroll by betting on the amount you are comfortable to play in.

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